TechnologyDisadvantage of Tik Tok: It's A Rabbit Hole

Disadvantage of Tik Tok: It’s A Rabbit Hole


Do you know what are the disadvantage of tik tok and how it damages your brain? Today world’s most popular app, Tik Tok has invented a new way of consuming video content for instant attention.


But criticizing social media and new technology is not a new thing for us. Tik Tok has some serious effects that are harming the audience’s brain in such a way to create a mesh out of it.

On June 25, 2020, A 16 years old tik tok star Siya Kakkar did suicide in her residence. According to the police investigation, Siya was under depression for the past four days.

Similarly, A 16-year-old fellow named “noor ansari” was driven over by a train while shooting a video for TikTok by standing on railroads tracks. Another 14 years old girl does suicide because she saw someone doing the same on tik tok. 

Like this more than 100 deaths has been happened yet in tik tok. But these are just some physical casualties that occurred by tik tok effect. Who will talk about that serious psychological disorder which is culturing people’s mind with valueless things.

According to a new report by the Washington Post, TikTok’s website was visited more than google last year. It indicates how desperately user needs instant entertainment.

In this post, we will talk about 3 major things about tik tok:

  1. How Tik Tok is eating most internet traffic?
  2. How Tik Tok algorithm is designed to trap users?
  3. How Tik Tok damages our brain?

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In 2016, A Chinese technology company ByteDance launched a video-sharing platform called Tik Tok. Now in just some years, It has become one of the most popular video sharing platform which is available globally.

According to Insider Intelligence forecast, Tik Tok has around 750 million monthly users worldwide. This number makes it the third-largest social network company after Facebook and Instagram.

TikTok is nothing without its users. The more tiktokers posts trending content, the more platform grows.

Nowadays, Every third person is a tik tok influencer. But have you ever thought that how they became viral? and why? 

Here is the hidden secret of tik tok algorithm which we will talk about in this video. But For now, let’s discover how tik tok eats all internet traffic:

How tik tok eats all internet traffic?

Before tik tok, internet users used to spend time searching for information on google or youtube. 

After tik Tok’s arrival, most internet users are busy swiping videos on tik tok. Because tik Tok’s user interface is designed in such a way that grabs users’ attention in just some seconds and hooks users to watch more videos.


Facebook brought a style of online connectivity built on hand-picked interests and friendships. But Tik Tok doesn’t care about those things. Instead, it feeds viewers an endless black hole of videos selected by its algorithm, then learns a viewer’s taste with watch time duration, pause or scroll. Users have no choice to pick what they want to see. Instead, Tik Tok tells you what you should watch.

No app has expanded faster past a billion users, and over 100 million of them are in the United States, approximately a third of the country. The average American user watches TikTok for 80 minutes a day. It is more than the time spent on Facebook and Instagram, combined.

In 2020, the Indian government relieved 200 million tik tok users from a dangerous psychological disorder. At the moment of the china and India border clashes, the Indian authority banned 59 Chinese apps as a protest. Among those blocked apps, Tik Tok was also included.

Since Feb 2022, Russia also banned tik tok at the moment of Ukraine tension. Countries like Indonesia and Bangladesh have regulated and censored Inappropriate content.

It is a very addictive app that grasps users’ attention very badly. Users can upload 3 to 60-second long clips in which most users posts silly acts like dancing, lapsing, showing fakeness, erotic things, and so on. Some of the users post good-quality content too but they rarely go viral. This kind of social media company has no profit to promote high-quality content.

Users can cross any limits just to collect some views and likes. Tik Tok is full of meaningless content which has millions of views and engagement.

For example, you won’t give a like this video because we are providing valuable content that can bring a positive impact on your life. But if you are watching a badass making you excited on tik tok, you will throw a love symbol and like as well. Tik Tok algorithm knows your psychology and makes you a slave of it.

According to some web reports, more than 80 users have died attempting the “blackout challenge” on tik tok app. The company is facing multiple lawsuits from parents of dead users.

Having said that, we don’t take it personally. We just like to show you the dark side of these modern technologies so that our audience can be aware of these things.

This app is evolved as the most famous entertainment app. But have you ever thought of the meaning of “entertainment”? 

The word “entertainment” is called “Mano” “Ranjan” in Hindi, In which, “mano” means mind and “Ranjan” means to scar. So entertainment means something to scar your mind.

How Tik Tok Algorithm Works?

An American author Nir Eyal wrote a book named “Hooked” in which he talked about the dark recipe of making addictive algorithms. The diagram you are seeing on the screen is called the “hook model”. According to Nir Eyal, most social media apps including tik tok use this formula that makes it addictive.


This secret algorithm starts from “Trigger”. It excites you to commit an action. Interesting thing is that this Trigger is connected with your negative feelings like anger, fear, frustration, boredom, and loneliness. Most of the users who watch tik tok or make tik tok videos come under the victim of “Trigger”. 

After the Trigger and Action phase, there comes the Variable Reward. The special thing about these apps is that they present exciting things that can increase your dopamine level.

It is similar to a drug. Users get excited and their dopamine levels go high. At the end, the user gets attached to the app and starts investing time, energy, and focus. This is how a tik tok user is addicted to the app.

It is a more psychological weapon than just a video-sharing app.

Some experts have called this algorithm as a rabbit hole where they prepare a trap for a rabbit. And when rabbit comes into it, they capture it and never let go.

How it affects the brain?

Most of the tik tokers become victims of Narcissism. It is a feeling of extreme self-love. 

According to psychiatrists, narcissism is a personality disorder, in which the subject becomes a victim of self-love. They start thinking about their looks, personality, hair, and clothes all the time. They don’t care about others and they get into themselves all the time. Some patient goes into an illusion of fantasy. 

They are cut off from reality and start living in an imaginary world. They start living in a world that has no connection to the real world and society. But when they come out of it, they see that their world doesn’t exist in reality. Ultimately, they go into depression and execute suicide. Some users go to take drugs and become addicted and ruin their life.


In a context, Life is very big. The ultimate purpose of life is to add meaning to life and learn new things. To learn new things, we need to learn how to focus. It is a long-term process. But apps like tik tok have an oppositive effect. It decreases the attention span time of a person. And it became a habit. Our entire generation is under the threat of this problem. Psychological illnesses like ADHD and depression are some common examples nowadays.

If you are one of those, it’s time to open your eyes and see how these tech giants are making you fool. If you are a parent, you have to keep safe to your kids from these addictions. If we know how to properly utilize technology it can be a good tool but if we misuse it, nothing can be worst then technology.

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