ScienceBig Sign Of Dying Earth Could Reach Sixth Mass...

Big Sign Of Dying Earth Could Reach Sixth Mass Extinction


See How Climate Change Leading Earth To Death. Global Warming Is Biggest Threat To Earth

One of the most beautiful planet in this vast universe is struggling to die forever. Climate change and Global Warming are potential threat to life on earth which could reach to sixth mass extinction.

And astronomers are searching for another habitable planet to save human civilization in the outer universe but found nothing yet. Read More: A student’s guide to global climate change

WATCH VIDEO | See How Earth Is Dying! 6th Mass Extinction

Mankind has never realized how badly they will vanish when new variants of viruses come into existence and severe storms and hurricanes wipe off entire cities.

Carbon Emission & Climate Change

Each year, billions of tons of carbon dioxide are emitted. 

And there is no sign of slowing down human activity that promotes carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

We have started seeing more severe hurricanes and storms in recent days. The arrival of new variants of viruses and increasing inflation indicates mass extinctions.

Science organizations told in a report that we are on the cagar of the sixth mass extinction. Study shows that three-quarters of today’s animal species could disappear within 300 years.

Increasing Pollution from Industries and Factories, Impacting atmosphere with carbon and more toxic gases ImageBy:wallpaper

Home Planet Earth has already endured five mass extinctions, including the asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs and other creatures 65 million years ago. 

The rise in earth’s temperature slowly turns soil into uninhabitable land. 

And it’s one of the major causes is meat consumption and non-stop population growth.

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If we observe global data, only 23 percent of the land is used for agriculture to produce foods for human consumption, and the rest of 77 percent of the land is used to produce foods for animals. These are the same animals that we consume as meat and milk products.

But the interesting thing is most of the calories and nutrients are still coming from 23 percent of the land, which is used to grow plants for human food.

Reports shows, Brazil is one of the largest meat exporters in the world. Besides that, Australia, US, India, Argentina, New Zeeland, and Canada are also exporting meat in large quantities. 

And shocking news is, 90 percent of animals are produced artificially just to satisfy your hunger for meat consumption. Read More: digital content consumption

Most of the greenhouse gases like carbon and methane are produced by animal agriculture. 

Not only that, carbon dioxide from transportation, industries, and fossil fuels consumption is leading our earth towards a failing ecosystem and negative feedback loop.

Global Warming Reports


A recent study published in the journal PLOS Climate shows that, 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by agricultural activity, which is done for animal farming to fulfill meat consumption.

Scientists warn that if we do not slow this global carbon emission, the earth’s temperature could cross 3° Celsius by the end of 2100. 

It means, more species will become vanish due to severe storms, rise in sea levels, mass extinctions, melting ice, infectious diseases, and more people dying from the heat.

In Glaciers and mountain areas, ice has melted faster than ever in history. It is causing sea levels to rise. 

According to scientists, almost 2 thirds of the global cities, holding populations over 5 Million are at risk of sea level rise.

Around 40% of the planet’s population lives near 100 km of a shore. 

If no movement is taken, the entire New York, Abu Dhabi, Osaka, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, and other cities could be drawn underwater very soon.

United Nations warned about global climate change many times. They brought some potential factors that are directly causing the earth’s ecosystem to fall.

Most of those factors are human-oriented which highlights the increasing consumption of natural resources and population growth.

According to a report from a-z animals, approximately 150 to 200 flora and fauna go extinct every day. 

If we go more deeply into the microscopic level, thousands of beings are being extinct every hour.

Coronavirus, Monkeypox, and Omicron are some of the recent examples of upcoming disasters from global warming. And if we look up new reports from the National Academic of Science, more extreme infectious disease epidemic could triple in the coming decades.

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Nature has its own way of frequently notifying us, that something is going wrong. 

It’s upon us how deeply we can understand the signal and work on it.

Current civilization has no such technology to control potential natural disasters like climate change, earthquakes, volcanoes, heavy storms, hurricanes, and floods from global warming.

According to scientists, some potential reasons can kill earth in the upcoming days.

Greenhouse Effect First Evidence

In 1896, a Swedish scientist, Svante Arrhenius predicted that changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels could substantially alter the surface temperature via the greenhouse effect.

Later in 1938, Guy Callender found that carbon dioxide increases bad effects on the planet’s atmosphere. Since then, climate experts and scientists are trying to bring awareness about global warming but the situation seems to never go back.

Current scientific evidence shows that the human-caused global warming of 1.15° Celsius, is more and more impacting nature and people’s lives globally.

An increase in the earth’s surface temperature will generate a greenhouse effect, making conditions more extreme than current days on venus.

Powerful storms, heavy rain, and the rise of new species will potentially extinct humans from earth.

Climate Change Solutions

Now the question comes, what we can do about it? Concerning the situation, the UN has suggested basic actions that everyone can follow, like saving energy at home, lowering transport services, consuming plant-based foods, and recycling items. But the core problem is sitting inside human’s veins as a reproducing factor and tendency of consuming more.

As humans, we have the capabilities to manipulate and manage natural resources according to our needs. But there comes a big responsibility along with this freedom.

It is our responsibility to protect the environment and animals. Humans should not become the main reason behind the earth’s extinction.

If we can only stop meat consumption and population growth, we can make a big influence on carbon emissions.

Climate change, overpopulation, Resource depletion, asteroid impacts, and solar radiation are some of the biggest potential threats to earth.

Life is only possible if the earth is habitable.

It is important to take steps to protect the planet and ensure that it remains a healthy and sustainable place for future generations.

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