Science10 New Science Facts Will Blow Your Mind

10 New Science Facts Will Blow Your Mind


With the flow of time, new science facts are generated and old ones are changing. Thanks to the researcher’s tough work and dedication towards scientific experiments.

If you observe universe from the microscopic level to the vast universe, you will notice unlimited possibilities and mysterious things that mankind has never imagined of. Read More: Immortality Through AI

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New scientific research is bringing untold facts about the universe and old facts are transforming. 

Even einsteins theory of relativity is incomplete. And we need to continually improve them. This is the beauty of human curiosity.

This article has brought 10 mind-blowing science facts that will make you shocked in less than 20 seconds. 

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Now let’s start with these interesting scientific facts.

#1. You can see your memories

Neuroscientists have discovered that emotional memories are physically 

different from other types of brain cells. 

Now they can watch memory firing. Positive and negative memories are preserved in a distinct part of the hippocampus. It has separate molecular machinery. 


Researchers of the Ramirez Lab discovered that it is possible to rewrite negative memories by artificially triggering happier ones. 

It is anticipated that this research will bring new treatments for mental health disorders like unhappiness and post-traumatic stress disorder.

#2. Microorganisms are more than the human population

You might have never glanced about it but, do you know that soil hosts billions of life on its lap? 

Scientists found that there are millions of species and billions of organisms, microscopic insects, bacteria, algae, ants, earthworms, fungi, and more living beings inside the soil. 

These microorganisms have a big influence on climate change, preserving environmental situations and hosting life on earth.

#3. Oceans make more oxygen than trees

We conventionally believe that trees are a great source of oxygen on the earth. 

But have you ever thought that how much oxygen oceans produce? Scientists have estimated that 50 to 80 percent of the earth’s oxygen comes from the ocean. 

Having said that, we should also respect plants that provide us with fresh air and beautiful life.

#4. Universe is rapidly expanding

Did you know that our universe is rapidly expanding from the beginning? 

Astrophysicists say that we will be only able to observe the milky way galaxy in the future. 

Because all the planets and stars are going far from their position in space.

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#5. Water can exist in all three state

We all know, 60 to 70 percent of water contains in our body. It means, our body is 70 percent water and the remaining other elements. 

But do know that it can exist in all three states matter? 

Yes, if you decrease its temperature to 32° degrees Fahrenheit, it will become a piece of solid ice. 

If you boil water at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, it will become gas. And it remains in a liquid state at the temperature of 0 to 100 degrees Celsius.

So it tells us that everything around us is just a maintained perspective of the matter. 

If you change the context, your reality will be changed. Einstein’s relativity also tells that reality is contextual.

#6. There is a planet made of diamonds

There is a planet named “55 Cancri e” which is located 40 light-years far from us. 

This planet is twice the size of earth, full of diamonds. It is also called “super earth”.  

Mostly it is covered with graphite and diamond.

It is estimated that the value of this diamond planet would be 26.9 nonillion dollars.

#7. Helium can go against gravity

Did you know that helium can become superfluid when it is cooled near absolute zero temperatures? 

This means it can flow without friction surprising gravity. 

If scientists can create an engine that can fly with ant-gravity technology, we won’t need any fuel to make flights.

#8. Humans have taken genes from other species

Genes inside our body are not completely ours. 

The human genome contains up to 145 genes mutated from bacteria, fungi, and other single-celled viruses and organisms.

#9. Animals use the magnetic field to track their location

US Geological survey told that some animals can sense the earth’s magnetic field. 

And they use this sense for their navigation. Animals like sea turtles, fish, birds, and lobsters have a sense of the magnetic field.

#10. Earth will become unsuitable for living due to temperature after 2.3 billion years


Researchers have shown data about climate change and temperature which says Earth’s temperature is rising every year. 

In the future, the temperature will be high enough to vaporize and vanish the oceans, and the earth will become a vast desert. 

If we see mars today, we can see the dead oceans, rivers, and deserts without any water. 

Scientists say that same will happen with earth after around 2.3 billion years.

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