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MOXIE Experiment Successfully Making Oxygen on Mars – How does moxie work?


How does moxie works for creating oxygen in Martin’s atmosphere has become an interesting technology after NASA successfully launched Mars Rover mission in 2020.

MOXIE (Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment) has successfully invented oxygen on Planet Marse. Let us tell you that MOXIE is the Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment mission that NASA dispatched with the Mars rover in 2020. On April 20, 2021, it produced oxygen from carbon dioxide in the Martian atmosphere by using solid oxide electrolysis.

In any season, 24/7, the instrument can generate breathable oxygen from the thin atmosphere of Red Planet Mars.

Around 100 million miles away from Earth, the red and dusty surface of Mars, has placed an instrument that can reliably do the job of a small tree.

After the launch of the Mars rover mission MOXIE, the mission touched down on the Martian surface. Currently, it is successfully making oxygen from the carbon dioxide-rich atmosphere of the red planet.

Journal Science reported on August 31 saying that MOXIE was capable to create oxygen on seven testing runs. These were performed in a variety of atmospheric conditions, including during the day and night, and through various Martian seasons. In each exploratory run, the instrument gained its target of making six grams of oxygen per hour. This is around the rate of a fair tree on Earth.


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MOXIE Experiment Successfully Making Oxygen on Mars

Scientists predict that an upgraded version of the MOXIE mission could be sent to Mars onwards of a human mission, where it could constantly produce oxygen at the rate of several hundred trees. At that capacity, the system should produce enough oxygen to sustain humans after they arrive, and also fuel a rocket for returning astronauts to Earth.

MOXIE’s constant presentation so far is a encouraging first step toward that goal.

The principal investigator of the MOXIE mission, Michael Hecht told that they have learned a massive amount that will report future systems at a big scale.

MOXIE’s oxygen generation on Mars also illustrates the first demonstration of “in-situ resource utilization.” This is the concept of harvesting and utilizing a planet’s raw materials to create resources that would otherwise have to be exhilarated from Earth.

According to deputy principal investigator or MOXIE, Jeffrey Hoffman, This is the first demonstration of actually using resources on the surface of another planetary body and transforming them chemically into something that would be practical for a human mission. Let us inform you that Hoffman is also a professor of the practice in MIT’s Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. 

Despite this mission being designed for a short period, the instrument has shown that it can efficiently and reliably convert Mars’ atmosphere into pure oxygen.

As MOXIE persists to generate oxygen on the red planet Mars, engineers design to drive its capacity, and improve its production, especially in the Martian spring, when atmospheric density and carbon dioxide levels are high. That day is coming soon when humans will start living on Mars. Get ready to take off.

How does moxie work?

MOXIE carries in mars atmosphere via a dust-trapping HEPA filter, condenses the air via a scroll pump, warms it to 800°C, and transmits it via a solid oxide electrolysis (SOXE) body, where CO2 streams over a nickel-based catalyzed cathode and disintegrates into oxygen ions and CO.

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