EventsBest International Dance Day 2022 Quotes

Best International Dance Day 2022 Quotes


Know everything about International Dance Day 2022 Quotes as well as it’s history and Most interesting facts about Dance day.

International dance day 2022 Date

International dance day 2022 date is fixed as Friday, April 29, when all the dance lovers from the entire world will celebrate this event amazingly. It is the 40th anniversary of International Dance Day.

It is one of the finest events in the world which spreads happiness and energy in our life.

ITI has officially announced that KANG Sue jin from South Korea, ballet dancer, and artistic leader of the Korean National Ballet has reported the official notice for International Dance Day 2022.


The theme of the international dance day 2022 is yet to come out while the theme of 2021 was “Purpose of Dance”. The theme is specially designed for the Dance Committee of the ITI which is the main partner of UNESCO arts.

What is international dance Day?

Do you what is international dance day? If not let me tell you some interesting facts about it. 

International Dance Day is a global event of dance. It is made by the Dance Committee called International Theatre Institute. It is the primary association for the performing arts of UNESCO.

This event comes every year on 28 April, which is the anniversary birthday of the creator of modern ballet, Jean Georges Novice.

If you are wondering how to celebrate international dance day, let me give you some ideas.

The International Theater invites its members, dancers, dance students, choreographers, and enthusiasts to join them in a Gala Celebration. On this occasion, you can also celebrate this event by doing many things. It is not necessary that you have to go to the dance theatre. You can also celebrate this festival at your home with your parents or friends.

Here we have a collection of inspirational international dance day quotes that you can share with your loved ones and friends, Whatsapp, and Facebook.

Happy international dance day quotes

Happy Dance Day!


Happy Global Dance Day!

–Babal Buletin

Happy International Dance Day!

–Babal Publisher

Dance Is the Art Of The God

–Babal News

When I Dance I forgot the world

–Babal Bulletin

Be yourself When dancing

-Babal Bulletin

Dance is the best Creation Of the Universe.

–Babal Bulletin

I don’t Dance to Impress, I Dance to Express.

–ABCD Movie

Anybody Can Dance (ABCD)

–ABCD Movie

Dance is the Most beautiful Expression

–Babal Bulletin

Dance is the Hidden Soul Language.


I wish you the best in life on the occasion of International Dance Day.


A True Dancer Can Feel The Music

  • Happy Dance Day!
  • Happy Global Dance Day!
  • Happy International Dance Day!
  • Dance Is the Art Of The God
  • When I Dance I forgot the world
  • Dance Like No one seeing you
  • Be yourself When dancing
  • Dance is the best Creation Of the Universe
  • I don’t Dance to Impress, I Dance to Express
  • Dance is the Most beautiful Expression
  • Dance is the Hidden Soul Language.
  • I wish you the best in life on the occasion of International Dance Day.
  • A True Dancer Can Feel The Music

Inspirational International Dance Day Quotes

Download these international dance day quotes freely and share them with your friends.

International Dance Day 2022: Who created it? Why is it celebrated?

International Dance Day is an international festival of dance that was constructed by the leading member of the performing skills of UNESCO – the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI).

The day is marked yearly on April 29, which occurs to be the birth anniversary date of Jean-Georges Noverre, the founder of trendy ballet. The day desires to promote participation and instruction in dance via events and celebrations that are held all over the globe.

Interesting History Of Dance Day

The history of dance day comes from thousands of years back but the official Dance events were launched in 1982.

Every year, an extraordinary dance character is nominated to write a memo for International Dance Day. ITI also constructs a flagship occasion in a chosen host city, where dance concerts, educational workshops, and humanitarian tasks and lessons are constructed by dancers, celebrities, and representatives.

Significance of International dance day

The primary purpose of the day is to celebrate dance and encourage all its formats across all cultural, political, and ethnic borders to bring individuals together. The International Theatre Institute sets a prominent dance personality every year to support promoting the day.

How to celebrate the day?

The day is especially observed in many nations by gala events and stage concerts by experienced dance parties and specialists. 

You can create short videos of the dancing performance and upload them on social media for your viewers If you think that you are a pro dancer.

You can also conduct a day with dance lovers over any video calling app or transfer some inspirational international dance day quotes, inspirational dance videos, and tutorials with newborn dancers. If you are fresh to dance, try discovering some unique steps by peeking at videos or studying the past of dance.

Did You Know These Top 10 Dances In The World?

Here we have collected bonus information for you. These top 10 dances are widely popular in the world. It is widely celebrated in all countries. Let’s dig out what are these amazing dancing forms:

1. Samba (Brazil)

Samba Dance Brazil

Yes, it seems like one of the hardest dances to excel at but for the Brazilians, it is all in a day’s job. Well, perhaps not a day’s job but a must during celebrations and festivals. There are additional interpretations of Samba founded on parts but the fundamental steps are identical; what differences usually are the tune and the motion of the legs. It is a fun dance and maybe that is why the dance is admiringly admired all around the world.

2. Tarantella (Italy)

Italian Tarantella Dance form

In the 16th century in Taranto, Italy, individuals split into a dance to ward off death from the favorably deadly bite of a Tarantula spider. They would dance frantically and hysterically to fast music, and this is what subsequently arrived to be known as Tarantella. Nowadays, it is one of the most famous folk dances in southern Italy and even the world. With its soporific music arranged at a high tempo, Tarantella is even used for therapeutic objectives.

3. Flamenco (Spain)

Flamenco dance form from Spain

The stunning flamenco is aboriginal to the Andalusian area of Spain. It isn’t only dance but a skilled form that is expressed via singing, dancing, hand-clapping or finger-snapping, and guitar playing. The lady flamenco dancer’s red billowy dress is representational of the art form.

4. Dragon dance (China)

Chinese Dragon Dance Photo

Despite this dance may not be as famous as the lion dance in our land, the dragon dance is widespread not only in landmass China but in other nations such as the USA with a large Chinese population. The Chinese dragons are the sign of China and this dance is rehearsed solely during joyful occasions.

5. Kabuki (Japan)

Japanese Kabuki Dance Form

Kabuki isn’t simply only a dance, it incorporated the art of acting, singing, and dancing. Kabuki started on the roads of Kyoto in the 17th century by merely female entertainers who recreated both mand and female roles. Kabuki decodes to ‘out of the ordinary.

6. Tango (Argentina)

Tango dance

Buenos Aires is the birthplace of one of the earth’s most renowned ballroom dances. Yet, before it hit the ballrooms, this highly seductive and erotic dance was solely conducted in bars by the lower-middle-class batch in the late 19th century.

7. Hula (Hawaii)

Popular Hawaii Dance, Hula

The hypnotic hula dance from Hawaii was made by the Polynesians of the nation. The hula is executed either sitting or standing or a mixture of both. The ukulele is an essential complement to the hula starting the gentle vibes alongside the dance form.

8. Bharatanatyam (India)

Indian Bharatanatyam

Bharatanatyam, a pre-eminent Indian traditional dance form assumably the most senior classical dance legacy of India is considered the mother of multiple other Indian classical dance forms. Typically a solo dance performed only by women, it was initiated in the Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu and ultimately grown in South India. The theoretical ground of this form traces before to ‘Natya Shastra’, the old Sanskrit Hindu text on the performing crafts. A form of metaphorical anecdote of Hindu spiritual tunes and spiritual views emoted by a dancer with perfect footwork and impressive motions its performance repertoire contains nrita, nritya, and natya. Accompanists contain a singer, tune, and especially the guru who leads and guides the performance. It also persists to inspire several art forms including illustrations and sculptures beginning from the astonishing 6th – 9th century CE temple sculptures.

9. Apsara (Cambodia)

Cambodian Apsara Dance

Apsara is a female vibrancy or nymph encountered in Hindu and Buddhist mythologies. The dance was formed by the Royal Ballet of Cambodia under the exchange of the Queen in the 1940s. The complicated laboriously decorated outfits add to the conspiracy of the dance.

10. Irish step dance (Ireland)

Irish step dance

Irish step dance developed from classic Irish dance and is nowadays immensely popular around the earth. The dance can be accomplished by unraveling either of the two types of shoes – soft or hard. The best aspect is that it can be footed in groups or solo. Such is the favor of this dance form that several challengers are retained in its title. It is a dance executed during celebrations and festivals and concerns quick and complex footwork.

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