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What Is CASBA?: How to Apply in IPO Or Mutual Funds From Mero Share? 


In this post, you will find out what is casba? as well as how to apply in IPO or Mutual funds and Casba charges in Nepal.

Application Sponsored by Jammed Share is a procedure for applying to public/ownership cases proposed by investors by intercepting the application cash in their bank statement while subscribing to the issue. C-ASBA is also delivered by Everest Bank Limited from all over its associates inside and beyond Kathmandu.

What is CASBA?

CDS and Clearing limited executed an evolved form of ASBA system called C-ASBA in 2074, Falgun 11. SEBON even provoked the ASBA strategy that allowed people to apply for stakes through their banks. Now, with the use of this system, investors can purchase Right Shares, IPO, Mutual Funds, FPO, Debenture online via the Mero Share.

C-ASBA is a type of centralized approach that connects all the BFI’s which furnish ASBA related services. The automated system lets individuals’ data be attached with the BOID (Beneficiary Owner’s ID).

CRN (C-ASBA Registration Number) is the unique digit that links BOID (Demat Numeral) and the Bank Account of Investors. CRN digit is supplied by the respective banks to the investors behind confirming the BOID. Only those who received CRN can apply for the publicly issues protection such as IPO, Mutual Funds, FPO, Right Shares, Mutual Funds, Debentures.

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What is C-ASBA number?

C-ASBA Registration Number (CRN) is the special number that combines BOID (Demat Number) with the Bank Account of Investors. CRN digit is provided by the individual banks to the investors after confirming the BOID.

Financial institutions and Banks offer CRN or C-ASBA Registration Number to per investor behind confirming the beneficiary account of the investor. Solely investors who have received the CRN number can submit for the acquisition of shares via their bank account.

What is ASBA?

ASBA full form is an Application Supported By Blocked Amount. When investors buy publicly published protection (FPO, IPO, Debentures), the ASBA scheme withholds the identical cut from a bank account. This signifies the ASBA system stops the payment from the respective account holder until the issuance of shares. If respective Demat holders are assigned the shares, then the amount is subtracted from the bank account. If not assigned, the barred amount is discharged by the system. This way personal investors should not spend extra money on the issuers assembling the payment easier.

(SEBON) Securities Board of Nepal has approved Bank and Financial Institution to deliver ASBA service. Those authorized BFI’s can verify the ASBA service to the particular investors. As of June 2021, there are 65 C-ASBA recorded banks and economic services in Nepal.

Difference between C-ASBA and ASBA

  • Application Supported by Blocked Amount (ASBA) is a procedure for using public/rights issues presented by investors by intercepting the application cash in their bank account while subscribing to the issue.
  • C-ASBA will confirm centralized posting and confirmation of bank account numbers and DMAT account numbers facilitate monitoring of dual application for issue directors and share clerks, revocation of application upon dual applications, and draft a final report for protection allocation.
  • Mero Share stands for the online method created by CDSC (Central Depository System & Clearing) via which the investors can apply for Rights issues, IPO, Mutual Funds, FPO, Debentures once they are recorded via C-ASBA.
  • To get the C-ASBA service, simply get the form from ASBA Member BFIs and propose it.

How do I open a Casba account?

Follow this Easy ASBA IPO Steps:

  1. Client logins to the net-banking site or mobile app.
  2. Head to the Online IPO section.
  3. Select the IPO to apply in.
  4. Fill in bidding details such as amount, quantity, and category.
  5. Assign the funds.
  6. Propose the IPO application.
  7. The bank stops the funds.

Casba registration form

Here are some CASBA registration forms of Nepali banks. You can also click on Find All bank and choose your desired bank to get CASBA form of your chosen bank.

BankCasba Registration Form
Everest BankClick Here
Mega BankClick Here
Nepal Bank LimitedClick Here
NIC Asia BankClick Here
Find All BankClick Here

C-ASBA Charges in Nepal


Here are the C-ASBA charges from various BFIs.

keep in mind that data as of April 2, 2021. The costs may vary from time to time so see your respective banks for standard data.

For Commercial Banks

S.NSymbolBank NameCharge (Rs.)
1ADBLAgricultural Development BankRs. 10
2BOKLBank Of KathmanduFree
3CBLCivil BankRs. 10
4CCBLCentury Commercial BankRs. 25
5CZBILCitizen BankRs. 20
6EBLEverest BankRs. 20
7GBIMEGlobal IME BankFree
8HBLHimalayan BankFree
9KBLKumari BankRs. 20
10LBLLaxmi BankRs. 25
11MBLMachhapuchre BankRs. 10
12MEGAMega BankFree
13NABILNabil BankFree
14NBBNepal Bangladesh BankFree
15NBLNepal BankRs. 25/year
16NCCBNepal Credit And Commercial BankFree
17NIBNepal Investment BankRs. 20
18NICANIC Asia BankFree
19NMBNMB BankRs. 20
20PCBLPrime Commercial BankRs. 25
21PRVUPrabhu BankRs. 10
22RBBRastriya Banijya BankFree
23SANIMASanima BankRs. 20
24SBINepal SBI BankRs. 25
25SBLSiddhartha BankFree
26SCBStandard Chartered BankRs. 100
27SRBLSunrise BankRs. 10

For Development Bank/Finance

S.NSymbolBank NameCharge (Rupees)
1MNBBLMuktinath Bikas BankRs. 10
2MLBLMahalaxmi Bikas BankRs. 10
3GBBlGarima Bikas BankFree
4ICFCICFC FinanceRs. 25

How to Apply in IPO, Mutual Funds, FPO, Debenture, Right Share from Mero Share? 

Applying for general issues like common shares, mutual funds and debentures from Mero Share is straightforward. There are both websites and applications for this service. Check out the video on YouTube to learn how to apply for public issues from the Mero Share application.

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What is ASBA and Casba?

C-ASBA connects all the banks and economic institutions delivering ASBA associated services and the beneficiary account (Also Called Demat account) and constructs a centralized system. This authorizes for the confirmation of the bank account information of the investors before joining the applications of the investors

What is casba in cyber security?

CASB: A cloud access security broker, also referred to as CASB, can be also defined as cloud-hosted software or hardware that acts as a mediator between cloud service providers and users.

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