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What is Online Content Consumption?: Quality Content Consumption(QCC) in 2022


In this post learn online content consumption and nature of quality content consumption / QCC guidelines of Babal Bulletin.

According to Datareportal, more than 600,000 internet users increases every day and 222 million users grew in just last year. There are 4.88 billion internet users worldwide. The volume of digital content consumption is very high and growing rapidly.

Due to the high volume of content consumption, it is a little bit harder to define what is quality content consumption. Because various data show that most internet users consume adult content that drives them towards immediate satisfaction and suffering in long term.

Online content consumption has a big impact to establish the world’s mind. People’s mind is cultured by consuming digital content. Research by Bank America shows that 71% of Americans keep their smartphones near to them when even sleeping. 7 out of 10 people operate their phones while on the toilet.

Especially in cities, the number of screens that peoples view in a day might be more according to their age, lifestyle, and location. Car-related screens, gaming devices, laptops and computers, and other home screens are all included among the tools that promote various types of content consumption. In case we are unable to avoid and look to the devices, we have Alexa and Siri for voice assistants who are always ready to grasp voice commands.

This sort of race of consumption speedily cultures our mind into the never-ending hunger of consumption of the human ego. Once we are perfectly trained to be like that, internally, there is no way to peace nor a high-value lifestyle. The content marketing companies have fully authorized specialists, to grab users’ attention for as long as the possible duration of time. The more you spend and engage with their content, the more they earn and you don’t even know what you have lost.

Some notable facts about QCC:

  • An average American adult of 18+ gives 12.4 hours for media in one day.
  • In social media and other messaging platforms, they spend 1 hour per day.
  • 5 hours of the day spend on video on the device; going away from the TV and traditional streaming media.
  • Approximately 2.5 hours spend on voice, sound-related content including radio and other kinds of music.

What does quality content mean?

Quality Content Consumption

The definition of quality content is very straightforward. Quality content means such content or material that cultures peoples minds in the right direction. Right and Wrong are defined according to the context and level of understanding. So it is always to focus on better quality from a lower point to higher. 

There is no further measurement that detects the quality of content exactly but it can be measured by analyzing the impacts on society. From the perspective of any commercial business marketing, it may be a different little bit but the core definition of quality content is always, directly connected with the betterment of the content consumer.

For many marketing businesses, quality content means such content that drives or influences clients for more sales or impressions. But the fundamental structure is the same. If your content is not user-friendly or not in the favor of the consumer, It is useless. If a consumer can detect that the content is meshing with his thought process or driving them in the wrong direction, fundamentally that is called low-quality content or content violation.

Value is different according to the niche of the audience. Every audience has different needs and interests. It is the content creator’s job to understand the actual need of their audience and how to create the right value.

High-quality content guidelines or features:

High value content guidelines
  • Quality content offers high value.
  • Quality content builds trust.
  • Quality content is long-lasting.
  • Quality content has hight quality audience that gives conversion.
  • It is always relevant to the user’s queries.

Online Content Consumption

Before 2020, online content consumption was growing at a specific speed frequently. But after the global covid pandemic, that data has been drastically changed. Forbes says that the number of online content consumers has been doubled in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Digital content consumption data 2020

A recent study of over 10,000 individuals in five different countries shows that online content consumption is rising globally. Daily time spent on content has now reached 59 minutes Average including phone and tv and other digital media. It is seen that eight, nine, and even ten hours in a day. In countries like Indonesia, people use mobile devices approximately six hours per day various studies show confidently.

Coronavirus become a hero for content creators and cyber businesses. Lockdown increased the value of the internet globally. 44% of the consumers are using CTV devices as well as Netflix, Disney+, Peacock, and Hulu. The craze of YouTube has been always increased with new audiences. Around 43% of audiences spend their time on such platforms. On demographic of 18 to 24, TikTok has seen as the highest growth platform with more than 1 billion active users.

Such platforms have not only contributed to digital content consumption but directing the content creation guidelines and culture. Similarly, digital content consumption in India has also increased amazingly. According to the digital report of 2012 to 2019 Indian media consumption growth was almost 9 times higher than that of the United States. That indicated the investments in digital industries already running at a very fast speed. Now in 2021/, 22 60% of Indian users interconnect with voice assistants using their smartphones. According to Google India’s experts, the interest in digital content consumption in India has localized and shifted the user’s value towards the micro-level.

Science of Quality Content Creation (QCC)

Image by

The science behind Quality Content Creation can be understood in a very simple manner. Behind every content creation strategy, there is a hidden intention. For example, you may want to create video content to influence others, to sell something, or to promote your brand. If it is understood the self motto of content creation, it is very clear to create quality content.

Many gaming companies are creating highly optimized gaming materials but those who are using adult materials to grasp users’ attention are not quality content. It is very similar to a trap. For example, when Tik Tok’s swiping video feature became viral, other platforms like Facebook, youtube, and Instagram also started using the same feature on their platform because they discovered the best way to trap users’ attention for the longest duration as possible. So this sort of content/material creation might be very beneficial from the perspective of the business mind be we do not approve of this as a QCC guideline. QCC always means to betterment of the user’s thought process and lifestyle.

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  1. I am Isabella from U.S. I just love this article.

    Rise of such high quality content really inspires to better consumption. In fact, the face of marketing and entrepreneurship changing slowly.

    Support QCC.


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