SpiritualityWhat Is Spiritual Intelligence? And How It Works?

What Is Spiritual Intelligence? And How It Works?


Spiritual intelligence is the highest goal of human life. If don’t know what is spiritual intelligence and how it works, you will understand everything that you must know about spiritual intelligence.


In general, the definition of spiritual intelligence is defined as the ability to ask a question regarding the highest meaning of life. But in broad meaning, spiritual intelligence refers to more than that.

Spiritually speaking, we are not the material body nor psychological thoughts. However, some of the greatest minds established themselves as a thought process or something called awareness. If you are just entering into spirituality, check out our spirituality for beginners article to learn the basic steps towards your spiritual journey with the babal bulletin.

Spiritual intelligence has a direct connection with your lifestyle and how consciously you are spending your life. Here life is something that is beyond space and time. But most of us think that life is the duration between birth and death. We need to erase such wrong notions if we dive deep into spirituality.

Spiritual intelligence allows you to increase your understanding of the actual purpose of life and the value of time. According to Albert Einstein's statement, time is just an illusion. We have nothing to measure it. The clock we use is just a device to set moments for our usefulness. Spiritually talking time has no face nor any shape.

What is spiritual intelligence?

There are two factors in existence. One is something that we can see and another is someone who can see everything. The one who is seeing the sight is very nearest to us. The ability of understanding this seer is called spiritual intelligence.

The definition of spiritual intelligence may differ according to your favorite spiritual teacher. However, it needs to be clear while seeking how to improve spiritual intelligence. 


The spiritual intelligence of a person defines how healthy and quality of life you lived. It is a state of awareness that creates a bright life. In spirituality, terms like liberation, light, awareness, and happiness have very shuttle meanings. So it needs deep attention or wisdom to understand them correctly. 

According to Acharya Prashant, Vedanta Teacher, spirituality is the name of big sorrow. It means all the tiny sorrows are worthless and only the one big pain is worth taking. This is true. On the spiritual path, a person faces the biggest challenges that are completely different from a materialistic lifestyle.

Why is spiritual intelligence important?

In our self-centric, business-cultured mind, it is common to come questions like why is spiritual intelligence important and why we need to be spiritually intelligent. Because we have cultured our minds in such a way that we only work for our usefulness. There is unlimited use of being spiritually intelligent. However, it is our foremost duty to be aware of our real selves.

Spiritual intelligence allows boosts our understanding of our life's meaning and the order of the significance. The better we comprehend existing forms of life, the more soundness we have in living an intelligent and compelling transformation. A key difference between spirituality and spiritual intelligence is that spirituality covers entire existence and no existence while intelligence is directly related to that who is running the entire universe with its intelligence.

Spiritual intelligence is a more elevated realm of intellect that triggers the qualities and abilities of the factual self (soul), in the shape of understanding, empathy, virtue, happiness, passion, imagination, and relaxation. Spiritual intelligence impacts in a sense of more in-depth meaning and ambition, incorporated with advancements in a broad spectrum of essential life mastery and work skillfulness.

How to develop spiritual intelligence?

As we already know that we are spiritual beings. However, we need tough spiritual practice to improve our intelligence. Because hold existentially two different identities. One is nature and another is consciousness. By birth, we are a part of nature because our whole body system and brain run in its natural law. But we have something incompleteness within that needs to be fixed.


To develop spiritual intelligence, a person needs to understand the actual meaning of yoga and meditation. In most cases, a person's spiritual intelligence comes from some deep heartbreak, tough struggle, and a broad understanding of life. However, there are multiple ways to develop our intelligence. For example, reading spiritual books or listening to spiritual teachers are some of the most straightforward ways to raise your consciousness.

  1. Read Spiritual Books
  2. Practice Real Yoga
  3. Do Actual Mediation
  4. Find A Right Spiritual Teacher

Check out our recent article called "4 ways to develop spiritual intelligence" where we covered these four steps in full detail. These steps need to be clear with a detailed post because we have already occupied our minds with pre-conceived notions regarding spirituality, yoga, mediation, and so on. Real spirituality is straightforward, easy, and very shuttle. So it is necessary to explain it in different parts to comprehend spiritual intelligence and its ways to achieve it. 

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