SpiritualityHow To Enter Into The Spiritual Realm?

How To Enter Into The Spiritual Realm?


Do you know how to enter into the spiritual realm, well if not let me tell you the secret behind it? So let’s dive into it.

The term spirituality refers to awakening your consciousness or awareness by different methods and techniques. For example the path of wisdom or knowledge or doing meditation and prayer.

Most people carry false notions concerning Spirituality and religion that’s why there are many conflicts in our religions and people’s belief system. Whatever we perceive from a false identity and a whole lot of delusions comes.

The main purpose of entering into the spiritual realm is to discover Who am I’. Before entering into the Spiritual realm, we need to understand what is spirituality. Otherwise, we are not going to enter the right path. 

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is the process through which we can understand the spirit. According to spirituality, spirit refers to our real self which comes out when a true spiritual seeker goes deep down into it, struggling with his thoughts and outer consequences in life.

Spirituality affects the recognition of a sense of knowing that there is something more significant than myself, something more additional to being human than sensorial experience and that the tremendous entirety of which we are piece is cosmic or divine.

In simple words, spirituality means nothing but seeing things as it is. We have collected a huge bundle of thoughts, beliefs, habits, and traditions in our minds. It is full of mixed information that we collected through our senses like ear, eyes, skin, brain, nose, or tongue.

Being spiritual means, knowing your body and mind and walking forward a little bit ahead from material existence. The spiritual realm offers a hell of a bunch of possibilities to turn your lifestyle. We will discover how to enter into the spiritual realm soon in this post but before we need to clear some incorrect notions.

You may have wondered Is it necessary to sacrifice false notions before diving into the spiritual realm? right?. Yes, without clearing these false notions that we have collected from years, we can’t successfully run forward in spirituality. 

For example, you don’t know swimming and you enter into a pool without taking and rescue tool you will get in trouble. Similarly, if you start reading college-level syllabi without going through the academy-level syllabus, you will generate a whole lot out of mesh in your mind and you will be frustrated. Right?.

What is the Spiritual Realm?


There are many realms in spirituality but if we categorize them, we can notice mainly 4 realms of spirituality.

  1. Body
  2. Mind
  3. Intellect
  4. Pure consciousness


The body is something that we all carry by birth. The body is just a combination of water and food. Whatever we eat, it transforms into our body and energy. We use energy in our daily life activities and transform some energies to evolve our existing system.

Like our brain, the body has a tremendous memory system. Because of this feature of the body, our genetics remains safe and our shape remains the same always. Otherwise, our body shapes would be different as a person.


Mind is something that generates thoughts based on impressions and past information. It has numerous realms that are not possible to explain in an article. But we can categorize them into some parts and analyze them. 


A refined bundle of thoughts and information is called intellect. We can utilize it in various contexts. Most of the greater jobs are done by intellectual people in the world.

Pure Consciousness

Pure Consciousness is that which we called sometimes spirit, god, self-realization, enlightenment, and so on. According to the ancient sages, we are all conscious at the ultimate level. At that level, there is no identity, no name, no separation nor any duality. It is a state of oneness. When we understand the fact, we can realize that everything is interconnected in the universe and the major fact that the universe exists because of seer exists, otherwise, there is nothing.

You may hear about healers, modern spiritual teachers, and wisdom keep. Most of them have no direct connection with spirituality. They just want to expand their business or sell their courses so finding the right source to practice spirituality is a challenging job today.

How to enter into the spiritual realm?

How to enter into the spiritual realm

Staring a successful spiritual journey is something we are looking for. I am not talking about spiritual manifestations that anyone has expressed yet. Here are 5 tips to enter into the spiritual realm:

  1. Start reading scriptures
  2. Start Mediating
  3. Balance Your Lifestyle
  4. Leave Your Pre-Conceive Notions
  5. Need Huge Courage

These are the basic requirements to access the spiritual realm. Without spiritual practice (Sadhana) of Kundalini Jagaran (Kundalini Awakening), it is harder to walk on the Spiritual path. 

There are many techniques of mediation and spiritual awakening but the most effective one is to learn from those who have already achieved the highest spiritual goal in life. There is no other than great ancient sages like Asthavakra or Balmiki who discovered themself and left it in their scriptures for humanity.


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