InternationalOnly Disarmament Can Avoid The Threat of World War...

Only Disarmament Can Avoid The Threat of World War III


The Russia and Ukraine Crisis has threatened the world with World War III. Entire world has been separated in two parts, Ukraine and Russia which is both bad signal for humankind.

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Today, disarmament is in bad need to protect humanity from devastation. Praising efforts should be driven by world politicians in this direction so that the basis of world stability is maintained. Let the possibilities of the Third World War be obscured and the safety and wealth of humanity are assured.

Babalbulletin: The World War III, Ukraine-Russia situation has indicated that the atmosphere we are living in currently is rough and highly suspicious. Weaponization and natural resources have been misused which has led the tremendous tensions between nations.

This critical situation has reinforced the probability of a Third World War. In this context, man has proved himself as the greatest enemy of humanity. This also reflects that conflict and war are the essential parts of silly human nature. 

Despite these powerful nations having advanced weapons, one part always loses and one wins. In this case, whatever will be the consequences, humanity will lose.

From the starting of human civilization, man has always started several years for power and position. Whatever statement is leaking out, Self-ignorance and blindness are the root cause of this war.

There used to be war at the stone age when human civilization was recently beginning a new journey. Today we are in the modern world of science, technology, and knowledge but the basic nature of humanity has still generated the same conflicts.

Many great individuals later bring the idea of peace which became suitable to sustain the human race for a long time. But most of mankind is still leaving on the level of animal consciousness. Especially, those who lead the nations.

Disarmament Can Avoid World War 3

Disarmament Can Avoid World War 3

The nations that started war have been repeatedly misusing their power to achieve their national interests. War-loving countries give precedence to the manufacture and hold of weapons. The rate at which spears are being manufactured today poses a horrible threat to humanity. After the First World War, the components manufacturing nations have formed the arms markets firmly in their lands, so that even the most helpless of the countries can purchase weapons.

Nowadays, multiple countries have nuclear warheads, which are indicators of destruction. We have no option other than disarmament to avoid the threat of The Third World War. 

Some governments are spending Billions and trillions of dollars on weapons just to kill humans, not dinosaurs. On the other side, millions of people are striving just to eat some food and water in poor lands life Africa and America. Instead of spending wealth on hunger control, population control, environmental health control, these national leaders are wasting national wealth on weapon manufacturing.

Problems like hunger, poverty, unemployment, and famine, which are increasing on the earth, can be successfully handled with better strategies. Weapons cannot fill a man’s gut and can’t give them a cloth to cover their body. 

World War

The expense that so-called rich nations are spending on the resources of development of weapons is not a good signal for the future welfare of the world. They are digging their own grave.

Today, for earth peace and prosperity, our need is not for weapons, but disarmament. Leaving weapons and starting working for a new beautiful future is the greatness of humanism. Disarmament is the best way that can solve the horrible issues of hunger, poverty, and malnutrition in the world.

Russia and Ukraine have shown the bad manner of a neighborhood. The world needs to learn how to maintain calmness. For the future of humanity, for the future of beautiful animals, for the future of green planet earth, and the shake of god.

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