TechnologyYouTube New Update Today Rolling Out With New Features

YouTube New Update Today Rolling Out With New Features


For content creators and users, Youtube brings new update to improve the platforms’ user experience.

YouTube is updating a new feature named “small makeover” along with a handful of layouts and changes in the platform. This is youtube’s new step to improve the user experience while watching videos.

In this update, we will understand what is the new feature of youtube and what a creator needs to be aware of. Before starting this update, go to our YouTube Channel (Search Babal Bulletin), and subscribe so that you won’t miss any upcoming amazing tech and science-related updates from babal bulletin.

In Monday’s statement, youtube revealed that they are adding new tools inspired by YouTube creator community feedback and viewers. The youtube subscribe button will also go for some changes.

CNN told in a report that users will see some color changes while watching videos on youtube. Further, new vibrant colors and an ambient mode will allow the app to modify the background color to match the video. Youtube wants to make colors pop on screen on its dark theme update.

With its new changes on youtube, users will be able to fast forward or rewind to the exact location they want to in a video. It is a very useful feature for watching movies and tutorials.

In a further update, the company is rolling out a pinch-to-zoom tool that allows users to zoom in and zoom out of a video on mobile devices. It will remain to play with a handful of tweaks on the video player.


YouTube New Features:

  1. Pinch-To-Zoom
  2. Precise Seeking

YouTube Pinch-To-Zoom Feature

Whenever you watch a video on youtube in landscape mode, the user has only one zoom option. But now youtube has brought a new update to improve this feature. Now users will be able to zoom 8 times better while watching youtube videos.

Precise Seeking Feature

Youtube has considered its processing bar in this update. While we move the processing bar on youtube, the user can see a thumbnail. But now youtube is making it more realistic by adding actual video rendering on the prgress bar. It will allow youtube users to watch desired parts of the video and skip unwanted parts easily.

Along with these 2 new features, youtube is rolling out multiple updates regarding its visuals and design. Let’s look at these new youtube updates that are rolling out soon:

  1. Ambient Mode (With Dark Theme)
  2. Rounded Thumbnails & Buttons
  3. Channel Membership (join)
  4. Playlist button
  5. Improved Navigation From Links (Button on description)

In the report, it is also said that youtube links in the description will become buttons. It will improve the ability to share and download videos by minimizing distractions.

The new features will roll out slowly in the following few weeks.


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