InternationalMankind Destroys Clima de mañana, Clima De hoy Won't...

Mankind Destroys Clima de mañana, Clima De hoy Won’t Survive Now.


Do you know cómo va estar el clima mañana?, How are we harming the clima de mañana and there is a worst future near humanity?. These are very sensitive topics nowadays.

United Nations wrote thousands of world’s long articles on climate de mañana (Tomorrow’s climate change) and it provides calculated solutions also. But the growth rate of global warming is consistently increasing.

Some billionaires want to plant 1 trillion trees and some tech billionaires are obsessed with climate change, but no one is considering reducing their luxury lifestyle and level of consumption.

To produce luxurious items, people smuggle animal components, treasure trees, plants, and many more. Increasing demand for luxurious items is internally affecting the climate de joy (today’s weather).

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Some good gentlemen have started to live a desi lifestyle concerning climate change by holding less consumption as possible. It doesn’t mean that all should return to the jungle or desi lifestyle to save the earth. We can at least lower our commercial items consumption standards and respect nature.

According to NOAA’s 2020 Annual Climate Statement, integrated land and ocean temperatures have risen at an average speed of 0.13° F every 10 years since 1880. The average rate of expansion since 1981 (0.18°C / 0.32°F) has been more than doubled that rate.

Clima de mañana destruction


In a way, we consider the human brain and intelligence as the most powerful and intelligent beings. But when it comes to global warming, harming nature, punishing animals, violence, and chemical pollution, humans come at the foremost position.

Burning fossil fuels, emitting chemicals into the atmosphere, decreasing the amount of woodland cover, and the quick evolution of farming, evolution, and industrial movements are emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and transforming the balance of the climate system. All the clima indicators show the end of the clima de mañana (tomorrows climate).

More recurring and severe drought, storms, heatwaves, increasing sea levels, thawing glaciers, and heating oceans can directly harm animals, eliminate the areas they live in, and wreak havoc on people’s livelihoods and societies. As climate change deepens, destructive weather events are becoming more recurring and heartbreaking.


If only one element of the ecosystem fluctuates, the entire ecosystem should face the effect. Trees, animals, the atmosphere, and humans are an ecosystem that builds nature. The interesting fact is that only humans are responsible for harming the ecosystem because other animals are doing great on their own.

One of the major reasons for human frustration driven destructively is the lack of spiritual knowledge. When we don’t understand our self-existence, body, mind, and intellect, we start thriving for more. And in this race, for being more, we destroy everything that we have around us. We need stable minds to understand the ecosystem and especially self-existence.

Five Major Causes of Global Warming

  • Greenhouse Gases
  • Human Consumption
  • Variations in the Sun’s Intensity Industrial Activity
  • Agricultural Activity
  • Deforestation
  • Earth’s Feedback Loop.

Besides direct human consumption items, some things that are harmful to the environment such as Plastic Bags, Water Bottles, Paper Coffee Cups, Batteries, Polystyrene Foam, Junk Food, Ink Cartridges, and so on.

Despite there being many reasons for cambio climático (climate change), clima de mañana demands how we utilize our natural resources along with artificial technologies and industrial garbage.

Climate Change after Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting restrictions on travel and other financial sectors by lands around the globe amazingly reduced greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution in just a few weeks. That sudden transformation provided scientists with an exceptional view of results that would take regulations years to accomplish.

A broad recent survey of the consequences of the pandemic on the environment, utilizing satellite data from NASA and additional international space agencies, shows some surprising results.

The study also presents insights into handling the dual threats of climate warming and air pollution. To comprehend what is causing changes to the atmosphere, we must think about how air quality and climate exploit each other parallelly.

In a serious gathering of participants from about 20 U.S. and global universities, federal and state agencies along with laboratories specified four atmospheric elements for in-depth analysis: the two most influential carbon dioxide, methane and greenhouse gases as well as two air pollutants, microscopic nitrate and nitrogen oxides particles came out.

What will be the future of clima de mañana? (Tomorrow’s Climate)


Scientists from around the planet with the Multi-national Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) inform us that during the past 100 years, the planet’s exterior air temperature raised an average of 0.6° Celsius (1.1°F) because of burning fossil fuels that release carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases into the air.

This may not seem like much change, but even one degree can affect the Earth in numerous ways. Climate models indicate that Earth’s global middle temperature will increase an additional 4° C (7.2° F) during the 21st Century if greenhouse gas grades persist in rising at the same ratio. I am pretty sure that clima de mañana will be full of new diseases that are specially generated from high temperatures.

Summing Up!

When we think of clima de hoy and clima de mañana each time we get many news data on earth temperature. Some news articles share the causes of clima change like the greenhouse effect, pollution, population, carbon emissions blah.. blah..blah.

The most significant point is to think that who is causing the issue? Who is suffering from clima changes, and what we can do best at the moment. Everything starts with us. Each person reading this article is responsible for this including me.

If you find someone saying that ‘I can consume anything I like, It’s my freedom’, then it’s not anymore. Whatever the second person is consuming, it is affecting the whole system, and we are all part of the system. So it’s not our matter in this context.

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