TechnologyWhat Is Google Question Hub? How does QuestionHUB Works?

What Is Google Question Hub? How does QuestionHUB Works?


Do you know what is google question hub? and how does Questionhub works?. If not, you will know everything about it here in this article.


Let us inform you that the Google question hub was launched in 2019 by google itself. It is a part of the google searching algorithm which detects unanswered queries that comes every day in google organic search.

Search Engine Journal reported in 2021 that google is opening its realm in the United States as a questionhub. But the fact is it was already available in the US since 2018.

As you already know that Google is one of the most powerful and convincing search engine technology. Despite it being the best in the market, they are still improving its search preferences and new features to deliver better user experiences.

For those who are into content creation, especially bloggers, google question hub can be a unique way to drive organic search engine traffic to their websites. All they need to do is to find new queries and submit their answers

Questionhub can be accessed at It was initially rolled out between 2018 to 2019. Nowadays it is transforming the way of Online Content Consumption. Google detected a strange inadequate pattern of the searching index where users’ intention is matching with queries.


Here is a limitation of the question hub that only some countries are currently accessible now. Because questionhub is in the beta phase it may need further time to fully roll out.

Considering highly competitive internet marketing and producing more useful user experiences, google launched a question hub for publishers. For now, this amazing tool is open for the US, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Inia for testing. 

Google Question Hub Available Countries

As we mentioned before, questionhub is currently available in four countries which include the United States, Nigeria, Indonesia, and India. In those countries, many google users are struggling to discover relevant search results which drive big losses for search engines. So the concept of question hub came into existence. It is in the beta stage and is currently used for testing purposes. Before it was only available for three countries but later it added Indonesia as well. In the future, it will be available many countries like Japan, Russia, Poland, and more.

What is Google Question Hub?

According to Google, the Question Hub Tool is an easy mechanism that lets creators create more influential content by griping unanswered queries. It contains these unanswered questions and presents them to content creators, authors, and bloggers via Question Hub.

It is an excellent way for Google to allow users to report that the search results shown are not responding to the query. Then it brings such queries and equips them to content publishers to bring new content related to the unanswered questions and submit it.

How To Use Google Question Hub

Google provides a very comfortable interface to use google. All you need to do is to have a Gmail account that is associated with your search console along with a verified website. 


If you have set up a search console and verified your site on GSC (Google Search Console), follow these steps to use questionhub:

  1. Visit
  2. Click Launch Google Question Hub
  3. Choose a Google account to resume
  4. Click on Add Questions
  5. Explore your topics or keywords
  6. Click Add to save any subject to your Questions tab
  7. Check and export your queries from the Questions tab

Google Question Hub enables users to recognize queries that lack solutions in Google Search. To set it in another form, it determines the information loopholes in Google’s search results. Google’s translucent gap investigation designates a superb option for businesses and marketers to crack customer needs.

Google utilizes different techniques to discover unanswered queries. Since the queries are based on questions from actual google users, they may have misspellings or fuzzy questions.

Users can dig for keywords and obtain a list of 100 unanswered inquiries associated with their query. Further, Google authorizes publishers to save questions and ship the whole list.

Google Question Hub Content Scope Measurement

Questionhub brings higher quality information. However, the question comes to mind what is google question hub in the context of measuring web content scope. 

Will this tool makes an influence. You need to know that it is not a completely automatic system. Publishers should pick the relevant question that satisfies their audiences and business.

Once the required questions are selected content publishers should create fresh and valuable content in their blogs/websites. This content is in form of a video or article. After finishing content creation, they need to submit the content URL in Google Question Hub.

In addition to discovering unanswered queries, Google Question Hub can again assist you to apprehend your content’s impact. 


In the Question Hub’s Performance tab, questionhub user can submit their content and consider its performance analytics. Google states that proposing your content to the question hub does not improve your SEO ranking or report the users who requested the questions. 

However, publishers can utilize insights from the Performance tab to aid them to enhance their content. 

How does Google Question Hub Works?

Google question hub uses its integrated algorithm with the google search engine to detect unanswered queries. 

Once it identifies those potential questions, it drops them in a separate database to make them available for publishers via questionhub tool. 

When publishers submit their answers links, it analyzes the relevancy of content with selected queries and indexed those content in relevant questions. 

GHQ takes more time to index content as compared to the search console. It is because of the high volume of questions and busy AI handling approach.

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