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Frances Haugen, Facebook Informer Condemns Meta’s ‘Marvelous Pledges’ for Metaverse Security


Users’ privacy is at risk as the social media giant’s metaverse push assembles steam, argues Facebook informer Frances Haugen.

Facebook informer Frances Haugen has once again aimed at her ex-employer, claiming that the social media giant’s goals for the metaverse could direct to a “repeat of all the harms” driven by Facebook around user security and privacy.

Meta, previously Facebook, has created “very glorious promises about how there’s security-by-design in the metaverse,” Haugen told in an interview with Politico. She also told that she can imagine the recurring damages on Facebook if they don’t maintain transparency and take further responsibility.

Metaverse Virtual Reality

Haugen created headlines last year when she revealed thousands of inner Facebook records to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Wall Street Journal, demonstrating the enterprise’s weak reaction to the stretch of political and COVID-19 vaccine misinformation on its medium.

Currently, with the San Francisco-based enterprise, rebranded as Meta, and shifting to the metaverse, Haugen has increased troubles over user privacy as the organization builds out its ecosystem.

Haugen stated that she’s “highly concerned about how multiple detectors are involved” in metaverse hardware like Meta’s Quest virtual reality headsets.

“When we accomplish the metaverse, we have to place tons more microphones from Facebook; tons more other types of sensors into our houses,” she informed Politico. According to Haugen If we don’t have a selection on choosing facebook spay on our home. We just have to trust them to do the correct things.

More gadgets for the Metaverse

The metaverse, one of the buzzwords in the blockchain enterprise since last year, directs to a constant, transmitted online virtual planet with an aboriginal economy. It strives to connect virtual, augmented, and material realities into a cooperative environment presenting a wide scope of components such as social experiences, gaming, NFT trading, and many more.

Facebook Meta Business Suit

To interact with the metaverse world, users use widgets such as VR headsets, AR stylish glasses, and wristband sensors.

Meta has enterprising strategies for the metaverse; at the moment of Facebook’s rebrand to Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO said that “I think we’re shifting from being Facebook foremost as a company to being metaverse first.”

Following the cessation of its Diem steady coin project, Meta is reportedly investigating the usefulness of centralized in-app tickets within its metaverse, which some Meta workers refer to as “Zuck Bucks.”

Facebook’s parent corporation also announced that it’s testing the latest features that will allow inventors to make cash trading virtual objects and results in Meta’s social virtual game, “Horizon Worlds.”

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The prior year, Meta AI, the investigation team behind Meta’s group’s metaverse push, partnered with Carnegie Mellon University to develop Reskin, a novel tactile detector that acts as a flexible skin.

Meta’s ‘threat’ to the open metaverse

Haugen isn’t the sole one boosting concerns about Meta’s practice to the metaverse.

The administrative chairperson of the game publisher as well as venture capital company Animoca Brands, Yat Siu, told last October that Meta expressed a “threat” to the open metaverse.

Siu doubled down on his view in January, revealing that Meta “is looking to build a sealed metaverse, one where they maintain the data and the network results that the data derive, so what they are making is less rival than simply antithetic to what we are doing.”

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