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Dark Side Of Social Media and Cyber Billionaires In 2022 & Future


In this post, we will see how global smartphone users are being smartly stupid by big technology minds. Regarding the dark side of social media, a consumer psychology perspective is very obvious to understand the disadvantages of social media but we are already trapped into it. These platforms have almost finished connecting the world and now began to use it as a Psychobioweapon.


Sixty to 70% of users check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, or Snapchat immediately after waking up in the morning. They feel unsatisfied or unfulfilled if they start their day without swiping, liking, or commenting on social media. This incompleteness of the absence of social networking platforms is a big sign of addiction in our brains. Many users carry their smartphones even into the toilet and walk. You use it the whole day and you can’t sleep without checking it in the evening. This is a big disaster of life energy. Many researchers of the world have told that such habits are more dangerous than cigarettes, alchemical, or drugs.

What is the dark side of social media?

As we mentioned before, addiction to social media apps and websites is equally and more harmful than cocaine or heroin.

  1. Promote Sexuality
  2. Privacy Abuse
  3. Trolling
  4. Hacking & Scams
  5. Addictive Use
  6. Fakeness
  7. Brainwash by Influencers

Let’s discover how these 7 factors affect our mind and life to destroy into hell.

#1. Promote Sexuality


According to the webroot data, 40 million American users regularly visit porn websites. 35% of the whole internet downloads are only related to pornography. 34% of web users have faced unwanted exposure towards pornographic content from pop-up ads, spamming links, email, and ads.

As stated by data, 28,258 people are watching pornography every second on the internet. Approximately $3,075.64 is invested in pornography every second just to attract the user’s attention and grow their profits.

If we talk about the US, 37 porn videos are created every day. Around 2.5 billion emails are being sent and received every day which contain porn and pornography. 116,000 queries regarding child pornography are getting every day.

This is the only data for the united states which is known as the most advanced country in the world. If we see the whole data of the globe, it is more terrible. This data is only from those platforms that produce porn content. Sexual content that spreads on other social media sites is more terrible than porn. These contents cultivate users’ minds towards totally sexual oriented. It seems like it is big a conspiracy to destroy the value of humanity.

These platforms pretend to be unable to control users’ activity because of their greed to grow their business and more profits. No matter how this affects the world, no matter how it destroys humanity, they are only active to earn more money. These platforms have declared their policies as they are not responsible for users’ behaviors and activities. If they need to give clarity, they just redirect their logic towards algorithms and AI.

Our planet is going to be destroyed due to several reasons but one primary reason is the increasing population. The more people we the more consumption we do. Consumption in exceeding level destroying the whole ecosystem of the nature. Everything is interrelated in the world. If something goes wrong with a part, it affects the whole, no matter how small changes it is.

#2. Privacy Abuse


Another evil side of social media is mishandling the private information of users. Customer information, passwords, interests, social security numbers are very sensitive information. User’s data is shared in an external network that can be available publicly. Data can be stolen, inject malware to the devices, and support cybercriminals to break the accounts and collect individual data.

Many social networks use your information to sell products and services. They run ads according to your interests and hobbies repeatedly and force you to buy their products indirectly brainwashing your mind.

It has been a common issue that misusing another person’s statements for business marketing purposes, publishing others’ likeness without any permission, and emailing, calling, or sending messages without the acceptance of users.

#3. Trolling


Trolling has become a very trending topic on the social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and other social networking sites. The more you troll someone, the more views you get. The more views these trolling content gets, the more it ranks and reaches to more people. It seems like it is a huge maze just created to destroy the earth by attacking people’s minds and culturing the mind with valueless things.

The early aim of social media sites and apps was to connect people to people globally. But today’s reality is more complicated than as considered before. kids are learning the culture of trolling. They find a kick when they downgrade someone’s respect and troll them. The top trollers are their role models.

#4. Hacking & Scams


It is a very evil side of social media. Around 2200 cyberattacks happen every day worldwide, which might lead to hacking to 800,000 people’s accounts every year. 

Social media platforms are a good place to find someone’s information such as username and password, hobbies, daily activities, friends, etc. Hackers can gather victims’ information easily using social media platforms that are publicly available to everyone. They inject various sorts of malware into users’ devices or imply many phishing techniques to hack users’ accounts. They might use session hijacking to enter the user’s account and misuse data.

In February 2016, One of the Biggest Cyber Attacks happened in Bangladesh where more than $1 billion money was involved in the robbery. Peoples share every information and daily activities on their social media to impress their friends and relatives and it becomes very easy to detect the weakness of people for a geek.

Many peoples use fake accounts for fraud and scams. They sell illegal products or frauds. Social media has become a nasty jungle where terrible animals are humans behind the screen. In India, there is a trend to hack someone’s bank account by sending lottery messages to the user’s Whatsapp account.

#5. Addictive Use


Peoples use the web in a functional way to get certain goals and their needs. However, there is a huge number of people experiencing negative consequences such as stress, hypertension disorders, and other psychopathological symptoms.

As we mentioned earlier, people use social media applications on their smartphones from starting point of their day to the end of the day. Such addictive use of social media creates the people like introverts and psychologically alone in real life. It increases fakeness in those people who are addicted to social media.

On other hand, social media companies need more users’ attention to grow their platforms. So they invest billions of dollars to grab user attention. Social Media Platform like Tik Tok is very dangerous because they decrease users’ attention span duration. Today’s kids are full of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) which is a result of the social networking business. ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder in children where they feel difficulty controlling impulsive behaviors or have trouble paying attention.

#6. Fakeness


More than 90% of people are victims of fakeness on Social Media Platforms. They pretend to be like their role models or show off such an appearance that they don’t have in reality. It has been become a trend to make someone jealous by posting fake posts on social media. Many peoples do this just to downgrade their competitors in society, colleges, and friend circles.

Fakeness gets more priority on these platforms. They get more likes, comments, and more followers by showing off. Once said that the most active person in social media is lone in real life.

Because of the fake news and fake personalities, social media has become an inauthentic and dirty place. It is very difficult to decide what to believe and where to trust.

Doing something meaningful in life needs hard work, struggle, and a lot of patience. But our body, mind, and our ego don’t want to do hard work. Ego says “If I can influence people if I can be famous and earn by just posting fakeness on social media, why do hard work and smart work?”.

#7. Brainwash by Influencers


Brainwashing is a very sensitive and terrible dark side of social media. The peoples having more followers becomes role models and influencers on social media. Once Spiritual teacher Acharya Prashant said that if a majority of crowed is going towards something, that must be the worst thing. Because we ego and it finds fulfillment downgrading the awareness and doing evil activities like sex, addiction, erotic things that excite temporarily and many materialistic urges.

These role models collect millions of followers by posting nudity, erotic posts that trigger your various urges in your body and brain and you go towards them like a magnet. Once a low-value person gets fame and attention, he/she began to spread their thoughts and wisdom. And what to expect from such a personality who gathered fame based on fakeness and erotics. But peoples listen to those who have the majority and you listen to them. Online content consumption is rapidly increasing but the quality of content is going downward. Now the power to turn your brain wherever they want. Like A flower reflects its beauty, a dirty person reflects his dirty nature.

Influencers promote various products and services to make commissions. They have more followers and fans. Now they can sell anything to their fans indirectly. This is the actual game running on social media now. Most of us, who have many role models, the mind are cultured by the business marketing team and so-called influencers. You might have heard about Influencer Marketing somehow. It is nothing but a grand design to trap millions of followers to get more sales and conversions. It is very hard to find a real influencer who can add actual higher values to your life.

Dark Side Of Cyber Billionaires


Cyber billionaires are those who became rich by creating social media platforms, web applications, or anyone who earns from digital businesses. Today there is a trend among youth that one should have expensive items, homes, cars, and an expensive lifestyle. We are cultured in such a way where we think only collecting more materials and money gives ultimate satisfaction, happiness, love, and everything we want in life. This kind of thought process is the contribution of a billionaire’s lifestyle.

Their lifestyle teaches us, ‘the more you consume, the more fulfillment you will get. Which has no connection with fulfillment and happiness. You will become more disappointed when you have more. It is not a bad thing to have a good lifestyle and rich lifestyle but it is also better to understand what exactly is a good life and what is real richness.

We don’t blame those billionaires who had remarkable jobs and lived valuable lifestyles. We are against those who promote more consumption. The main reason for the destruction of our environment, humanity, and nature is increasing human consumption. It is the dark truth about social media, that it is promoting nudity, fakeness, and Brain Hemorrhage that leads to more stress, more population, more dirtiness, and more consumption.

Disclaimer: There are also several good things happening because of social media and our motto is not to blame any of these social media platforms or downgrade their authority. We just try to reveal the weakness of humanity and avoid going in the wrong direction. Wrong use of social media is a very destructive act, so we all have the responsibility not to give attention to such content.

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