CelebritiesShocking News: Elon Musk and Amber Heard Relationship Cam...

Shocking News: Elon Musk and Amber Heard Relationship Cam Out Public


Recently Elon Musk and Amber heard relationship claimed by Johnny Depp’s lawyers In court. Musk refused to believe the entire affair ever occurred.

Renowned Hollywood actor Johnny Depp and actress Amber Heard’s trial is running in the court. During the trial, many confidential matters of their life are camming out. In the same scenario, Depp has proclaimed that she doing an affair with Elon musk and James Franco. While Elon Musk and amber heard relationship came out in public, it shocked the audiences. But this has not been completely verified yet.

Amber Heard and Elon Musk in Johnny Depp’s home Lift

Watching the CCTV Camera Footage it can bee assumed that they were having deep affiar. Have a look and write in comment, what do you think about it?

Amber Heart with James Franco On Lift

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard‘s divorce has lengthy been a soap opera with terrible and bizarre scenes. From the revealed audios in which the actress revealed to beat the Pirates of the Caribbean actor, to Depp’s problematic messages about “burning” his coming ex-wife.

Well, it has come to glow in some lawful records, as part of a defamation action filed by Johnny Depp against Amber Heard, that the latter’s fixation with Elon Musk… and something else. 

Daily Mail informed that Josh Drew, the ex-husband of Heard’s best mate Raquel Pennington, has revealed some highly confidential details.

Musk had a short relationship with Amber Heard when he split up with Depp, according to the tabloids at the moment. Drew has currently uncovered that Cara Delevingne, Musk, and Heard maintained a threesome in 2016, which carried residence in Johnny Depp’s loft in Los Angeles. Even if the activities of the Hollywood pair are no prolonged astonishing, the superstars were yet married.

Amber Heard Caught With James Franco In CCTV Camera

Other proof found in these records indicates that Heard and Delevingne had a relationship, and Johnny Depp will be capable to reach the model to attest based on all of this.

Elon Musk And Amber Heard Relationship Claims Refused By Musk

Musk, who greeted his sixth kid in May, has categorically rejected that the threesome ever encountered: “Cara and I are friends, but We’ve never done intimate things, she’ll confirm.”

Elon said that he like to ensure that he and Amber Heard only started dating around a month after filing for divorce.. “I was never near to her during her marriage,” Elon Musk, founder and the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla briefed of his relationship with Heard.

He proclaims he also attempted to counsel the two bickering actors in extra to set an end to gossip around his romantic life. Musk also told that he would suggest that anyone influenced regarding this lawsuit, bury the hatchet and just move on. He stated that life is very short for such kind of vast negativity. Nobody is going to speak, after it’s all over, that they expected the court fight had lasted longer!”

Johnny Depp trial update

On the 5th day of the trial concerning Johnny Depp and Amber Heard caught the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star explaining just why he is pursuing 50 million dollars in harm from his ex-wife.

“My purpose is the truth,” stated Depp. He also revealed that she becomes Cinderella one day and Quasimodo another time. I didn’t earn that and neither did my kids.

Johnny claimed that he had never reach the point of attacking Ms. Heard not he had hit any women in his life.

Johnny told in courth that She was smart, she was nice, she was careing, she was forgiving, she was understanding, she was funny… we had multiple things in common, particular blues music, tune, literature.

“For that year, and a half, it was wonderful. She appeared to be the excellent partner in a sense, in my head.”

During the case, Amber Heard has countersued Johnny Depp for 100 million dollars.

Elon musk Amber heard Latest Update

According to the latest updates, Amber Heard Promised Millions Of Dollars For her Divorce settlement to the ACLU. It is beleived by ACLU that Elon Musk, Amber Heard’s Ex-boyfriend may have been part of the donation.

According to the ACLU officier, she promised to donate half of her $7 million for divorce settlement to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) in 2016.

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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Crisis


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