Health & FitnessHair Transplant In Nepal, Cost Saftey and Its Impact

Hair Transplant In Nepal, Cost Saftey and Its Impact


Today we will discover hair transplant in Nepal and their procedure, cost, and safety-related things which every hair transplant candidate should understand before going for a hair transplant.


Have you ever noticed your hairline going thinner lately? or there may be some bald patches on the head where there used to be thick hair at a time? Hair loss is the most common issue among men these days. Even women have heart loss. So we should not be surprised to see so many searches on hair loss treatment in nepal.

As the need for hair transplants in nepal continues to grow, there are multiple clinics and hospitals in Kathmandu and across Nepal, pledging to repair your lost hairline to you. They use natural hair or synthetic hair as well in some cases. Let us tell you that synthetic hair transplant is also known as artificial hair transplant. Today we will mainly talk about natural hair transplant in this post.

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Hair Transplant In Nepal

There is some best hair transplant in Nepal that provides quality transplant surgery. But today we are only covering what is hair transplant in nepal is and its cost and procedure in this post. If you demand in the comment section, we will bring another post on the best hair transplant clinic in nepal as our further post coverage.

Hair failure in men and women is mainly because of hormonal inequality, hereditary inclination, vitamin insufficiency, unhealthy lifestyle, and more. Once you start losing your hair, it may result in psychological concerns in humans.

Let us inform you that Hair transplantation is the procedure of moving hair in places where there is minor hair. The hair transplantation clinic uses multiple techniques to transplant hair. For example, the micro FUE technique is used to give quality density and hide your scalp.

It is said that hair transplant results are naturalistic and permanent. But you should maintain your hair according to the doctor’s prescription after surgery.

Hair Transplant Techniques In Nepal

If we see the current situation of hair transplant in nepal, it is mainly done by FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique. In the FUE procedure, the hair from the back part of the head (donor area) is extracted and simply implanted on the bald spot. And these implanted hair grow naturally.

There is also FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) technique in hair transplant which is also used in many cases. It applies a procedure where a thin stripe of nutritional hair enduring skin, from a permanent zone of the scalp (where the hair follicle is genetically managed to continue developing for life) is reaped and transplanted to a scope of hair failure (‘non-permanent area’).

One of the most repeatedly requested questions is if the transplanted hair stays longer or not. Honestly saying, the answer is yes and no. Let us clear this up for you. The transplanted hair is said to be permanent but little protection is to be involved in the donor area. Some medications are prescribed for the exact reasons.

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These medications are i.e.; Minoxidil, and Finasteride, and in extra a PRP procedure is conducted. This ensures the safety of hair in the donor area. But it is also seen that in many cases some patience need multiple hair transplant treatments because they lose their transplanted hair after two or four years. So it depends on the expertise of the hair transplant surgeon, lifestyle after hair transplantation, diet, care, and genetic quality of the donor’s hair as well.

Hair Transplant Cost in Nepal

Usually, a hair transplant is taken as an expensive surgery. If we talk about hair transplant cost in Nepal, it varies according to the clinic. Anyway, in general, it costs around 70 to 100 Rupees per hair graft in Nepal. If one needs to cover a full frontal area of the scalp, it may cost more than 1 Lakh to 1.5 lakh or sometimes more than that. It all depends on the experience of the doctor and the quality of the clinic.

FAQ Related Hair Transplant In Nepal

Is Hair Transplant Completely safe?

No, a hair transplant is not completely safe. It is found that there had some died because of hair transplants. So before doing a hair transplant it is very very important to recognize an actual hair transplant clinic and genuine hair transplant surgeon. Alike every operation, it has also some risks. It is always better to have a backup ICU room and all the necessary tools in the hair transplant clinic. In some good hair transplant clinics, these services are available. So if you are also going for a hair transplant, first check if they have a backup team and if backup treatment is available or not.

Is Hair Transplant Affordable To Normal People?

No, it is believed that a hair transplant is a cosmetic need and it should be expensive. That’s why in a country like Nepal or India, hair transplant is still costly. Only some celebrities or high profiles can afford hair transplants in nepal. Most normal people stay bald or they use other alternatives like hair patches, hair fiber or hair wigs, etc.

How much does hair transplant cost in nepal?

A full hair transplant procedure, including PRP treatments, medications, and all possible factors, may cost around 500000 NPR to 1000000 NPR In Nepal. But it primarily depends on the number of implanted hair grafts and your clinic.

Is Free Counseling Service Also Available?

In some good hair transplant clinics in nepal, there is free counseling services are also available.

Does Hair Transplant Surgery Have Any After Treatment Side Effects?

Yes. there are many sorts of side effects that you may face after a hair transplant. If any negative side effects you feel, you should immediately consult with your doctor.

Is Hair Transplant Completely Effective And Assures a 100% Success Rate?

No hair transplant clinic can assure that they are 100% effective. If any clinic is promising you to get 100% results, they are laying you. So you should always stay far from them. The hair transplant outcome depends on the quality of the donor’s hair, hair transplant skill, medications, care, and your body system. If you have a lot of donor’s hair, there are good chances of getting high density.

How much does hair transplant cost in nepal?

In the total hair transplant procedure, how much hair transplant cost depends on how many hair follicles are extracted and implanted on your scalp. As per our information, it costs around 30 Rupees to 70 Rupees per hair graft in Nepali hair transplant clinics. It may also go up to 100 to 150 rupees per graft in more advanced clinics


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