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Auto Health Reveals The Key Of A Proportional Relationship With Your Partner


Auto Health Reveals the secret of a Proportional Relationship with your partner and family.

Can we establish a proportional relationship between our family or partners? In my opinion, this is a meaningful question that holds higher value along with great potential. 

Everyone goes into a relationship in life. At least once in life. Our life is full of relationships. So if we can learn how to balance a healthy relationship, it will change our whole lifestyle and the meaning of our entire life. 

Well, according to me, a relationship is the most important factor in our life that determines how meaningful our life was. Most happier and successful people come from a healthy relationships.

Well, all want to make a relationship with others. It is our basic nature. Both physically and psychologically we need a relationship.


Here when talking about a proportional relationship doesn’t explain the criteria of a specific aspect of the relationship. A relationship can be established with multiple sectors such as relationships with people, animals, nature, job or work, relationships with family, and more.

Here I am talking about the key to a healthy relationship with your family or wife/husband because family is the first point where we make a strong relationship. That’s why it needs to be pure and based on reality.

In my opinion, there is only one major key to a healthy relationship which is ‘Understanding’. Yes, my friend. Understanding your partner, understanding your partners’ opinion, thought process, and desires.

I have seen many relationships breaking in no time because of a lack of understanding of each other. Such relationships are especially based on physical or martial needs.

For example, if a man/woman wants to fulfill their sexual desire and willing to go into a relationship, it is sure that they will waste their life. If they have a good understanding of each other and they are willing to bond in a relationship, it’s a good approach to establishing a healthy relationship.

I have seen many couples fighting on different topics. Both parties want to teach something to their partner but no one wants to listen and understand the matter and this is the whole problem.

People say, relationships are made in heaven but I don’t believe it. The relationship is that potential of your life that you should build by yourself. You need to be deserving of a higher-quality relationship.

You may also like to check out the Spiritual roots of bipolar disorder because bipolar disorder is one of the trending causes that harm your relationship. You need to go deep down under it to understand it completely.

What is a proportional relationship?


Is this possible to establish a proportional relationship between your partner? or is worth expecting to make such a relationship?. Probably not. Yes, you hear it right.

Most of us expect more love from others and don’t look at our deserving capabilities. 

If you just got google and search for how to build a healthy relationship, you will find a list of many tips and trick that tells do this, do that, and so on but your core problem remains the same always. Why does this happen?. The key is until you go deep down into the core of a relationship and understand it, this disease remains the same.

Most people’s relationships are built to fulfill their personal needs such as sexual needs, psychological needs, material needs, social pressure, etc. Now tell me, if your entire relationship is based on self-centric needs, how you can build a healthy relationship.

There is no love, no compassion, only self-accumulation. Let me tell you a secret of our minds. We all expect unconditional love from others but make relationships in multiple conditions because of our biological urges and social psyco pressure.

The sad fact is you can’t get love in the same proportion which you expect or give to others. So here is a trick that comes to get rid of this situation. Why not offer unlimited love to your valued one and expect nothing?. Yes, the happier being is those who offer tremendous love to the world and anticipate nothing in return and still they achieve the most out of the world.

What makes a good relationship?

Making a good relationship demands realistic expectations. Sometimes we don’t talk to our partner and it causes internal distance between us. So talking enough is a good way to keep maintaining your relationship.


You know what sometimes, people do too much for partners and forget to focus on themselves which downgrades their deserving capability of love. So your physical and mental health always comes first. 

If you can’t keep yourself maintained, you can’t provide others happiness and love. If you are deserving, you will get more love from your partner whether you are a man or a women.

Trust me relationships aren’t made in heaven, if they were there wouldn’t be thousands of divorces in the world every year. According to auto health, relationships are that you hold the potential of making and it depends on how strong a relationship you build. It also determines the quality of your life and happiness. 

8 Tips for healthy relationships With Your Partner

  1. Keep Realistic expectations
  2. Give proper time
  3. Talk to your partner
  4. Share quality information
  5. Take care of yourself too
  6. Be yourself
  7. Say sorry if any mistake
  8. Understand your partners
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