TechnologyIs Bitcoin Motion A Scam? Bitcoin Truth Leaked

Is Bitcoin Motion A Scam? Bitcoin Truth Leaked


Most of you don’t know is bitcoin motion is a scam or legit. So let’s find out its pros and cons and more information regarding bitcoin motion.


Is Bitcoin motion a Scam?

According to CryptoMaafia, bitcoin motion is a truly legit system and it is not a scam. We suggest signing up for a new account on Bitcoin Motion Website to start their crypto trading trip.

What is Bitcoin Motion?

Bitcoin Motion is a computerized cryptocurrency trading bot. The robot pleads to observe the market utilizing high-quality algorithms, exploring buy and sell possibilities for traders examining to increase their earnings.

Bitcoin Motion employs an AI-based trading system (artificial intelligence). It uses machine learning algorithms to discover profitable trading options and create activities even when you’re not working at your computer.

According to the designers, the design is key. Once you establish your preferred trading parameters, the bot accomplishes the remainder for you. According to their assertions, this Bitcoin robot can enable even newbie traders to earn money from the market.

One of the advantages of Bitcoin Motion is that this bot conducts various trading techniques on investors’ behalf. The bot notes its users won’t forget a chance to benefit from the market from scalping to fast selling.

With entry to the market at all periods and a simple-to-use interface, Bitcoin Motion proclaims to be eligible for all types of investors. Multiple Bitcoin Motion reviews that can be found online have credited it for standing reliable.

We couldn’t affirm any of these. Yet, traders still ought to comprehend that the crypto market is highly volatile and they should walk with an alert when trading with auto trading tools such as the Bitcoin Motion Bot.


Nonetheless, if the enterprise claims are true, operating Bitcoin Motion would be helpful because the application is automatic. You don’t require to do the hefty lifting, and you can even customize it to fit your preferences and style of trading. The bots developers even proclaim that it acquires a win rate of 925. It is competitive with the market for crypto trading bots.

How Does Bitcoin Motion Work?

As described before in this Bitcoin Motion review, this bot functions with an AI-based system (artificial intelligence) and machine learning models. The outlet asserts both technologies are accountable for their outstanding success rate and capacity to time the market.

Notably, Bitcoin Motion functions by swapping cryptocurrency contracts for differences (CFDs). Arrangements in contrast are agreements that provide you the ownership to buy Bitcoin or trade at a later moment.

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The distinction between your rank size and Bitcoin’s genuine worth at the period is ultimately paid. So, with the help of the bitcoin robot themselves Bitcoin Motion robot, you’re not selling the cryptocurrencies themselves. Rather, you’re selling via CFDs.

To swap these CFDs, Bitcoin Motion links with a network of brokers.

The Bitcoin Motion robotic system leverages engine learning and further high-end mathematical instruments to study the market, research massive data sets, and determine possible assignment entries.

The bot doesn’t exchange cryptocurrencies following human sentiments, so it asserts to acquire a higher accurateness rate. It even argues to have the capacity to forecast coin price tendencies in real-time, guaranteeing that you maintain the appropriate platform to make money.

Bitcoin Motion states its tool authorizes even beginner investors to benefit from the market with its customization and mechanization. Merely set in your initial €250 deposit, arrange the parameters, and the bot takes care of the rest.


Nonetheless, it is essential to cite that trading cryptocurrencies – particularly with robots – can be difficult. So, just invest short amounts to define your downside.

Bitcoin Motion Pros & Cons


  • Automatic trading on your behalf.
  • No trading charges or hidden fees.
  • Supports trading in more than 10 assets.


  • Anonymous developers.
  • No mobile app functionality.

Key Features Of Bitcoin Motion

Here are the key features of bitcoin motion that you may like to understand.

  1. Demo Account
  2. Multi-Currency Support
  3. Easy Account Creation
  4. Best Security
  5. Fast Withdrawals
  6. Bitcoin Motion Fees

So now let’s understand this very feature in more detail.

#1. Demo Account

A very important part of the Bitcoin Motion robot is its demo account. The demo account allows both beginner and professional investors to experiment with their techniques and purify their parameters. This department delivers a pass on what the robot accomplishes and how it works.

Bitcoin Motion is an entirely customizable bot. With the demo account, crypto traders can test out various approaches to witness which one works nicely. The demo account isn’t essential, but we would suggest that you give it a trial.

#2. Multi-Currency Support

You may believe that this bot just sustains Bitcoin, but that’s incorrect. As the Bitcoin Motion website offers, this bot sustains trading in several other famous crypto assets. These have Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Dash (DASH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), XRP (XRP), IOTA (MIOTA), ZCash (ZEC), Ethereum Classic (TC), Cardano (ADA), EOS (EOS) and Binance Coin (BNB).

With authorization for multiple coins, Bitcoin Motion creates it comfortable for you to diversify your portfolio and assemble the most out of your cryptocurrency investments. Always keep in mind that cryptocurrency trading and acquisition are extremely risky. So, make sure you understand the secret of crypto trading before jumping into it. take safeguards and only trade tiny amounts of money.

#3. Easy Account Creation

Nowadays, a bunch of crypto services tend to smash time with account creation and signup. They carry your data because they require to concede with AML (anti-money laundering) and know-your-client (KYC) regulations. While this is coherent, it can even be frustrating.

Finally, Bitcoin Motion doesn’t require any of this. The outlet claims to work a short and seamless account opening procedure. This quick setup authorizes you to start trading in just a few minutes. This Bitcoin Motion review will examine how, to begin with, the bot in the following sections. Nevertheless, rest guaranteed that the method is very fast.

The acceleration of the Bitcoin Motion even spreads to its business enactment approach, the outlet claims. The Bitcoin Motion tells the bot can sprinkle a trade setup and create a position much quicker than any human trader. Most transactions on Bitcoin Motion are told to be finished in less than 1 millisecond.

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#4. Best Security

Since Bitcoin Motion controls your budget, it must keep you safe.

Bitcoin Motion states it operates optimal encryption technology to safeguard your details. The encryption even assures that no one can rob your funds.

As data is a concern, Bitcoin Motion just takes your mail with a telephone number during registration. Nevertheless, please recognize that all trading contains risk. Be certain to always defend yourself, and assure proper position sizing to restrict your downside in the occasion of a market downturn.

#5. Fast Withdrawals

Unlike some different auto trading bots, Bitcoin Motion doesn’t dally when it arrives to handle withdrawals. The bot’s creators plead that it tolerates withdrawals almost immediately. This means, that if you assemble a profit of €1000 from your initial acquisition, the outlet says it would process your withdrawal money without fail. We didn’t try this feature and we even couldn’t discover any opposing reviews from past clients on withdrawal problems. With the quick withdrawal characteristics, it completes Bitcoin Motion more favorable corresponded to many further bots – which tend to take up to seven days maximum to process withdrawals.

It also suggests when the market is in a downturn & you like to withdraw your money, you don’t have to stress about liquidity with Bitcoin Motion.

Bitcoin Motion Fees

Many Bitcoin Motion reviews all indicate the medium’s affordability.

Beneath is a breakdown of its fees:

Account Opening FeeNone
Inactivity FeeNone
Account Supervision FeeNone
Transaction ChargesNone

As the above table shows, Bitcoin Motion doesn’t demand anything. The bot earns money by setting a small 0.01% commission on all victorious trades. This signifies that Bitcoin Motion doesn’t earn any cash if traders don’t. Its commission is much more down than what you see on most further trading bots.

Is Bitcoin Motion a Scam?

So, is Bitcoin Motion a scam? Understandably, you might not like to trust trading bots to play with your funds. Nowadays, many bots arrive into the market with the guarantee of supporting traders to make money, just to be fake.

According to online Bitcoin Motion reviews and its website, their bot functions with a web of brokers who control most of the trade execution and standing sizing. The bot’s prior job is to execute transactions and range you with these brokers.


Multiple Bitcoin Motion reviews have even hinted at the bot’s efficiency. At the identical time, determined that cryptocurrency trading can be dangerous. Always do your analysis (DYOR) in crypto and on the Bitcoin Motion trading robot system before funding.

Bitcoin Motion Minimum Deposit

The lowest deposit open for Bitcoin Motion is €250. This is competitive with further trading bots. Bitcoin Motion’s creators argue that you will be capable to make multiple times better on your investment.

But, save in mind that crypto investment can be thorny. The market is wildly volatile, and you should begin investing with the lowest amount – particularly if you’re a newbie investor. Let us inform you that is a good website for new crypto investors to understand the market better before diving into it.

Bitcoin Motion Client Support

Bitcoin Motion’s innovators have asserted that they offer 24/7 client support for existing users. Yet, we couldn’t get a reaction in time from client support as a domain of our Bitcoin Motion review. Though, while you operate your Bitcoin Motion test, you could attempt to contact their client support to notice how fast they react.

There are even no contact details available on the website before you sign up. What we discovered was a contact us form having no business address or phone number on their website.

How to Use Bitcoin Motion

If you’re wondering to execute a Bitcoin Motion trial or you like to use the platform, here are the actions you can take:

  • Sign Up

Visit the Bitcoin Motion main page. You can click on their “Register” button or simply enter your details in the dialog box at the top right-hand corner. You will require to enter your name, phone number, and Email address. 

The Bitcoin Motion app will instantly link you to one of its associate brokers. From there, you will be brought to your profile page.

  • Demo Account

The demo account is a significant part of your outlet experience. It isn’t needed, but it will allow you to get a sounder knowledge of the platform and how it performs. The demo account even lets you experiment with different trading systems, so you can be better assured regarding your trades.

  • Make A Deposit

Following up, you will deposit your budgets. Bitcoin Motion lets you deposit utilizing cards or bank transfers, and you should recall that the lowest deposit is $250. For traders with fixed budgets, this should be better than enough.

  • Go To Live Trading

Once you’ve invested your account and obtained a feel of the demo account, you should be prepared to start trading for actual. Just customize your trading bot, put your threat management instruments, and depart the auto bot to trade for you.

Summing Up!

Bitcoin Motion peeks to be an easy-to-use trading bot that can assist you to earn cash in the market. The service asserts to have a backtested win rate of 92%, and its creators have also praised its safety and efficiency. If you are still not sure is bitcoin motion a scam or legit, head over the it’s official site and take your decision.

Is Bitcoin Motion legit? We can’t provide a factual response to this. but, the bot seems to have the characteristics of a fair platform.

However, since the crypto market is wildly volatile, we suggest that you just trade with cash you’re ready to lose. Again, be certain to use your stop loss and take earnings when trading. Protect against greed and begin small – also create a trial withdrawal earlier on.

Prepared to test Bitcoin Motion? Sign up below to start trading.

FAQ Related Is Bitcoin Motion A Scam Or Legit

What is Bitcoin Motion?

It is a cryptocurrency trading bot that presents an option for you to make cash from the market. The bot’s creators proclaim that it utilizes artificial intellect and machine learning to check the markets and discover the perfect entrance and exit situations. With a declared win rate of 92% and a fast account opening procedure, Bitcoin Motion presents itself as a hallmark of a legitimate crypto trading bot. Regardless, traders should tread with the auction as the crypto market can be volatile.

Is Bitcoin Motion legit?

We couldn’t confirm the bot’s legitimacy, but it seems to be. Traders should recall that cryptocurrencies are exceptionally volatile. Ever save yourself, and begin with the lowest balance of $250.

How do I join Bitcoin Motion?

To get started, head over to the Bitcoin Motion home page where you can fill your details in a dialog box. You will be linked to one of the bot’s agents, and you will be carried to your profile page to start trying and swapping from there.

Is bitcoin motion a scam?

According to CryptoMaafia, and other web reviews, bitcoin motion is a legitimate system and it is not a scam. We suggest investors signing up for a fresh account on Bitcoin Motion Website to begin their crypto trading trip.


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