BusinessBest Instagram Stories Ideas For Business Growth

Best Instagram Stories Ideas For Business Growth


Some of our best Instagram stories ideas for business bring amazing growth to your business. Whether you run an online business or a local business, Instagram stories can be a very effective tool to bring more sales and conversions. Not only that, it is the best way to promote your brand. So. in this article, you will discover the 6 best instagram stories ideas for business growth in 2022. So let’s get started.


One of the best ways of video marketing is Instagram Stories. It allows you to create Instagram stories in minutes, boost brand recognition and experiment with various marketing strategies completely free. All you need to do is properly implement our instagram stories ideas for business growth. According to a data report, more than 70% of Instagram users watch instagram stories daily. That’s why Instagram Stories are very popular these days. Mobile video consumption is increasing at 2X speed and its number is doubling every year. Instagram has high-quality and potential audiences that can be converted into your clients. It means, that if you are not already creating instagram stories for your business, you should consider it.

Our instagram stories ideas for business growth are tried and tested by multiple successful brands and businesses. These are the trending instagram stories ideas for businesses to reach in next level. So without further delay, let’s uncover these 10 best instagram stories ideas for business growth that dramatically increases your instagram engagement and followers as well.

#1. Create Instagram Stories Related To Your Brand

If you have an Instagram brand account, make sure you create only brand-related stories. If you don’t have an Instagram brand account yet, instantly create an Instagram business account. A business account has more advantages than a typical personal account. When creating instagram stories, don’t get the sentiment. Don’t post on your hobby instead post only related to your business. The most important thing you need to do is a well-designed Instagram story that represents your brand recognization. Instagram posts and stories help to recognize your brand among the audience.

#2. Answer Questions

Your potential client may want to ask different questions related to your brand, product, or services. Or you can ask them what types of services they are expecting. Answering those potential questions answer helps your audience to save time. If a worth effective trick in branding.

You will score engagement by requesting your audience queries that are associated with your business. For instance, you can initiate by publishing “ask me anything”. This is how your audience interacts with your Insta stories. You can also smartly create a master video that includes all the answers.

#3. Create High-Quality Stories

Have you ever noticed that many instagram stories are blurry? They lose their potential audiences just because of their blurry instagram stories. No one likes to watch low-quality stories. So always use high-quality images, and video footage in your instagram stories. Make sure your audio is high quality as well. Create text and navigations to guide users to point 

to some special things.

#4. Create Instagram Polls and quizzes

If you like to guide your viewers on the answer, use a poll or quiz rather than asking an open-ended question. There comes various types of stickers that can be handy for this job. Offering a multiple choice answer increases your viewer engagement.

To direct your audience on the answer front, you can try creating a poll or quiz instead asking an open question.. Stickers can help you with this. There is a high chance to click on the button instead of typing a response. Using a sliding react with heart eyes emoji is a very simple and effective trick when posting your Instagram stories.

#5. Share your location

By adding a location sticker, you are gathering people around your location.

Get discovered on Instagram by counting a location sticker. Stories with these will be counted to covering people’s feeds, getting in new viewers that you wouldn’t otherwise get. Fundamentally, any moment you think it’s suitable to convey your location, do it. Fingers scratched you draw in some viewers from the Instagram feed.

#6. Create Quotes Stories

Quotes are very effective when you want to inject some values into someone’s mind or build your authority in front of them. So creating interesting, inspiring, funny, and motivational quotes related to your business can dramatically grow your business in multiple ways. Just make sure that your clients shouldn’t feel that you are trying to sell something. Because no one likes to be sold out. Instead, you need to provide them value. Pushing sales pitches everywhere can drink your business. So try a very shuttle way to sell your business. When creating quotes, it should be something ey catching.

These golden instagram stories ideas for business are trending tricks. Several brands are evolved by just implementing these tricks properly. So we hope you will get the result as you expected. Feel free to leave you comment or feedback regarding the post. We will bring further business grwoth tricks in later articles. To not to miss any future updates, follow babalbulletin in Google News, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Please share this article if you love it.

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