BusinessMero Share CDSC.COM.NP Login 2022

Mero Share CDSC.COM.NP Login 2022


Mero share refers to an online platform for stock market traders of Nepal. It has created substantial strides in recent years. Nepali Investors no longer need to wait for hours to fill up share forms or wait in line to return their cash.


In this article you will learn how to open mero share account, mero share login process, and how to use mero share portal to manage your beneficiary account and stakes.

There is no need to visit the share registrar to bring the bonus certificate because mero share has brought easily use online interface login system.

It charges only Rs. 50 for mero share renew. And all other services are included here. Being a mero share customer, you can manage your share account from home. All you need to do is to enable Mero share feature by visiting your bank. Your bank will create and link your Demat account with your email address.

Once you get mero share login details from your bank, you can view all your share transaction details in your online account.

Mero Share Features & Benefits

Mero Share is one of the most popular share market portals that let Nepali investors invest their money in multiple startups and projects. With the help of the mero share login website, clients can view their details, analyze stock accounts, discover new IPOs, view stock market value, apply for IPO, observe IPO company details, share transactions, and so on. Let’s see its advantages in brief below:

  1. View the account holder’s details.
  2. Observe your stock and share details.
  3. View stock market value and its details.
  4. View and manage transaction details.
  5. Look for new IPO openings.
  6. Apply for IPO.
  7. View IPO results etc.

How to open mero share account?

If you still don’t know how to open mero share account, let us inform you that creating a mero share account can be done in just simple 5 steps. Let’s see these five steps:

  1. Visit your bank
  2. Create a DEMAT account
  3. Get your CRN Number
  4. Get your login details (username & password)
  5. Log in to the Mero Share website.

Now let’s look at these five steps briefly so that you can understand how to open mero share account easily by following these steps.

  1. Visit your bank

To create a mero share account, you must have a bank account. So visit your bank and ask them to create a DEMAT account for you. Your bank will provide you with a Demat account creation form. So fill out this form and submit them.

DEMAT account form fill requirements:

  • Citizenship certificate (both sides)
  • Passport size photo
  • Bank account number
  • Signature
  • Sitemap of your residence
  • Fingerprint
  1. Create a DEMAT account

Once you submit the required documents and form to your bank, you don’t have to do anything. Just wait for some hours and your bank will notify you once your DEMAT account is created.

  1. Get your CRN Number

After submitting your DEMAT form, you will receive an email with some instructions from your bank. They will also provide a reference number in your email. So visit your bank again to get your CRN number. Here CRN number is also known as C-ASBA. registration number. After that, you will fill out a form for a CRN number and get your CRN number.

Note: Some bank needs a CRN number for mero share and some don’t need it. So ask your bank regarding this.

  1. Get your login details (username & password)

After you apply for a DEMAT account, the bank will provide your login details for the mero share portal. All you need to do is put that login details and enter them into mero share. When you log in the first time it will ask you to change the default password. To create a new strong password. Note your new login details in a different notebook or a file.

  1. Log in to the Mero Share website.
Mero share login page

Now you have successfully set up all the requirements for mero share. Simply put your login details in and enter them into the mero share dashboard. Now you can apply to buy a share of listed companies in the dashboard. Enjoy!

Hope you like this detailed article on mero share the online login procedure. Share this article with your friends on social media so that they don’t have to mess around just to open a mero share account. Feel free to request any queries about this topic in the comment section. We will attempt to reach as shortly as possible.


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