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Taaza Khabar Review: A Lower Middle-Class Body Draws His Future


Taaza Khabar Review: A Lower Middle-Class Body Draws His Future

Taaza Khabar Review: Series depicts a story of a body from the lower middle class of Mumbai who decides to create his future.


Taaza Khabar Review: Star Rating:

Cast: Bhuvan Bam, Shilpa Shukla, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Deven Bhojani, Prathamesh Parab, J. D. Chakravarthi, and ensemble.

Maker: Bhuvan Bam and Rohit Raj.

Director: Himank Gaur.

Streaming On: Disney+ Hotstar.

Language: Hindi (along with subtitles).

Runtime: 6 Episodes Around 40 Minutes Each.

Taaza Khabar Review: What Is IT All Abou?

A boy from the lower class of Mumbai brings a fiance on his birthday. So that he can predict the future. The body decides to use this ability to earn a big profit. However, his power turns into a curse as he starts playing with it. In the end, he turns as a demon.

Taaza Khabar Review: What Works:

More than the pros and cons of the first show of 2023, Taaza Khabar celebrates a man who is committed to earning what he wants.


Bhuvan Bam (aka BB Ki Vines) discovered a niche and reached a position where they are now creating what they believe in. 

Full credit for the dedication, the YouTube sensation is now working hard to be considered an actor, and the many changes he plays in sketches show he still has plenty.

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Coming to Taaza Khabar is a story created to commemorate the protagonist. There are slow-motion shots of lots of polish and tobacco, rags to riches, and swag to naked men with a sense of power.

But what makes it different is that it’s all about a man who looks like us. No abs or pecs, no grooming, no resemblance to the Rocky Bhais of the world. This is where the show directed by Himank Gaur, and written by Hussain Dalal and Abbas Dalal, finds its strength.

The character’s home is surprisingly still rooted in the environment the character is from. The first part shows the ineffectiveness of each of the main groups. I want to climb, but I can’t afford it.

The world sees them all as third-class citizens, not good. One works in a public restroom (Vasant, Bhuvan), another is a sex worker who wants to be a designer (Madhu, Shriya), and there’s a man who’s corrupt enough to be on his own. Life (Mehboob, Deven).


There’s a boy (Peter, Prathamesh) from a local Chinese restaurant who wants to be there and have fun with them. They’re explored enough that we can research them in a limited time, and that’s admirable. The way the show frames the fantasy in a story deeply rooted in realism is worthy in itself.

Anyone who hides even a thousand dollars in a triple lock gets rich overnight. So it must be evil or magical, the latter is assigned a story within the story. It’s a new community, and the builders are doing their best to support it.

There’s a lot of style in the second half, but it just makes you realize the lack of style in the first half, and how to change the conditions when the man is strong. Bhuvan is famous for denouncing the absurdity of a man trying to bite off something bigger than his mouth. He did that too. It may only be for ‘Aukaat ke bahar’, but it also has a purpose. Read More: Who Is Ingrid Oliver?

You should enjoy the content of this group with your own eyes. All gathered since the more experimental show Dhindora, here they know that everything is important and that the place does not make the audience. Even the lack of production and lack of confidence from half of the two doesn’t bother them as they invest more in production and it works to their advantage.

Another characteristic of Taaza Khabar is the music. As a musician, Bhuvan himself is aware of his power and importance. He amassed the most amazing army with the beautiful musical Parikrama with Mohan Kanan, Divya Kumar, Dev Negi, and others on the team. It is very beautiful and influential.

Taaza Khabar Review: Amazing Performance:

Bhuvan Bam should be proud of his dedication to excellence in all endeavors. Unlike Dhindora, where its park has expanded, Taaza Khabar here is completely foreign territory. With no place to live after his 10-year-old alter ego, he took on a completely different character. With so many changes, it’s pretty much beyond Vasant’s imagination.

Although pride is unlike any animal, that does not make it evil. Shriya Pilgaonkar is perfect. The actor plays a sex worker with the hope of owning a boutique with the clothes he designs. Having no authority to manage himself, he decided to name it Madhu Creations.

Equally powerful is the way the writing resonates with her character, and her appearance isn’t always likable. Pilgaonkar does a wonderful job playing it. Bhuvan and Shriya start dating very romantically when their characters run away one day.

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JD Chakravarthi plays Satya, a local politician. Being named after his cult movie is a lot of fun. Doing a 180-degree turn, he plays a villain and he does it very well. Let everyone enjoy the spotlight and don’t waste time at all costs.

Taaza Khabar Review: Does it satisfy?:

Taaza Khabar uses irony as his strength, but part of how he feels is far from what he is trying to achieve. Whether it’s an honest story or just a joke, we can’t decide. Because the characters are created in such a complex way, the film begins to compete with time from a place where their lives should be affected and progress.


For a feature film that normally takes time to tell the story of a man going from rags to riches, the team takes a cinematic approach. Every five minutes Vasant climaxes without giving viewers time to digest its progress. can eat root. The change in her behavior isn’t a raise, it’s a break that makes everything seem half-baked.

It’s also a good idea to explore the places that have the best descriptions. The recently released Faadu works pretty well if you’re looking for an example.

This all leads to an ending and a cliffhanger as the grip is loose and no longer tight. The show can be split into a second half and a second half, as Part 1 is slow-paced world-building compared to the rushed, detail-less storytelling that Part 1 relies heavily upon.

Taaza Khabar Review: Final Verdict:

It may sound cheesy and cliché to many, but Taaza Khabar places great importance on adding new additions to Bhuvan Bam’s base and evolution. Binge-watch as the wind blows.

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