InternationalThe United States Sends Three Thousands Of Army Power...

The United States Sends Three Thousands Of Army Power To Poland


The Pentagon has detected that US Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin has commanded the distribution of more than three thousand armies to Poland. In the white house briefing, Jake Sullivan, the US National Security Adviser said that Russia might launch an attack on Ukraine at any time, perhaps during the Olympics.

Moscow has frequently said that they have no intention of attacking Ukraine. A spokesman told in a statement emailing Sputnik on Friday, that on the instruction of the president, Austin send the deployment of the 3,000 troops of the 82nd Airborn Infantry Brigade Combat Team on Fort Bragg, Nc to Poland.

Troops will leave Fort Bragg in two days and anticipate reaching early next week. It is the second batch of Airborne soldiers to to to Poland, before joining 1700. Other 300 members of the 18th Airborne Corps headquarters instructed by Austin in Germany have also arrived in the nation.

The Pentagon encourage NATO allies of its commitment to preventing a feasible attack against the eastern part of the alliance, by deploying an extra 5,000 flexible and mobile personnel the statement added.

Meantime, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova responded to the US decision on Friday, telling this was a sign that the White House was in a frenzy.

Mariusz Blaszczak, Polish Defence Minister wrote on Twitter that Poland is ready to welcome the US. armies anytime.

Concerning the cold political situation, Biden has already suggested all American citizens shift from Ukraine because they don’t how Ukrainian will treat them there. Despite the US doesn’t have any ships in the Black Sea, for now, The U.S. Navy has already sent 4 further destroyers to Europe in these weeks.

Issue Between Russia and Ukraine

Russia captured a part of Ukraine, Crimea in 2014. Now it is trying to acquire Donbas Region. Citizens of this region are mainly originated from Russia. This area belongs to the high possibility of having natural gases and resources. This case goes to the European market. Because of these valuable natural assets, European countries and Russia are trying to own this place. To become fully secure from Russia, Ukraine wants to Join NATO where it will get good security benefits from America. But Russia does not want to let Urkine entire in NATO. So all issue is threatening the globe as world war III. According to liberated media, it has been already started as cyberwar, Trending war, cold war, Cold, Colonial war, and many other forms.


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