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Spiritual Roots of Bipolar Disorder


The spiritual roots of bipolar disorder are especially considered to be deeply rooted into our mind because we are spiritual beings. A sudden growth in thinking regarding or rehearsing spiritual or sacred movements can be a sign of bipolar disorder. Heightened spiritual experiences, frequently anointed ‘hyper-religiosity’, can be a sign of mania or psychosis.

We can’t deny the fact that physical and psychological factors are equally responsible for such kinds of conditions but it is a highly professional job to analyze the right disorder pattern and categorize it.

Aspects that may raise the risk of creating bipolar disorder or work as a trigger for the foremost attack include: Owning a first-degree family, such as a sibling or parent, with bipolar disorder. Spans of lofty stress, such as the death of a valued one or an additional traumatic event. Drug or drink abuse.

There are some nominal doubts that people believe that feeling sad and happy is the symptom of bipolar disorder but there are no such direct connections and facts to prove it.

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Bipolar disorder is a serious mental condition, mainly different two phases can occur. One phase is Bipolar mania which is also understood as hypo-mania and the Second phase is Depression.

Patients may go through both mania and depression phases respectively for different times and duration.

Bipolar Mania

In this phase, patience seems very excited and their mood goes up in a short period. They can feel very happy and excited suddenly. Along with excessive happiness and imitativeness, their energy levels up very high at the moment. For example Increasing activity, overtalking, being sleepless, being very busy in the day, or doing something anytime. Feeling greatest in extreme and overthinking can be some spiritual roots of bipolar disorder or mania. If such kind of symptoms keeps running for more than a week, we can call them Bipolar Mania.

Bipolar Mania Symptoms:

  • Increasing Daily Activity
  • Over Talking
  • Being over-energetic
  • Being Sleepless or less span of sleep
  • Very busy in the day
  • Overthinking or overconfident
  • Poor Decision Making


This is easier to identify. Being sad, introverted, feeling low energy and weakness, being sleepless are some common symptoms of depression. Bipolar patience goes through both phases, mania, and depression. It may also occur that he/she will go normal for a long time between these phases.

Bipolar symptoms in teens and kids

Signs of bipolar disorder can be challenging to recognize in children and teens. It’s frequently difficult to point out whether these are regular ups and downs, the consequences of anxiety or trauma, or indications of a mental health problem further than bipolar disorder.

Kids and teens may have different main manic or depressive or hypomanic outbreaks, but the pattern can differ from that of grown-ups with bipolar disorder. And their moods can rapidly divert during outbreaks. Some kids may include spans without mood signs between attacks.

The most noticeable symptoms of bipolar disorder in kids and teens may contain extreme mood swings that are distinct from their normal mood swings.

What are the Spiritual roots of bipolar disorder?


As we mentioned earlier many factors affect bipolar disorder. Being spiritual beings, we have a lot of physical and psychological aspects that we carry.

In religion, we can see endless conflicts but people are still brainwashed to hold their religion and meaningless traditions. Coming in this context, it is better to understand the real spirituality before diving into the spiritual roots of bipolar disorder because there is no such thing as spiritually corrupted. Spirituality means seeing things as it is. It means to get rid of all kinds of false notions and go with the flow of life.

Being simple, straightforward, and easy is a sign of being spiritual. But the sad reality is that our world is full of false notions and belief systems that religion and ancient tradition carry.

An analysis of 168 people with bipolar disorder issued in 2013 in Bipolar Disorders discovered that those who declare the ability to manage via spirituality, such as feeling a spiritual affinity with others people and believing in a fundamentally warm globe, have a more increased quality of life and less depression.

What indicates bipolar disorder?

The stripe to raise attention for bipolar disorder is black-and-white striped. This symbolizes the attacks of depression and mania that can be the aspect of bipolar disorder. The bipolar disease might occasionally also be described by a green ribbon.

What part of the brain is liable for bipolar disorder?

Bipolar Disorder Can Shrink Portion of Your Brain’s Hippocampus.

The left side of the hippocampus handles verbal and visual remembrance. This piece of the brain also enables regulating how you react to conditions emotionally. When our mood changes, our hippocampus modifies forms and shrinks.

Does Bipolar come from mother or father?

Medically, Bipolar disorder is repeatedly inherited, with hereditary factors accounting for roughly 80% of the reason for the situation. Bipolar disorder is the most probable psychiatric condition to be handed down from a relative. If a parent has bipolar disorder, there is a 10 percent probability that their kid will extend the disease.

Are people with bipolar spiritual?

A qualitative study has indicated that stable patients having bipolar disorder frequently sense them both as spiritual and religious or as having pathological factors, whereas in psychiatry, such incidents are usually solely associated with psychopathology and analyzed as religious hallucinations and illusions 

Bipolar and Spiritual Awakening

You may have wondered what is the relation between spiritual awakening and bipolar disorder. In a higher context, the beginning of a spiritual journey is one of the major spiritual roots of bipolar disorder because when a man starts aligning towards spiritual behavior, his/her real struggle days start. It is common to feel sadness and happiness if we get a higher goal to achieve. Higher goals come with higher challenges.

A spiritually aligned person should fight with both outer and inner levels. Understanding the outer world and inner world takes a lot of effort, energy, and thinking.

Prevention of Biopolar Disorder

prevention of bipolar disorder

There’s no certain way to control bipolar disorder. Nevertheless, obtaining therapy at the most earlier sign of a mental health condition can assist prevent bipolar disorder or additional mental health disorders from deteriorating.

If you have been diagnosed with this bipolar disorder, some techniques can help control minor signs from evolving full-blown episodes of mania or unhappiness:

  • Pay awareness to caution signs. Managing symptoms earlier on can control attacks from obtaining more sinister. You may have recognized a pattern or routine of your bipolar attacks and what activates them. Contact your doctor if you sense you’re dropping into an attack of depression or mania. Involve your household members or buddies in monitoring for alert signs.
  • Bypass drugs and alcohol. Using liquor or recreational medications can deepen your symptoms and cause them more potential to come back.
  • Carry your medicines precisely as required. You may be seduced to quit therapy — but don’t. Quitting your prescription or lowering your quantity on your own may generate departure effects or your signs may decline or return.

If you have any further doubt regarding your mental health situation, concern your doctor or psychiatrist.

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