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Hair Cloning News Brings Complete Cure For Baldness – Rolling Out Soon


Hi, babal audiences. today we have brought an amazing update about hair cloning technology. Hair multiplication which is also known as hair cloning that has the potential to completely cure hair fall and baldness.


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Let us tell you that hair fall and baldness is a very common problem nowadays. every third person has hair fall issues due to many reasons like aging, genetic issues, pollution, use of modern hair care products, hormonal changes, and so on.

If you haven’t faced it yet, be prepared because most people will encounter this issue in the upcoming days.


What Is Synthetic Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant Cost 2022

Hairfall and complete baldness affect our looks and confidence. In fact, in this social media generation, everyone has to show their best look on social media like Instagram, vlogs, and Facebook. So hair is a big concern for our appearance.

Let us tell you an interesting fact. According to a report, American consumers spent 8 billion dollars every year just on hair treatment. So it is a multi-billion dollar industry and many scientists are trying to develop new hair restoration technology that can be more effective and permanent.

Despite there being some baldness treatments like hair transplants and medicines, they are not effective in many cases. And people are ready to spend any amount of money to gain their looks back.


Researchers at Stimson therapeutics in California are working on a new and unique solution for baldness. According to them, this solution will be the breakthrough to cure baldness.

According to leading UK hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Bessam Farjo who declares that the procedure could be available to patients as early as the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. Due to covid, it may take a little bit further.

In 2019, ABC action news published a report saying that “medical scientists in California lab are creating a cure for baldness using cell cloning process.” 

Commenting on the video, one fan wrote, “I would GLADLY spend up to the last penny of my life savings and even get into debt putting my car, house, and dogs at stake just to recover my hair”. By this statement, you can guess how desperately peoples need their head hair. most of the hair fall patience has the same statement because all like to appear good-looking in this modern world.

What Is Hair Cloning and How Does It Work?

Now let’s understand What exactly Is Hair Cloning and How Does It Work?

In the hair cloning procedure a single, hardy hair strand is produced by thousands of stem cells called dermal papillae, located at the base, that is in the bulb of each hair follicle. We are born with all the hair follicles we’ll ever have – around 100,000. But their lifetime is limited.

Hair Folicals

Aging, genetics, pollution, testosterone, cancer, and even Covid-19 can kill the stem cells that produce the hair. As dermal papillae disappear over time, follicles “miniaturize” and become inactive. Once a hair follicle goes inactive, it cannot be restored.

How does It work?

In this procedure, doctors will take around 100 quality hair from the back part of the scalp. And they take that hair to the laboratory and extract millions of hair cells from some hair cells. according to this principle, even someone bald could restore a full head of hair via injections of regenerative hair follicle stem cells.

Multiple companies like HairClone and other companies are still working on this technology.

However, this kind of technology that can easily clone millions of stem cells from some hair cells is not yet fully developed.

Hair Clone Result

According to a report from ABC Action News, the Companies are waiting for FDA approval for human testing. However, hair clone testing in mice has been successfully done.

Cost of hair cloning treatment

It is said that this process will take time to fully roll out for mainstream purpose. At the starting, this treatement can be very expenive like our old computers used to be. Later once it starts extending, the price will be optimized. 

The cost of hair cloning treatment will be approximately $10,000 which is similar to hair transplantation surgery. But at the starting it may higher then that. The exact report is yet to come. We will update once it is define.

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