ScienceA Student's Guide to Global Climate Change

A Student’s Guide to Global Climate Change


Today’s biggest issue is climate change. Due to increasing temperatures and natural disasters, the entire earth’s life is in danger.

This is not just a climate change essay, but an initiative to program students about potential threats to humanity.

Movement for climate change

Until we don’t identify the potential threats to global warming, it cannot be solved. How can we combat climate change? without analyzing its primary cause.

According to a report from a-z animals, approximately 150 to 200 flora and fauna go extinct every day. If we go more deeply into the microscopic level, thousands of beings are being extinct every hour.

It means the capacity of environmental habitats is failing every moment. And climate change and biological disasters are the results of this phenomenon.

Coronavirus, Monkeypox, and Omicron are some of the recent examples of upcoming disasters from global warming.

Increasing population and human consumption lie at the core of this problem. This is a student’s guide to global climate change, which lets you understand how soon you are going to die.

It also tells how badly our near future generation will live and die due to global warming. Mainstream media and top-level influencers will never talk about it. Because if they leak this truth, their entire foundation goes extinct.

Why A Student’s Guide to Global Climate Change?


If you think that why it is important to be aware of global climate change, my answer is no. It is not just an issue of significance but this is a climate emergency.

It is very late to talk about the industrial revolution, greenhouse emissions, and fossil fuels. This is the time to realize human consumption that leads to every problem on the planet.

The prevalence of proof points out that all those human activities came from internal ignorance about life. That’s why we have become an evil weapon for other animals and the environment today.

Reason For Climate Change

Climate change due to global warming is not itself a pre-founded situation. It is essential to identify the reasons for climate change so that we can work on them. 

  • High power consumption
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Deforestation
  • Transportation
  • Making buildings and infrastructures
  • Increasing Population & Consumption

High Power Consumption

We use electricity in almost every sector of life today. From farming to production and home to industries, electricity is consumed rapidly. And this ain’t going to decrease. Instead, electricity and fossil fuel consumption are increasing as the population grows.

Coal, gas, and oil are the most common fossil fuels generated for protecting the planet from greenhouse gases. These burning fuels make nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide trap the sun’s temperature and make the earth habitable.

Manufacturing Industries

Due to extreme brand marketing and overinfluence, the demand for goods and products is increasing every day. To produce large quantities of goods, manufacturing industries have to emit carbon. They use burning fossil fuels to assemble energy for creating things like iron, steel, plastics, clothes, electronics, cement, and other products. Construction and mining industries also release harmful gases. Manufacturing machines use oil, coal, or gas for energy. This is one of the biggest reasons behind greenhouse gas emissions on the earth.


As of 2022, the human population is growing at 0.84% every year. It means we need more land to build more houses and infrastructures. Deforestation for farming or industrialization is one of the big reasons behind climate change. Data shows that 12 million hectares of trees are eliminated every year. As we know forests absorb carbon dioxide and keep the atmosphere clean.


Along with the increasing population and the human tendency of consuming more, the manufacturing of cars, trucks, planes, and ships is also rising. These transportation run on fossil fuels. Not only that, these things increase carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Food Production

Food production causes carbon dioxide emission, methane, and various greenhouse gases in multiple ways. Deforestation and erasing land for grazing, agriculture, and habitation, growing crops, and using energy to run farming equipment and fertilizers along with fossil fuels. Distributing food and packaging also causes greenhouse gas emissions.

Making buildings & infrastructures

According to a report from United Nation, residential and commercial buildings consume more than half of the entire electricity. They use natural gas, oil, and coal for cooling and heating. This influences greenhouse gas emissions in massive quantities. Using energy for heating, cooling, lighting, and devices contributes to energy-related carbon emissions from buildings.

Increasing Population & Consumption

All these previous five factors are directly related to population growth and human consumption. If we can understand and fix this one factor, all other things will be solved.

Due to the high demand for sex, population growth has touched 7.837 billion (2021 Data). 

Pinay content consumption has rapidly increased due to digital technology.

The more we produce kids, the more we consume the land, food, clothes, transportation, and further products.

On the other hand, our so-called brands and influencers are culturing people to consume more by illustrating a life full of high consumption and pleasure.

There is a wrong notion, “the more you consume, the more you are happy”. Which is not true. This trend is the ground of human consumption.

Experts say that if we continue to consume at the same ratio for some years, the earth will not more habitable for life.

How climate change is affecting people?


Climate change effects have already started at an instantaneous speed. It is far quicker than fear of it. According to UN secretary, general Antonio Guterres’s speech, we are losing this race of climate emergency. But he also hopes that we can win the race.

Climate change affects all corners of the planet. Increasing temperatures are causing natural disasters, climate degradation, weather extremes, water, and food insecurity, conflict, economic cataclysm, and terrorism.

Reports show the Arctic is melting and sea levels are increasing. Burning forests, dying coral reefs, acidifying oceans, and the arrival of new species like coronavirus and omicrons are the new consequences of climate change.

There is no sign of slowing down human activity that emits carbon into the atmosphere. Each year, billions of tons of carbon dioxide are emitted.

Scientists warn that if we do not slow this global emission, the earth’s temperature could cross 3° Celsius by 2100. It means, severe storms, rise in sea levels, mass extinctions, melting ice, infectious diseases, and more people dying from the heat.

In Glaciers and mountain areas, ice has melted faster than ever in history. It is causing sea levels to rise. According to scientists, almost 2 thirds of the global cities, holding populations over 5 Million are at risk of sea level rise.

Around 40% of the planet’s population lives near 100 km of a shore. If no movement is taken, the entire New York, Abu Dhabi, Osaka, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, and other cities could be drawn underwater very soon.

Water and Food Crisis

Climate change causes soil degradation that affects food and water safety directly. Approximately 500 million people are living in areas that are impacted by erosion and 30% of food is wasted as the result. Climate change decreases the quality of drinking water, limits its availability, and loss of agricultural land.

New Consequences

All continent is affected by disasters like typhoons, hurricanes, heat waves, viruses, and shortages. We have already seen mass destruction in the world. Research has classified 90% of disasters are related to climate change and weather. As the earth’s temperature rises, there are more possibilities of forceful storms and heavy rain. 

According to data, the world economy spends 520 billion USD every year on these climate crises, pushing 26 million people toward poverty.

Lack of food, water, and habitats can lead to terrorism. Fuel crisis like oil and petroleum matter causes political imbalance and a cold war between countries which is already started.

What we can do about climate change?

If we listen to science, climate change is unstoppable. But it also gives hope that it’s not too late to stop the wave.

Fundamental changes in all aspects of society like population control, lowering transportation and fossil fuel consumption, saving energy, and preserving forests can become plus point to lower carbon emission.

Global climate change realtime data by Nasa

Countries like China have started implementing electric cars, and renewable energy. New climate change startups have shown thousands of percent growth like Redwood Material, Form Energy, and Pachama.

New startups have to focus on creating redwood materials jobs, eco-friendly infrastructure and mainly lowering human consumption.

Human activities are at the core of climate change. until we understand who we are, we won’t be able to identify the real thing that satisfies us. People consume things to get happiness and satisfaction.

At the level of need, there are very few things that fulfill a person’s life. That’s lowering human consumption and population is only the genuine ways to reduce climate change.

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