News17th day of Ukraine attack update: Russia banged by...

17th day of Ukraine attack update: Russia banged by Western boycotts, threatens to eliminate International Space Station in the sky


Today is the 17th day of the battle. Russia has trekked up attacks in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and its nearby areas. Western nations are continually promoting sanctions to break down on Russia. Russia is also carrying strong movements in retribution. Now Russia has also threatened to close us astronaut Mark Vande Hei into space.

Russia has cautioned that sanctions imposed by Western governments could force the International Space Station to crash. Following Russia’s threat, astronaut Mark intends to land in Kazakhstan along with two other Russian astronauts.

Story Highlights

  • Italy has barred Russian billionaire Andrey Melanichenko’s yacht oceans worth about Rs 4,436 crore underneath Eu sanctions.
  • Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told Canada stands with the individuals of Ukraine. The G-7 nations will economically isolate Russia.
  • The United Nations has stated that 2.5 million individuals have left the nation in the Russia-Ukraine war, creating the biggest refugee situation in Europe since the Second World War.
  • US President Biden has even disclosed a prohibition on the import of Russian wine, diamonds, and seafood. Biden told he will withdraw the Most favorite Nation class from Russia.
  • The US has threatened Russia to spend a heavy price if it utilizes thermobaric chemical weapons.

The US warns Russia regarding chemical weapons

Russian Troops

Us President Joe Biden cautioned that if Russia utilized chemical weapons in Ukraine, it would produce a serious cost for it. It is said informed that if there is a direct battle between NATO and Russia, the III World War will start.

Allegations of attacks in civil sites in Ukraine

In an endeavor to force Ukraine to kneel as shortly as possible, the Russian army is now being charged with targeting populated spots. Ukrainian leaders have also blamed the Russian troops for taking out rocket attacks on the quarters of the general public in the harbor city of Maekolev after shooting civilian places in Mariupol.

Britain’s Defence Ministry has proclaimed that the Russian Defence Ministry has accepted the use of harmful vacuum bombs that cause humans steam in Ukraine in a flash. What are vacuum bombs? and Why are they riskier than normal bombs?

Threat to Chernobyl nuclear plant


The danger to the Chernobyl nuclear factory has also boosted. While the plant’s electricity has not yet been repaired, the daughter of one of those held internees at the plant has argued that the seized Russian soldiers do not know nuclear protection.

Ukrainian officers tell Russia has not yet reformed energy to the Chernobyl nuclear plant, increasing the risk of a huge spread of radiation. At the identical time, Ukraine’s intelligence agency has blamed Russia for conspiring to show a fake terrorist invasion on this nuclear plant. The agency pleads that via this Russia likes to blackmail other governments for not helping Ukraine.

Russia deploys armies afresh around Kiev

Russia has strolled up steps to catch the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. For this, there is blocking from all sides. The latest satellite pictures have shown a large-scale crowd of the Russian military in the northwest of Kyiv, which has demonstrated that the Russian troops are being deployed newly.

Russia kidnaps Mayor of Melitopol Metropolis Ivan Fedorov

On the different hand, the Russian military seized Ivan Fedorov, the mayor of Ukraine’s Melitopol. Ukraine’s President Zelensky depicted it as an action comparable to that of ISIS (Islamic State) terrorists. Separated from this, a fire broke out in a seed godown in the Brovari spot today due to an airstrike and weighty firing by the Russian military.

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