ScienceWhat Is Time Crystals Quantum Computing?IBM Quantum Computer Is...

What Is Time Crystals Quantum Computing?IBM Quantum Computer Is The Future?


Time Crystals Quantum computing, what is quantum computer, IBM Quantum computers and everything that you need to know about quantum computers are explained in the post.

Quantum Computing can drastically change our lives in the upcoming future with this unprecedented technology. Concerning this new technology, India has invested eight thousand crores rupees of its budget for the development of quantum technology.

Including India, other countries are also investing in this technology which will give the world a new direction. The US government created International Quantum Initiative Law in 2018 and managed one billion 20 crores dollars. Even the Chinese communist party has included this technology in one of the significant technology development industries. Canada claimed to invest five crores Canadian dollars in 2016 for this future technology. As well Germany, France, South Korea, and Japan are also investing in it. Big giant companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are also investing in this quantum computing technology.

An American multinational technology giant IBM (International Business Machine) has recently launched 127 Qubit processors “Eagle“, for the quantum computer which is a leading roadmap for further performance of the quantum system. If a quantum processor has more qubits, it will become more valuable and complex quantum circuits. Concerning the eagle processor, Senior Vice President of IBM and Director of Research, Dario Gil told us that Quantum computing capacity to change every aspect he supports us solve the biggest issues of our time.

According to computer scientists, it is possible to create time crystals quantum computing that can be obtained by arranging multiple particles in a periodic pattern of motion.

What is quantum computing?


Before understanding quantum computing it is far better to understand quantum theory which says that there are some energy states for electrons that are quantized. It also tells that two electrons can’t occupy the same energy state in the same system. This theory describes the actions of material and energy on the very shuttle atomic and subatomic levels. Quantum computing uses quantum bits which are also known as qubits.

IBM says that quantum computing uses the event of quantum mechanics to deliver or forward the vast computation and solve many problems. IBM has designed extraordinary quantum computes that are more powerful than today’s supercomputers.

How does a quantum computer work?

Quantum computer working diagram

Quantum computers work by exchanging bits. These binary bits are also called qubits in the quantum computing world. These Qubits behave amazingly according to the interesting laws of quantum mechanics. Qubits use the capacity of subatomic level to achieve systematic calculations.

This computer measures the states of objects before performing calculations. They have more power to process data than classical computers.

Are Quantum Computers Real?


A good question can lead to a good result. Many countries have already accepted quantum technology and hoping for the best vision for this technology. There is no doubt about quantum computers because we all know quantum physics. Current quantum computers are very small to perform practical applications. They can solve some computing problems like integer factorization in a faster way than classical computers. These computers were proposed around 40 years before and are now established as real machines.

Big companies are working on many projects upon quantum machines. They are inventing inventive algorithms manipulation entangled qubits to do calculations. We will seriously use its real-world application in the coming future. Modern technology like time crystals quantum computing and quantum physics has power to change our reality.

Do quantum computers exist?.

In fact Yes, they do exist but they are not commercialized as other computers. Because these computers are in earlier mode and need more development. There are many types of prototypes but very few Qbits. IBM Quantum has 5 Qbits which can be accessed from the cloud server that has a 50 microseconds lifetime.

When will quantum computers be available?

There is no exact release date for quantum computers because it is still in developing mode. Many big projects are running under this invention. Big quantum computing companies as well as google, amazon, and other giant companies are hopefully working on this technology.

Futurism had already predicted that it will be established until the 2020s and take up to the 2030s to start launching in mass. It says that in the 2040s these computers will go shrink down on their size and cost and be able to go for consumer us.

How to learn quantum computing?


Many peoples usually ask how to learn quantum computing. It’s modern science that is very advanced and studies the particles at their deepest level. To design quantum computer algorithms, a branch of physics which have computer science theory can support anyone to learn it. Formally major in computer science covers Quantum Mechanics. Education branches of major science and minor maths focus on abstract linear algebra which is a required skill to establish a good base in quantum computing technology.

To learn quantum computing, it is better to understand how quantum computers work. Our current computer technology works on bits or 0 and 1 but quantum machines are more advanced. They perform measuring the probability of any combinations and calculations based on the object’s state. IBM quantum computers are built with quantum mechanical systems at their core level. They are designed to simulate quantum systems such as chemical reactions, far more efficiently than classical supercomputers. With these simulations, they are exploring not only new computers system but new materials to create more efficient batteries also.

What is quantum computing used for?

We already have supercomputers and microcomputers then the question arises what is quantum computing used for?. Yes, we need quantum computers and far better versions of the technologies because supercomputers are not that super for many computing-related problems.

They don’t have working memory to hold and grab myriad combinations of our real-world problems. They analyze each combinations step by step may take several times.

For example: let’s suppose, you want to have dinner with 10 certain persons in a dinner party, where there is only one comfortable seat and only one possibility of all to get that position. In this case how many combinations you would have to discover to find the right one? If there are only 10 people on the table the answer will be 3 million. What if the same sorts of problems arise in the computer in larger volumes?. If such happens, our supercomputers aren’t that smart and powerful to solve this, that’s way need more powerful quantum machines for faster, reliable, and accurate results. Many universe facts will be discover with the help of quantum machines very soon.

What does a quantum computer look like?

Quantum computer circuits

At first glance, it looks like a giant gasoline box made of many copper wires and tubes. The heart of a quantum computer has a superconducting chip. All the qubits are arranged similarly to chessboard patterns here. It seems like a CERN laboratory, full of equipment and extraordinary shape and patterns.

The look of the computer can be designed according to the need. For example, our robots, industrial machines, cell phones, and home computers have similar technology but are different in shape and size according to the need and situation. Similarly, quantum machines will be commercialized in various types.

How to build a quantum computer?

It is not easy like classical computers to establish a quantum computer personally. Quantum technology is the product of the labor of thousands of scientists and the investment of billions of dollars for many decades. The concept of the quantum computer itself is very complex to understand for common people. Marketing the technology simplifying the quantum concept has big challenges.

It is almost impossible for a single person to build a fully functional quantum computer that can run quantum algorithms at your home. You need access to fabrication and advanced research facilities, lots of time, and course millions of dollars to build this technology. According to us, this is almost 99% harder and if you are among them 1%, you can go for it.

A brief history of the quantum computer

David_Deutsch (Father of quantum computer)

It was started in the 1980s when an American physicist Paul Benioff submitted a quantum mechanical model for the Turing machine and later

In 1980, Richard Feynman and Yuri Manin proposed the concept of Quantum Computers. Between 1900 and 1925, Quantum mechanics was developed. To make simple systems scientists faced many inabilities and quantum computing was born as the biggest embarrassment of physics. 

Time crystals quantum computing

Time Crystals

Based on quantum physics, it stores the data and manipulates them. Recently a group of researchers of Google and Stanford University has discovered and analyzed a new form of matter, which is known as time Crystal which will help in time crystals quantum computing. Time crystal repeats in time infinitely.

An American professor of mathematics, Peter Shor, developed a quantum algorithm in 1994. It was built to factorize integers using RSA-encrypted communication. The first two quantum computers were created by Mark Kubinec, Isaac Chuang, and Neil Gershenfeld. They were two qubits quantum computers that could run and work. Later quantum computing companies started investing in it. In 2019, Nasa and Google AI claimed to operate quantum computation which was impractical on traditional computers.

Quantum computing systems include many varieties such as quantum Turing machine, one-way quantum computer, quantum circuit model, adiabatic quantum computer, and quantum cellular automata, etc. Quantum circuit is mostly used model, which is based on qubits. A qubit can be in both quantum states or in a superposition state of 1 or 0 or 1 and 0 states. It is measured in 0 and 1 always. Its results are based on the quantum state of the qubits. Using the very important law of physics of time crystals, it is possible to create forever looping states without losing energy. If scientists can develop such time crystals quantum computing machines, it will be the next amazing invention of the era.


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