ScienceISRO VS NASA: Who Is More Powerful?

ISRO VS NASA: Who Is More Powerful?


Hi babal audience, in 1947, just 2 years after the end of world war II, a tension between America and Soviet Union was raising. Both countries evolved as Superpowers after the war. But there was a big clash in their political viewpoint. Due to this political imbalance and the cold war started between these two nations.

At the moment, both countries were improving their nuclear weapons. As an outcome, they were developing intercontinental ballistic missiles, that can deliver nuclear missiles from one region to another. Here an interesting thing is that their rival nature began a race of space technology development at high speed.


As both countries understood the power of nuclear future they started competing with each other for nuclear space programs. America announced there plan to launch its artificial satellite in 1955. After some time, soviet union reported that they also wants to launch their artificial satellite into space. In October 1957, just after 2 years, soviet union made history by launching the world’s first artificial satellite called sputnik. Just after one month, they launched sputnik 2 mission into space carrying a dog named “Laika”.

America was also in hurry to reach space and they launched their first satellite, Explorer 1, in January 1958.

The competition between these 2 countries showed massive growth in space technology and exploration. Both nations were influencing the world in a new era of space technology. At the same time, an Indian scientist, Vikram Sarabhai, became influenced by space technology and he convinced their prime minister to start space exploration in India. This is how ISRO was born.

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)

In this update, we will understand whether ISRO can beat Nasa or not.

After the Second World war, american defense department started a deep research in the field of rocketry and astronomy. Their main intention to dive into space exploration was to compete at the top position to lead the world in space technology and defense mechanism. In simple words, it was more than just a curiosity for space investigation.

Why ISRO Was Born?

However, ISRO was born to develop a vision for national technology expansion and space science research. Nasa is the civilian space program and research center which is based in the United States of America. And ISRO is the premier space agency in India. Many peoples are wondering that, will ISRO beat NASA or who is the greatest. Here what we need to understand is that both space agencies are not rivals yet at all. NASA has a partnership with ISRO and they have done wonderful job together.

In 2019, NASA and ISRO collaborated and created a partnership program called NISAR which means NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar. This space satellite was designed to observe our planet’s ecosystem.

NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR)

In 2022, Nasa distributed a 30 billion dollar budget to run their research and ISRO was also able to allocate 13,700 crore rupees for space research development.

If we compare ISRO and NASA based on finance, obviously Nasa has a 1400 times bigger budget for space technology research. It has achieved several space flights and hardcore missions. Even in Mangalyaan mission launched by ISRO was using the Deep Space Network provided by NASA for communication. Because it needs high-level technology for top-level space missions. It never feels like they are rivals, instead, they are working as a partner.

NASA and ISRO can have some different intentions behind their missions but both agencies have equally passionate and curious people working behind the scene. In most of the projects, all the space agencies work in collaboration because it is a costly field. Whichever agency discovers new things in space, the pride of curiosity goes to all humanity. So we appreciate all space programs and their remarkable contributions to raise humanity.


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