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Energy Crisis News: Can Big Heat Pumps Replace Fossil Fuels For Heating?


Energy crisis news today: As Germany and further European countries strive to move out from oil and gas heating under the facade of a looming energy problem and to meet climate security targets, Stockholm could be guiding the way. Some 98% of heating in the Swedish capital is supplied by renewable or recycled heat energy.

Energy Crisis News: Can Big Heat Pumps Replace Fossil Fuels For Heating?

Large-scale heat pumps that utilize excess energy. Waste heat from industrial factories, wastewater, data centers, and shortly from an electricity transformer group, as well as climate heat from the Baltic Sea, pour into the city’s district heating web, providing most of its buildings.

The European Union has over 6,000 district heating webs, which meet some 11% of the section’s heating needs. The challenge nowadays is to switch those out from fossil fuels. District heating is any heating procedure with a centralized authority of heat. They’re often based near urban centers.

More Circulate Heat Pumps Are Better

Large energy plants burning gas, oil, or coal reserve most heating networks. Some also employ scrap heat from nuclear fuel plants and deep geothermal energy. But in current years, suppliers are increasingly counting waste incineration, bioenergy, and extensive solar thermal factories, as well as heat, pumps to the mixture.

Professionals see large-scale heat pumps, like in Stockholm, as keeping the greatest prospect to supply cities with affordable and climate-friendly heating.

“We will not transform the district heating webs in one fell swoop, but must decarbonize the heating networks step by step,” said Nikolaus Meyer, leader of solutions development at energy group E.ON founded in the German city of Essen.

According to Meyer, in the forthcoming large heat pumps will drag heat from different places in a decentralized mode. The heat will arrive from the earth, bodies of moisture, the air, wastewater, subway underpasses, and industry.

An extra piece of climate-neutral heat need could be met with deep geothermal power, bioenergy, solar thermal fuel, surplus green electricity, and synthetically constructed green hydrogen, say, professionals.

circular representation of a 5GDHC system ImageSource/Credit:

Combining heat pumps into living urban heating networks shouldn’t deliver too many technical difficulties, at least in theory. Such networks transfer heat as fuel using warm water. The water temperature is always between 80 – 130 degrees Celsius (176 to 266 degrees Fahrenheit).

Large heat pumps can even get temperatures of around 130 degrees Celsius but they work better efficiently if they solely have to generate more inferior temperatures. With one kilowatt-hour of electricity, systems generate approximately five kilowatts of heat with hot moisture at 70 degrees.

According to Meyer, their target is toward 70 degrees in the network, so that they can also manipulate the possibility for efficiency in heat pumps.

Germany Needs Cheap & Coherent Heating Seed

Sweden and Denmark, have been forcing forward with the phase-out of coal, oil, and gas in the heat cache sector for years. They’ve been extending district heating networks and changing to renewable energy and big heat pumps. The percentage of renewable heat in grids is now over 60% on an intermediate for both nations.

Stockholm is proceeding one step further. The Swedish capital prepares to make its heating store free of fossil fuels by 2025. And it expects to further support the environment by catching CO2 from biofuel heating facilities and infiltrating that carbon in-depth underground. 

As the plants accustomed to making the biofuel have already drunk CO2 from the air during the development cycle and that CO2 is then accumulated after the fuel is steamed, emissions are, in hypothesis, negative.

Germany Is Behind Other Nations In Heating Transition

With a 15% stake in renewables in district heating, Germany dallies far behind its Scandinavian neighbors. Gas bills for 41% and coal 30% of heating power in the land, as per 2018 figures. The percentage of fossil fuels in district heating is so heightened largely because of the backing policy of the prior administration, which was led by ex-Chancellor Angela Merkel who left management in 2021.

3D model of the planned high-temperature heat pump by Basf and Man Energy. Image: Basf

Gratitude to those guidelines, gas, particularly from Russia, was very affordable. The use of gas and coal in integrated power plants to develop electricity and heat was even heavily subsidized for years. Against that financial background, the installation of giant heat pumps comprising renewables was neither appealing to utilities nor politically seductive.

But now the political and monetary circumstances have changed fundamentally. 

Since the Russian aggression on Ukraine, the price of natural gas has quadrupled corresponded to prior years. Gas heating is now quite more expensive than larger heat pumps, geothermal and solar thermal power, and biomass.

The present German government currently likes to encourage renewable heat era, heat pumps, and a green district heating development to the tune of €3.8 billion ($3.8 billion) over the following four years.

According to the German Minister of Economic Affairs and Environment Security, Robert Habeck, Green district heating grids are critical

 to a climate-neutral heat reserve and critical to lowering their dependency on fossil energy implications.

Many cities are at the start of the process of transforming their heat supply. Bonding to an increasingly climate-neutral community heating is the best key for shifting out from oil and gas heating, significantly in cities and densely populated regions. 

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