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Spirituality For Beginners – Learn To Love, Live, And Empower Yourself


In this Spirituality for beginners article, you will learn what exactly is the definition of spirituality, its main purpose, and how to empower yourself spiritually from within. This article intends to discuss some fundamentals of spirituality for dummies. So let’s dive in.

Representation For Consciousness

Hi There!, How are you doing?. Let me tell you some interesting facts regarding spirituality. When you are not thirsty, you don’t care about water but when you are thirsty, you do anything to get a drop of water. Right?. Similarly, spirituality is for those who are thirsty for wisdom and ultimate love. There are many terms for this. For example, ultimate happiness, god, mindfulness, ultimate satisfaction, liberation, and so on. The main purpose of spirituality is to discover yourself from within. So this babal spirituality for beginners is a special gift from the side of babalbulletin to empower you from within your heart.

Before understanding what exactly is spirituality, it is very very significant to understand why you need spirituality?. Here comes a doubt that you need spirituality or you are already spiritual. Let me tell you honestly. We are already spiritual beings. Our only need is to understand the nature of spirituality. 

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Learning spirituality for beginners by reading some quotes is not enough. It needs a deep understanding of life, science, Vedanta, or any spiritual scripture that you belong to. For example, if you come from a Muslim family, ‘Kuran’ can be the ideal scripture for our spiritual awakening. Similarly, if you prefer Christianity, the ‘Bible’ can be a source of spirituality. If you belong Hindu religion, ‘Ved’ or ‘Upanished’ can be a good source of spiritual wisdom. In the same way, if you belong to Buddhism, ‘Tripitaka’ is the sacred book that helps you light from a spiritual perspective.

Why Learn Spirituality?

Spirituality means seeing things as it is without any bias. Sorrow and happiness are mandatory to maintain a life cycle. They are a part of life. It is a spiritual truth. As we mentioned earlier we are all spiritual beings, and we all want happiness. Not only happiness but we need ultimate happiness which every person seeks for their whole life in every aspect of life.

If you are an artist, you seek your ultimate satisfaction in your art. In the same way, a sex addict, workaholic, singer, businessman, or any person longing for their higher potential is the ultimate satisfaction. The main error that comes here is to seek the ultimate truth in the outer world without discovering the inner world. This is the main error that most generations have done before.

If you are a student and you are frustrated with reading for your exam, you need mental relief at that time. But if you have clarity of what you are doing and why you are doing it, now your mind is spiritually aligned towards a specific goal and it can function without any disturbance. The same implies to every other profession. This is why is necessary to learn spirituality.

Once a person reaches the highest peak of their success there remains an unfulfilled part within. It seems like there is still something to discover. Don’t know what it is but it is there. That’s where the spiritual journey begins for a person.

Spirituality concerns the true (higher) meaning of life. You might have heard about spiritual love which is very distinct from so-called love in the market.

Spirituality for beginners 

When it comes to spirituality for beginners, it needs some basic understanding of each layer that comes with your spiritual journey. Here we have divided it into simple 4 layers of spirituality to make it easy to understand. If you understand each layer and walk in that way, no one stops your spiritual development. So let’s understand these layers of the spiritual journey.

Spirituality For Body

Representation For Physical Fitness

We are tightly attached to our bodies. We take body by the birth so it is one of the foremost obstacles in our spiritual journey. When we understand the purpose of the body, it’s a working system, and the art to utilize it for spiritual purposes, our body can be a good tool in our spiritual development. The body has many requirements like sleep, hunger, rest, sex, safety, and more. It always urgest for these elements and remains rotating around this natural pattern. There is no such algorithm for liberation in our body so it doesn’t care whether you are liberated or not. So keeping your body always healthy is necessary. Spirituality and health are like a coin of two parts. If you are not healthy enough, you can’t achieve higher goals in life. Your ability to understand higher meaning depends on how healthy your body and brain are. Here it means to maintain the needs of our body at the highest possible level. The lower your bodily needs, the more you can work on your mind and knowledge.

Spiritual practice for the body

To maintain our body in the best state, there are multiple spiritual practices that one can follow regularly. The main intent of these spiritual exercises is to keep your body system fit and healthy. Here are some best ways to keep your body healthy:

  • Eat proper diet
  • Do Yoga Regularly (There are various types of spiritual sadhanas/yoga poses available)
  • Physical exercise or Gym
  • Run
  • Consume less sugar and salt
  • Check your BMI & Maintain it.

Spirituality For Mind

Representation For Mind, Thoughts & Thinking

Mind is another aspect that lies within us. When running into the path of spiritual development it is necessary to develop all body, mind, intellect, and consciousness parallelly. Spiritual development includes all these four factors. When you grow spiritually, it develops all these four parts at the same time.

Mind is a very shuttle element that holds our entire life within it. Before doing everything, there come some impressions based on the environment and our atmosphere. These impressions turn into thoughts and thinking. Later it becomes our desire, intention, and goal and it turns into an action. So everything that humans have evolved till now is the consequence of the mind. Our whole life runs into the drama of the mind. So once we see this dramatic nature of mind, we can achieve higher dimensions of life.

To evolve as a spiritually strong mind, we need to understand focus, fear, thoughts, and thinking process. Let us inform you that the mind is an acclamation of information. Information process and outputs some outcomes. Our understanding comes from learning. Learning is a sum of information and behaviors. Whatever we understand is a result of trying and learning patterns. There is no information collected by birth in our minds.

Spiritual practices for the mind

  • Read Scriptures
  • Do Yoga To Calm and Control Your mind
  • Do Breathing Exercise
  • Do Meditation To Learn Focus & Peace of Mind
  • Be with a good friend circle.

Spirituality For Intellect

Representation For Intellect

Spiritual intelligence allows an ability to comprehend higher meanings and values in life. When one knows higher values, one can achieve higher purposes. For a more creative life, intellectual spirituality is mandatory. Intellect defines the power to understand things around us. The more you are intellectual the more you are near to the truth. Intellectual power is a quality of a spiritual person but intelligence is not the end goal of spirituality. At a higher level, we all are intellect. But if you deep dive into it, we can see that there is something more than that. Intellectual can’t be your real self because it is came from the information based on your past.

To understand our real selves, we need to go deeper into the spiritual realm. As mentioned earlier, there are several spiritual scriptures to learn to understand the truth. All our sacred books came from a higher understanding of life and truth.

Spiritual practice for intellect

  • Read
  • Exercise
  • Enough Sleep
  • Meditate
  • Play.

Spirituality For Consciousness

Representation For Consciousness

Consciousness is the highest goal of spirituality. In simple terms, consciousness means to know who you are in spiritual terms. Understanding our real self bring more clarity to our life. The more you understand yourself, the better person you become. In every step of life, you will be aware of who you are. The awareness leads to a life without fear. 

If you have already made assumptions related to consciousness, it’s time to erase that information. Because consciousness has nothing to do with your past information or future prediction. It brings you to the moment. Every conscious person has good health, a sound mind, and a higher intellect. That’s we talked about body, mind, and intellect in our previous steps. These steps are essential to learning spirituality for beginners.

If we talk about qualities of consciousness, is always beyond space and time. According to the Ashtavakra Gita consciousness is always untouchable. If we simplify this, it is a sense of feeling of being that never dies. Everything lies inside the consciousness. Whatever we perceive is because of our awareness. In many religions, it is called God, Allah, Ishor, almighty and more.

In our further spiritual articles, we will go deeper into the spiritual realm. So you need to understand it from our beginning articles so that you can easily relate to what we are pointing towards.

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