TechnologyGoogle Brings Google Play Policies Updates For App developers

Google Brings Google Play Policies Updates For App developers


Google has recently roll out Google Play Policies Updates for android app developers.

Google always looks for ways to make Google Play a safe and trustworthy experience for both developers and consumers. Recently Google has announced recent updates to their Google Play policies

Google is introducing policy updates that require your attention. All apps will obtain an elegance duration of at least 30 days from the distribution of this notice to comply with the subsequent changes (for specific useful dates, check their Policy Center):

Please review Google Play Developer policy updates.


Upcoming new policies 

  •   To deliver users a safe and protected experience, Google is developing Google Play’s target API class essentials to retain existing apps that aren’t updated. Apps that don’t focus on an API level within two years of the most delinquent major Android version release won’t be public on Google Play to new users whose devices run the most recent versions of Android. Developers can ask for a six-month stretching if more time for a migration is required.
  • Google is introducing the Request Install-Package policy to clarify which enabled functionalities and activities are allowed for the permission. 
  • Google is introducing a limited-period pilot for Online Crane Games to be broadcasted on the Google Play store to users in Japan only.
  • Google is updating its Families policy to illustrate that if an app includes content that is not globally applicable, they may make the app open only to users in regions where content within that app is considered appropriate. 

Policy updates

New Google Play Policies Update
  • Google is updating its User Generated Content policy with revised guidance on random sexual content and restraint requirements. 
  • They are extending the scope of the News policy to enclose apps that are listed beneath the “News & Magazine” category on the Google Play store, and that define themselves as news apps in the app metadata. Google is also correcting the News policy to permit one method of detailed contact information rather than two for news apps, and to authorize original publishers to skip listing writers for every article. 
  • Google is introducing further requirements for developers proposing confidential loans in the Philippines. Qualified developers must complete a proclamation form, present essential documentation, and fulfill additional exposure conditions. They are also updating the statement requirements for India and Indonesia to purify that creators should submit further documentation if their developer name does not fit the name on the proposed license. Developers presenting personal loans in India as facilitators must also prominently announce the names of all partnered NBFCs and banks in the app’s description.
  • They are updating the Hate Speech policy to deny caste- and immigration-related hate speech. 
  • Google play store is updating its Deceptive Behavior – Misleading Claims policy to authorize certain apps that use ingrained dedicated oximeter detectors (subject to other conditions) and need details about Oximeter readers and mark devices in app descriptions. Google play policy continues to restrict apps that proclaim to have oximeter functionality but do not include wearable, hardware, or smartphone oximeter detector support. 
  • Google is updating its Families Approved Ad SDK Program policy to present that supplying sufficient data for Google Play to check an SDK may have to submit new versions and any further information required to comply with certificate requirements. They are also correcting the policies to elucidate that SDKs are accountable for self-certifying that each SDK version release is respectful of the latest Google Play Developer Program Policies. 
  • Google is also updating its Accessibility policy to exemplify that the Accessibility API is not prepared for and cannot be requested for remote call audio recording. 

Further, we’ve counted new examples and clarifications to some of its policies. Please state that these aren’t recent policies and they aren’t changing their enforcement benchmarks and practices as an outcome of these updates.

  • Google is purifying existing language in the Android Emoji policy regarding which apps are already respectful and which apps will require to come into obedience. 
  • Google is clarifying in its Enabling Dishonest Behavior policy that they restrict apps that develop fake bank accounts. 
  • Google is clarifying existing language in the Families policy to make it apparent that apps that only target children may not request location authorization, or collect, utilize, and transmit specific locations. 

Additional reminders

  • The Packet Visibility policy, which presents an approval procedure for the new QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission, moves into effect on April 1, 2022. 
  • As Google announced the previous year, when users pick to delete their advertising ID to opt-out of personalization advertising, developers will get a string of zeros rather than the identifier if they try to access the identifier. Beginning April 1, 2022, this behavior will also spread to phones, tablets, and Android TV. 
  • The Data Protection section will launch on Google Play beginning in late April. All developers must have their Data protection document approved and have a privacy policy by July 20, 2022. 

Babal bulletin tech encourages you to check these google play policies updates carefully in case any of your apps are affected.

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