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Google’s New Competitor Yep Search Engine Is Launched By Ahref


SEO company Ahref launched Yep search engine which is intended to be the future of search engines. It is said that it will be a new competitor of google search engine and go forward than google.

Yep search engine interface

Arriving of Yep search engine brings a new search engine model which offers publishers 90% of the ad revenue to their content creators. Yep, a search engine is based on yepbot. Ahref owns tons of data that is already acclimated. Now it intends to level up better content delivery. An interesting thing regarding Yep is that it has its indexing algorithm which lets creators index their queries in a unique way than google.

According to Yep, they created Yep from the bottom up so that they can provide 90% of ad earnings to content creators. However, yet doesn’t have any webmaster tools for now. It is perhaps due to its baby phase. In the future, there is the chance to come yep a webmaster in existence to provide better control over the internet.


Yep, the search engine is the brainchildren of Dmytro Gerasymenko. It was carried to live by the Ahrefs group. This company operates an internet-scale bot that’s been crawling the whole internet 24/7 since 2010, holding, indexing, and developing petabytes of data. With this information, ahref constructed one of the top SEO toolsets worldwide which are still competing with Semrush. Their ambition has constantly been to create useful developments quicker than the goliaths and bypass providing them endlessly by dumping cash in the community.

They’ve all brought utilized to an arguably unjust search model. A model where search engines develop more revenue from content than their inventors themselves. Where affiliate links and paywalls have insidiously evolved the domain of the search background. It’s near as if the standard backbone index has evolved more practical than the search algorithm itself.

Features Of Yep Search Engine

  • supporting
  • good
  • content

As we mentioned earlier, has its own crawling and indexing mechanism. Yep index has already more than 10 Billion pages. But here another interesting fact is that google search engine daily crawlers throw 4 times bigger data than ahref. When comparing the Yep search engine with Google, Yep is still in the beta phase which needs a lot of advancement.

The quality of a search engine depends on its performance and how fast and easy it can crawl the web and index them. The fresher their indexes the better user experience it gets and their market shares start growing. Currently, Yep is using its parent company’s bot technology. Let us inform you that Ahref crawlers 6 billion pages in 24 hours. It holds 12 trillion links in its database. It updates its database indexes every 15 – 30 minutes which is quite impressive.

How does Yep Search Engine work?

As per Yep’s report, it offers an impartial, personal search experience that bonuses and repays the makers after the content. To do this, the Yep model utilizes a 90/10 income allocation business model where yep pay 90% of advertisement revenue straight to these designers. In general, when someone uses the Yep search engine, they straightly place cash in the bags of their favored content creators.

With the utilization of such a unique revenue-sharing model, billions of dollars can be paid to the publishers. Distinct companies will start appearing, creating unique forms of quality content which don’t exist on the web yet. Yep says that there is still the possibility to create 80% of the highest quality content on the internet. 

Yep has many similarities to the bing search engine. So, currently, there are no specific SEO guidelines for yep but content creators need to be aware of basic bing guidelines, so the ahref can easily crawl their pages.

The Yep business model encourages people from all strolls of life to transfer their special ability and causes for high-quality content to serve every corner of search results. Yep roadmap indicates that it is primarily focusing on the improved quality text search algorithm, news content, and image searches.

Google VS Yep Search Engine

The arrival of a new search engine in the market is not a new thing. In 2008, a new search engine company Duckduckgo was founded to beat google but it is still struggling to compete with it. Similarly, multiple other search engines came into existence but google is maintaining itself in the best position. People love Google because it has everything best. If talking regarding the future of Yep search engine, it also seems bright it delivers what it exactly promises.


There is a big contrast between a search engine and publisher profit in the market. If a new search engine can fulfill this gap by lowering its profit and paying high to content publishers, it has a fair and sustainable model. But the here most important thing is user experience, performance, and query execution. Currently, Google is the best to show the best search results. Migrating to Yep from google relies on every user’s perspective.

People Also Ask About Yep SEARCH ENGINE

Who Founded is founded by Ahref, an SEO Tool company. It is founded to provide high profits to content creators and quality information on the web.

What is Yep?

Yep is a new search engine created by ahref. It intends to compete with the Google search engine in near future.

Why Yep the search engine made?

Yep is made to execute a new revenue model for content creators which offers high profits.

When was yep search engine founded?

Yes is founded recently. There are not enough data available regarding for now. But it is founded by the Ahref team.


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