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4 Ways To Develop Spiritual Intelligence – How To Develop Spiritual Intelligence


How to develop spiritual intelligence is a big concern nowadays. Because everybody is full of unwanted exposures and thoughts. People’s head is full of mesh and there is no sign of real happiness, love, and purity.


In such a case, the spiritual development of a person can give ultimate relief from your internal pain and suffering. Once we understand our suffering footprint and nature of tendency, it is easier to expand our spiritual intelligence to the next level.

In our previous article, we have already declared what is spiritual intelligence and how it works. So we assume that you understand the actual meaning of spiritual intelligence and go further to develop it. In this article, we will explain the four best ways to develop spiritual intelligence. So that you can open up your mind to learn better valuable things in life.

How do develop spiritual intelligence?

The spiritual development process demands a special concentration in life. There come many sacrifices, struggles, and challenges as well. Because the ultimate peace, happiness, and love we are talking about is the ultimate purpose of life. The only thing that is worth achieving is true love, joyfulness or you can also call it ‘soul’. Let us inform you that, the soul is the purest state of mind where there is no doubt. Despite that there are several ways to get improve our intelligence, not all ways are worth effective and trustworthy. So that we have composed the 4 best ways to develop spiritual intelligence here. Let’s dive in.

1. Read Spiritual Books

Spiritual books are those books that talk about our mind, body science, inner world, and consciousness. Multiple Hindu scriptures talk about spirituality. Besides that, secret books of multiple religions like the Bible, Kuran, Veda, Tripitaka, and Agams are some of the best sources of spiritual knowledge. For example “Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta” is a wonderful spiritual book to develop spiritual intelligence and learn spirituality for dummies


As we already heard a statement like that “Reading books is a good habit” and something like that. But this statement is incomplete. Because several books on the market are composed to play with readers’ minds and they inject multiple notions into our minds. Such books culture our minds in fantasy and imagination. So It should be like that – “Reading the right books is a good habit”. Yes, however, to recognize a good book we need a basic sense of understanding of our actual spiritual needs in life.

So reading good books daily will develop your spiritual intelligence. In case you don’t access these spiritual scriptures or religious books, www.babalbulletin.com/spirituality can be the best alternative to learning spirituality online. Here you will get daily updates related to spirituality.

2. Practice Real Yoga

Practicing yoga in our life can bring more clarity about things around us and our real selves. But before that, it is primarily essential to understand the actual meaning of yoga and yogic exercises.

People think that yoga means sitting in postures and doing yogic exercises. But let us inform you that it is a wrong notion regarding yoga. In fact, ‘Yoga’ term comes from ‘yog’ which means connection or unity. So yoga means to be united with the ultimate truth. Recently spiritual teacher Acharya Prashant exposed the fancy meaning of yoga and revealed the real meaning of yoga on the occasion of yoga day 2022.


Staying with the truth is actual yoga. Thousands of unwanted thoughts and impressions come daily in our mind which wants to force us to do multiple activities that are not correct spiritually. At this point, yoga is to understand the real meaning of life and the value of time, staying with truth rather than flowing with trendy thoughts and thinking.

Once you start practicing this actual yoga your spiritual journey begins towards ultimate love, passion, and joy. Following a good passion in life can be an actual yoga indeed. Besides, that, there are several yogic exercises that we do to keep our bodies healthy and fit. So also keep your body and brain health to be able to do more function.

3. Do Actual Mediation

Doing mediation is another best way to develop our spiritual intelligence. A meditative mind is considered a spiritually intelligent mind. Most of you don’t know about real mediation because there are so many false notions spread regarding spirituality and mediation. According to a spiritual teacher, Acharya Prashant, the actual meaning of meditation is to dedicate entire life to a higher purpose. So let us inform you that sitting in a lotus position and counting the breath is not actual mediation. It is fakeness in the name of mediation. Actual mediation is when your “I tendency” breaks down into nothing.


Remembering who you are and pursuing your right goal in life is the correct process of mediation. Doing continuous mediation brings amazing spiritual intelligence to life.

4. Find a right spiritual teacher

As concerning how to develop spiritual intelligence and wisdom, significantly, you need a spiritual teacher. Spiritual teachers are those who have already dedicated their lives to the higher purpose of life. The role of the right guru is very important to developing your spiritual intelligence. Only a true spiritual seeker can guide you toward the right spiritual path. So it is better to find a spiritual teacher.


Physical Intelligence & Spiritual Intelligence Overview

Here what we need to understand is physical intelligence a tiny portion of spirituality. It covers our bodily sector where physical fitness and health come in. Our brain is also a part of our body. Physicality is a gross aspect of spirituality. So that we can’t go further in spirituality without fixing our physical problems. 

Physical intelligence is ultimately concerned with understanding our body, creating a positive relationship between our mind and body, actively working with our physiology to create better conditions for our body to thrive, and ensuring we take steps to minimize harm to our body.

Spiritual intelligence and physical intelligence are not separate topics. They are interconnected. So once you understand the importance of physical intelligence, you will start becoming spiritually intellectual as well.

Summing Up!

We hope you find your answer on how to develop spiritual intelligence. Previously we have also talked about the basics of spirituality. If you are just entering into the spiritual realm go visit our spirituality section to learn the fundamental of spirituality. If you like this article, please share this with your friends on social media. If have any concerns regarding spirituality feel free to leave your message in the comment section.


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