SpiritualityThe More Pinay Content The More Babies On Earth

The More Pinay Content The More Babies On Earth


Pinay videos sites are increasing to feed your ultimate desire. Consumption of pinay content almost crosses over 90% of users worldwide according to research. The more you browse, the more items you will see. Attracting you to watch them and leak your orgasm as soon as possible.


These whole Pinay scandals propaganda is the weakness of humanity that comes from deep down within us. Earlier when I started studying about it, I used to think that there is some entity, person, or company establishing big propaganda to end the human and start new variation of highly educated animal lifestyle. But when I go deep down on this matter, there is no such particular entity propagating against humanity. Our inner activity, a natural tendency, a weakness is leading to more pinay sites and more Pornographic Data Consumption.

If you watch any interviews of any pornstars, they seem proud to be there. They never show you the dark side of their life. In most cases, they don’t even know what exactly going on in their life. They are unaware of it. The combination of pinay tapes and pornographic citizens has a big contribution to destroying the ozone layer. Sounds weird?. Let me explain how.

According to the BabyCenter Report, 385,000 babies are borns every day and this 3 years back’s report. The more you consume pinay related content, the more sex urges you will produce inside your body. If you are a bachelor yet, it forces you to get married soon and you will be able to enjoy the daily night. If you are already wedded, it will force you to have more intercourse. This is how more babies come into the earth. You were just trying to have some fun and someone lands on the earth. Especially at your home. This is how we become 7.9 billion in 2021.

Approximately a person consumes 3 to 4 pounds of food every day. The commonly recommended regular calorie intake for women is 2,000 and 25,000 for men. A 2k calorie diet contains a complete package of unprocessed foods. This includes rich fruits, protein, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats. This is how food consumption is reaching its peak. The more food we consume, the more land we need. Our earth is limited and its capability of growing plants is always lowering. Just to feed a baby and his/her complete lifecycle takes a whole lot of food.

If you talk about other aspects like clothes, education, transportation, healthcare, and more factors come into our consumption. The consumption rate is unwantedly increasing every second globally. Humanity already started to produce animals to use them as factory material. For example, Millions of chickens are born, touched, and killed just to feed your need for protein. Millions of innocent cows and their babies suffer their whole life just to give you milk products. And giant businesses are encouraging you to consume more of these products. Indirectly they say that killing more animals and staying fulfilled in life, which an impossible thing. Humans’ depression rate is unwantedly increasing.

How Pinay Affects Ozone Layer?

You might have wondered how pinay content affects the ozone layers of our planet. Let me explain it briefly.

As we have already discovered that the more babies we produce the more need we create. The need for transportation is always increasing. The more population, the more vehicles we need. Every vehicle uses an engine that consumes fuel. Engines burn fuel and produce energy, heat, and carbon.

Cars are a primary contributor to polluting air. They are producing a serious amount of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and gaseous matter. 80 to 90% of cars’ impact raise from emissions of air pollution, fuel consumption, and greenhouse gases.

We all talk about air pollution, soil, and water pollution. Nitrous oxide supports the depletion of the earth’s ozone layer which protects the Earth from extremely harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun and other stars.

Pornographic Content Consumption (PCC)


The world is watching pinay videos, a lot of it. According to the 2021’s report, Pakistan has combined as the top nation where individuals are chilling out watching porn and scandal. It is considered a crime in many places of the world but no law can control it. Here a diagram shows the top 10 countries that watch porn in high volume.

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