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EastEnders Sam Mitchell Actress Shocks Returning as Fans Satisfy Over Kim Medcalf


EastEnders Sam Mitchell fans were pleased with the return of Sam Mitchell in the Monday’s episode of the soap – as Kim Medcalf repeated the part for the foremost time in 17 years.

Kim – who formerly recreated Sam between 2002-and 2005 before Danniella Westbrook reproduced the role in 2009 – reached in Walford to reunite with her on-screen brother.

Sam had been drawn in by Phil to assist sort out the home business, occurring in a shock twist points before the end of the episode.

EastEnders-Sam Mitchell Enters Scene

Phil, who has been presented with a contract to roam free from jail as long as he acts as a police informer, was seen examining the proposal with DCI Samantha Keeble.

After denying the deal, Phil spoke to DCI Keeble he had to return back to the lockup to receive a visitor, where he greeted the return of his sister Sam

As Sam strode in wearing a mini dress, Phil said: Mum would’ve pulled you back in the home for wearing that.’ 

Sam answered: ‘Never mind that you’re bringing done for murder, I’d yet be the one in problem, wouldn’t I?’ 

Phil smiled and told: It’s good to glimpse you Sam’, ‘Yeah it’s right to be back,’ she told in return. 

EastEnders-Sam Mitchell Flashing Her Beauty

Despite the short impression, watchers still went wild for Sam’s return and brought to Twitter to convey their satisfaction.

Expressing her the ‘best’ Sam Mitchell, one individual wrote: ‘YES. She’s the Fairest SAM MITCHELL. I was expecting it was her.’

Another someone wrote: ‘Yay #SamMitchell is eventually back.’

One somebody said she was ‘iconic’ while another counted that she was a ‘stunning lady’.

While many yelled over Kim’s return, others reported Danniella’s absence and confessed that they liked her in the long-running role.

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One stated: ‘Wow, I didn’t realize that Medcalf was final in EastEnders in 2005. In truth, I’d bypassed Daniella Westbrook reached back the last 2 times!’

Another expressed: ‘Ohh Nah this Sam Mitchell doesn’t hit the exact as Danniella Westbrook.’ 

A third noted: ‘I desire her all the luck in the globe and it must be awesome to have ‘the role back’ and she’s a wonderful actress, but despite all the theater that’s gone on over the years – for me, just @westbrookdanni drives me to believe ‘Sam Mitchell’ is in townlet. The rawness she gets to it is.’ 

Danniella recreated the fiery daughter of Queen Vic mythology Peggy Mitchell in 1990 and was last seen in the role in 2016.

But she newly hit out at EastEnders for reportedly not reporting to her that her position as Sam Mitchell had been recast.

Speaking to The Sun, Danniella told that she was ‘shocked’ not to have been informed about the casting conclusion prior to it being created public.

Sam Mitchell Beautiful Photo

She stated: ‘I’ve been comprehended as Sam Mitchell for 32 years. But nonentity at EastEnders reached me to let me know they had remade Kim in the role. There wasn’t actually an email to my broker. I was shocked because they do have a duty to tell me and somebody should have.’

The star – who has labored with drug addiction since the early age of 14 – counted: ‘The leaders have noticed me go through obsession and they have no idea where I am today.

She thanked me and told me that she is OK. But she had not been, it could have had extremely serious consequences for her.

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