SpiritualityThe Ultimate Truth of Advaita Vedanta & Ashtavakra Gita

The Ultimate Truth of Advaita Vedanta & Ashtavakra Gita


In this post, you will discover truth of Vedanta. It is a combination of Ashtavakra Gita and Advaita Vedanta, inspired by Acharya Prashant & Sandeep Maheshwari. The truth of Vedanta drives you towards the ultimate salvation.

At the higher level, we are all the soul, no matter from which nationality, gender, cast, appearance, or thoughts we came from. Our ultimate seeking in the material world is ultimate happiness, unconditional love, absolute freedom, and liberation. These all factors are the waves of truth. In every situation and material, our basic nature is to seek a higher truth. For example, A poor man seeks better satisfaction in his lower level of life and a rich man seeks his satisfaction or fulfillment in money, expensive things, and luxurious life. Fundamentally, both are seeking the same thing standing in different space and time, or you called it a different context.

According to the Vedanta, the truth is always one and it expresses itself in many forms by its nature. There is no reason behind it. Expressing and not expressing, both conditions are the ultimate nature of the truth. In spirituality, there are mainly two things that can be noted. One is Nature and another is Truth.

Whatever we see and feel is part of nature. The fundamental center of our being is the ego. The ego of ‘I’ is the element of nature and it operates whatever happening around us by humans and other beings. From survival to the nature of curiosity and fulfilling life, all come into the activity of the ego, which is also known as a feeling of being. Vedanta doesn’t exactly talk about the truth but it completely analyzes nature. Truth is such which has no form, no name, no shape and is completely pure from everything. You can imagine it like space but just for imagine because space is just one element of nature and it has more limitations where truth has none.

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Everything is inside a cycle of nature. To explain the truth, there is no objective way nor any materialistic evidence but it can be understood by a higher mind when it reaches the exceeding consumption of nature or sometimes in other conditions too. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says to Arjuna that they both exist every time. This means Krishna is talking about the feature of nature which recycles in space and time. Everything comes and goes in space and time.

What is life?

When a true seeker dives into the exploration of his existence and ultimate meaning of life, he/she will become capable to understand that life combines everything. Here everything means everything. Everything you can see around the outer universe, the micro-universe, living beings, nonliving beings, death, love and compassion, sorrow and happiness, every material and non-material comes into it.

Vedanta deeply dives into the exploration of our existence and discovers the final truth of life straightforwardly. Understnading life has several dimernsions. According to our preconceive level of understanding, its definition may differ but the point is to always achieve a higher understanding of life.

We can’t go further without touching our real self. Where Astavakara focuses on discovering our real self. 

Why spirituality is important?

Why go through Asthavakra Gita or any other scriptures? why do we need to realize our real self and why does it matter to find who we are?. These questions are worth asking and let me tell you why it is primarily important.

Being a human, we all have two major problems inside us. One is subjective and another is a fundamental (common) problem. Subjective problems are different per head but fundamental problems like a sense of incompleteness, sorrow, loneliness, conflict, psychological pain, fear, greed, desire, anger, arrogance, delusion, jealousy, and more. These are the fundamental problems that well all commonly carry.

The majority of our questions are of surface-level quires related to subjective topics. I have this problem, I have that problem, we always ask like this, we never ask that I even exist or not, or who is that ‘I’ or Who am I?. We don’t even know who we are exactly. If we ask anything based on the wrong notion, it all tumbles meaningless.

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