Health & FitnessHair Transplant Cost In Nepal 2022 - Full Review

Hair Transplant Cost In Nepal 2022 – Full Review


Hair transplant cost in Nepal is still pretty heavy which needs a proper review of the condition of hair transplant in Nepal.


In this article, we will uncover hair transplant cost in Nepal and their technique and safety-related things. These are some fundamental things that every hair transplant prospect should comprehend before heading for a hair transplant surgery.

Have you ever felt your frontal hairline going thinner slowly? or can be some bald area on the head where there was thick hair before?. This is called hair falling or you can also be called it starting of alopecia, baldness, or more. Nowadays, hair loss is taken a common issue among males and females both. Along with raising the number of hair fall cases, hair transplant cost in nepal is also growing.

Hair loss may cause by several reasons. Some of the notable cause of hair fall and pattern baldness are the following:

  • diet
  • stress
  • illness
  • hormonal imbalance
  • medications
  • Heredity

As the demand for hair transplants in nepal persists to increase, there are many hair transplant clinics in Kathmandu and some other parts of Nepal, swearing to restore your lost hairline to you. You might have heard about death, big injuries to the head, and multiple hair transplant cases in many countries due to hair transplant clinics’ weakness or hair transplant surgeon mistakes. So hair transplant in nepal is still in development mode so it needs more clarity before going for any hair transplant. They employ natural hair for transplantation. Let us notify you that synthetic hair transplant is even understood as artificial hair transplant. It is done in many cases where there is not enough donor hair in the patient’s head.

Hair Transplant In Nepal

There is a rare hair transplant clinic in Nepal that supplies quality transplant treatment. But today we are just covering hair transplant costs in nepal. We will also uncover what is hair transplant and its and it’s a procedure in this post. If you order in the comment section, we will get another review article on the best hair transplant clinic in Nepal as our future post coverage.


Hair loss in males and females is mostly due to their hormonal imbalance, vitamin insufficiency, hereditary inclination, unhealthy lifestyle, and more. Once you begin losing your hair, it may produce multiple psychological troubles in people.

Hair transplantation is a one or two-day procedure. In this process, hair transplant surgeons take hair follicles from the back side (Donor Area) of the head and simply implant them on the bald scalp. Hair transplants can be done mainly two techniques. One is FUE (Follicular unit extraction) technique and the second is FUT (Follicular unit transplantation). Both processes seem very similar to hair transplant techniques but there are some major differences between these techniques.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

FUE Technique

In the FUE method, the hair from the back part (donor area) of the scalp is dragged and merely planted on the hairless spot. And these embedded hair develop naturally.

FUE is a new and advanced procedure. In this method, the hair transplant surgeon doesn’t make strips but instead extracts individual hair follicles. In the FUE procedure, the entire scalp is shaved off before the extraction procedure and these grafts are then individually extracted. After the hair grafts are dragged, both the methods are better or less the identical.

one of the most important factors during hair transplant is the extraction method. In the FUE procedure, surgeons use a punch needle to extract grafts. This assurs less damage in the donor scalp. It is a very intense procedure. It requires a well-qualified surgeon with good experience and special skills.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

FUT Technique

In the FUT procedure, a thin strip of healthy hair taking skin, from a permanent location of the scalp (where the hair follicles are naturally organized to continue evolving for life) is reaped and implanted in a spot of hair loss area. It is also called a non-permanent area in medical terms.

In the FUT technique, the surgeon extracts a light strip of 4 to 6 inches. Then they divide this strip into 500 to 2000 grafts. The number of grafts needed depends on your hair type, hair quality, and your donor area.

FUE VS FUT Technique

Many people have a concern related to which is the best procedure for hair transplant. So it needs some clarity regarding FUE and FUT techniques. Let us inform you that FUE is a modern and advanced procedure. In terms of the number of grafts, FUT is considered better to grab more hair grafts. To know which is the right procedure for your treatment, you should concern with your doctor. They can properly guide you through the right procedure after analyzing your condition.

It is believed that hair transplant impacts are natural and permanent. But you should maintain your hair according to the doctor’s prescription after surgery. In reality it may not stay forever in some cases. So it is always good to be prepared about it.

Hair Transplant Cost in Nepal

If we compare hair transplant cost in Turkey it comes to around $3 to $5 per graft. Turkey is the most popular place for hair transplants. In comparison to turkey’s hair transplant cost, it comes more inferior in nepal. But from the economic perspective of Nepali residents, it is still a little bit costly. hair transplant is assumed as a pricey treatment in Nepal. When talking about hair transplant cost in Nepal, it differs according to the transplantation clinic. 

Nevertheless, in general, it costs approximately 70 NPR to 100 NPR per hair graft cost in Nepal. If one requires to wrap a full-frontal region of the scalp, it comes over 1 – 1.5 lakh or occasionally more than that. It all relies on the expertise of the surgeon and the grade of the clinic.

Is Hair Transplant Completely safe In Nepal?

As we mentioned earlier, hair transplant is in the development phase in Nepal. Is hair transplant safe in Nepal?. I talk honestly it’s No and Yes. Like every surgical procedure, there are some risks to hair transplants also. It is uncovered that there had some death due to hair transplants also. So before going for a hair transplant it is extremely crucial to identify an authentic hair transplant clinic and actual hair transplant surgeon. A good hair transplant clinic has always a backup plan, ICU space, and all the crucial tools. These safety backup services are mandatory to become a good hair transplant clinic. So if you are considering a hair transplant, consider a clinic which a good backup team and if backup medicine and tools are available.

Who Are The Right Candidate For Hair Transplants?


Simply having baldness and hair loss is not enough for a hair transplant. To be the right candidate for hair transplantation, some medical requirements need to be understood.

The most suitable prospects for hair repair surgery are those Men who have been failing their hair because of male pattern baldness for more than 5 years or who have gone to class 3 or overhead on the Norwood Scale. Hair transplantation is fair in the following conditions:

  • males with male pattern baldness
  • females with thinning hair
  • anyone who has failed some hair from scalp injury or a burn

A hair transplant isn’t a suitable choice for those:

  • women with an overall pattern of hair loss throughout the scalp
  • individuals who don’t have sufficiently “donor” hair areas from which to extract hair for transplant
  • individuals who develop keloid scars (dense, fibrous scars) after damage or surgery
  • individuals whose hair failure is because of medicine such as chemotherapy

If you are already in some precaution or diabetes, chronic health problems such as heart disease, liver or kidney failure, or any other illness, your hair surgeon will not advise you to go for a hair transplant. Because it is very risky in such cases. If you very weak donor area, you may not be the right candidate for a hair transplant. Because in such cases patience may not get their expected hair density. So it is better not to waste your money and time in such conditions.

Does Hair Transplant Treatment Have Any After Treatment Side Effects?


Yes. there are some side effects that you can face after a hair transplant. If any adverse side effects you encounter, you should instantly confer with your doctor. After hair transplant patient may face the following effects:

  • swelling of the scalp
  • bleeding
  • infection
  • bruising around the eyes
  • a crust that develops on the regions of the scalp where hair was extracted or injected
  • numbness or absence of sensation on the regaled zones of the scalp
  • head itching
  • unnatural-looking clumps of hair
  • inflammation or disorder of the hair follicles, which is understood as folliculitis
  • shock failure, or premature but generally transient loss of the transplanted hair

FAQ Related Hair Transplant Cost In Nepal

Is Free Counseling Service Also Available In Nepal?

Yes, there are some fine hair transplant clinics in Nepal, that offer free counseling services. Some may charge for counseling. It is always better to go with free or paid service according to your pocket quality.

Is Hair Transplant Fully Effective And Guarantee 100% Success Rate?

No, some hair transplant clinics can guarantee that they are 100% effective. If any clinic or surgeon is swearing you to provide 100% consequences, they may lie to you. So you should stay distant from them. Hair transplant result relies on the grade of the donor’s hair, hair transplant talent, prescriptions, maintenance, and your body type. If you have a bunch of donor’s hair, there are fair probabilities of obtaining high density.

Is Hair Transplant Affordable To Normal People?

It is considered that a hair transplant is a fancy demand and it should be costly in Nepal. Even some hair transplant surgeon has quoted this thought process. So in a government like Nepal, hair transplant is still expensive. Especially high profile individuals and some celebs prefer hair transplants rather common people in Nepal. But nowadays, hair transplant cases are increasing and they will go higher in future days.

How much does a hair transplant cost in nepal?

A complete hair transplant process, along with PRP treatments, medicines, and all potential factors, may cost roughly NPR 500000 to NPR 1000000 In Nepal. But it mostly leans on the number of injected hair grafts and clinics as well.

What Is The Hair Transplant Cost In Nepal?

In a complete hair transplant process, how much hair transplant price relies on how many number hair follicles are dragged and implanted on your head. According to our data, it costs approximately 30 Rupees to 70 Rupees money per hair graft in most Nepali hair transplant clinics. It may even go more than 100 to 150 rupees per graft in more evolved clinics. So it differs how much it cost for a hair transplant in Nepal.

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