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Should I Buy iPhone 14 Pro Max Or Not? iPhone 14 Comparison


Should I buy iPhone 14 Pro Max or not? This question is disturbing most iPhone users now. Because apple has recently launched iPhone 14 with upgraded features and a sexy look.

Should I Buy iPhone 14 Pro Max Or Not?


  • iPhone 14 is now available for sale.
  • The iPhone 14 price is set to $799.
  • Improved camera feature is worth notable.

Apple’s latest iPhone 14 listing is now open for sale. iPhone 14 Plus will arrive on Oct 7. Due to its new generation features, many smartphone users are in dilemma whether they should buy it or not.

However, its answers rely on your existing smartphone. If you are using recent iPhone versions like iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 Pro Max, you can hold for while. If you are using an old class phone, then you might want to jump into technology.

The iPhone 14 price is set to $799, bringing a fair enhancement that is expected like a high-resolution camera, car crash sensors, and satellite-based features.

Its new A16 Bionic chip, 48 Mega-Pixel camera sensor, and Dynamic Island feature maintains its pride. If you are expecting more big smartphones, iPhone 14 will satisfy you with its upcoming release.

What users need to understand is that you don’t have to buy iPhone 14 just to get a battery, camera, and performance enhancement over a previous version. The newly discounted $699, iPhone 13 or the more smallish $599 13 Mini could be a suitable option if you still like better storage, speedier performance, and an amazing camera, particularly if you are using a phone that is three years old.

Buying decisions will always deviate based on budget, how needy you are, and the condition of your existing smartphone. If you have a heavy pocket or you are an iPhone lover, you want to upgrade to the latest version.

iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 13, Pro, Max

The iPhone 14 presents unique features like car-crash detection, improved cameras, and the reduction of the physical SIM card for US phones. Despite there being some changes, iPhone 14 is not diverse enough to justify shifting from the iPhone 13. 

Should I Buy iPhone 14 Pro Max

Both iPhone 14 and 14 Plus have the A15 Bionic chip from its previous iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max as well. 

Its 14’s screen looks precisely like the one on the 13. Maybe the most notable difference this year is the opening of a bigger version of the iPhone 14 named the iPhone 14 Plus, which includes a 6.7-inch screen like the iPhone Pro Max. It means you no longer need to spend on an expensive iPhone if you want a larger screen.

Despite that iPhone 14 is highly rated, we suggest you save your money and skip this version. Because you can get most of the features in the older version as well. But if you can afford it, then iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max will be the best selection.

This expensive iPhone will give you:

  • A High refresh rate display.
  • New Dynamic Island Bar.
  • Always-On Display.
  • Improved Camera (48MP)

If you have already purchased an iPhone 13 or its Pro version, don’t upgrade. If you are buying a new smartphone or new iPhone user, then you must try this Dynamic Island feature.


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