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Shark Tank India 2022: Now Shark Tank Will Raise Your Startup


Let’s find out What is Shark Tank India, Judge, Networth, Registration, Cast, Time (Shark Tank India in Hindi) (Cast, Judges, Season 1 and 2, Episode, Memes, Time, Registration, Download)

What is Shark Tank India?

India is gaining a lot in the field of entrepreneurship along with other fields. Nowadays there are multiple such individuals in India, particularly the youth of India, who are going their private jobs and creating their companies on a small scale and are also acquiring a lot of achievements. 

In the area of entrepreneurship, not only males but also females are making a lot of earnings in the industry with their hard work and commitment. This is very useful for India’s economic development and in the last few years, it has also helped India a lot. Now to enable the emerging entrepreneurs of the government, the show ‘Shark Tank India’ has been established on Sony Entertainment Television on December 20. This report will give you all the details related to Shark Tank India. 

Shark Tank India 2022

Show name: Shark Tank India

Channel: Sony Entertainment Television Channel

Judges: 7 Judges

Judges Profession: Business Experts

Contestants: Entrepreneurs

Show Days: Monday to Friday

Time: 9:00 pm

Find more on channel’s app SonyLiv.

What is Shark Tank India?

Shark Tank India Poster

Shark Tank India is a show projected by Sony Entertainment TV to encourage the business ideas of India’s arising entrepreneurs and the firm they run. It is a show where business-seeking entrepreneurs introduce their business ideas and confirm how their business idea can create a lot of profit moving forward. 

The business opinions on the show are being evaluated by business specialists. In this show, business specialists are called by the title Sharks. Sharks, who consider the business ideas of the entrepreneur contenders, are experts in the field of business. All those analysts i.e. those whom we are witnessing as sharks on the show have conquered a very big position in their business field. 

Shark Tank India Show Telecast

Shark Tank India show is being exhibited on the Sony Entertainment Television channel. The show has been initiated on this channel. The show began appearing on this channel in December 2021. Speaking about the date, Shark Tank India was first launched on the venue of the Sony Entertainment TV channel on December 20. 

Let us inform you that the anchorperson of this show is ‘Rannvijay Singha’, who has recreated an important role in well-known shows like ‘Roadies’ and as a judge. 

The Shark Tank India Judges Panel

Shark Tank India Judges

Judges who evaluate the business ideas expressed by the entrepreneurs on the Shark Tank India show are anointed by the name of the sharks on the show. All these judges are experts in the domain of their own business i.e. industry experts. 

Now let me notify you about all those business exports in brief: 

The foremost is ‘Ashneer Grover’ who is the inventor and working director of ‘Bharat Pe’. 

Then arrives ‘Vinita Singh’ who is the CEO as well as co-founder of Sugar Cosmetics.

Now let’s speak About ‘Piyush Bansal’ who is the creator and CEO of Lenskart. 

The following business specialist is ‘Namita Thapar’ who is the Executive Director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals. 

The next shark on the show is the enterprise expert: ‘Anupam Mittal’ who is the originator and CEO of ‘’. 

Another judge is the trade expert: ‘Ghazal Alagh’ who is even the founder and chief of ‘Mama-Arth’. 

Uttering the last business specialist, ‘Aman Gupta’ who is again the co-founder and chief trade officer of ‘Boat’. 

Shark Tank India Cast Net Worth

Now, one by one you will know the net worth of all the sharks of Shark Tank India i.e. judges: 

Vinita Singh, who is the CEO along with co-founder of Sugar Cosmetics, has a net worth of Rs 100 crore. 

BharatPe co-founder Ashneer Grover holds a net worth of more than Rs 700 crore. 

‘Ghazal Alagh’, who is likewise the founder and chief of ‘Mamaearth’, contains a net worth of Rs 148 crore.

Anupam Mittal, who is the founder of People’s Group, has a net worth of more than Rs 185 crore. 

Now let’s talk about the subsequent judge in the show Piyush Bansal. He is known as the CEO and founder of Lenskart. His net worth is over Rs.587 crores. 

The next judge of the shark tank shows Namita Thapar, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Emcure Pharmaceuticals, has a net worth of more than Rs 600 crore.

Now let’s talk about the final judge in the show Aman Gupta. Aman Gupta is the founder of the renowned tech company ‘bOAt’. His net worth is Rs 710 crore. 

Shark Tank India Registration

If you own such a business idea or you are already accomplishing very well by operating one of your business visions, then you can register with Shark Tank India. To register you should visit the official website of Shark Tank Sony Liv, and you can register yourself in it.

Shark Tank India Show Time

You can watch the Sharque Tank India show from Monday to Friday on Sony Entertainment Television. The show begins at 9:00 p.m. You can even watch this show anytime on Sony Television’s app ‘SonyLIV’. 

FAQ Related Shark Tank India

Q: Shark Tank India Show is shown on which channel?

Ans: Sony Entertainment Television Channel.

Q: What time does the Shark Tank India Show begin?

Ans: 9:00 pm

Q: How many judges are there in Shark Tank India? 

Ans: Seven Judges

Q: Shark Tank India Show is shown on which day of the week? 

Ans: Monday to Friday

Q: What kind of professionals are the judges of shark tank india show? 

Ans: Business Experts

Q: Where else can you watch the Shark Tank India show other than the channel?

Ans: On the SonyLiv app 

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