JobsBest High Paying Cybersecurity Jobs Openings Apply Now

Best High Paying Cybersecurity Jobs Openings Apply Now


Today’s Best High Paying Cybersecurity Jobs are Openings to fill the demand for rapidly increasing cyber security experts. The need to supply cybersecurity jobs is anticipated to reach 3.5 million aggrieved roles.


As we all know that trendy globe is shifting into more digitalization because of data penetration. Almost every enterprise including education, telecommunication, manufacturing, banking, healthcare, etc depends on Data and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to facilitate their working technique.

As a consequence of powerful artificial intelligence adoption, associations are scuffling with cybersecurity to defend their digital system and infrastructure. Seriously, after the covid pandemic caused individuals to work remotely, the demand for cybersecurity and cybersecurity specialists has grown amazingly. 

An analysis performed by IBM has shown that a single cyberattack can cost a business up to US$3.29 million, a 12% growth from the price of violations from the last year. Similarly, the recent cyberattack on giant enterprises like T-Mobile, Facebook, and Equifax has formed other associations that put cybersecurity jobs on the front bar. 

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The market to reload cybersecurity seats is anticipated to touch 3.5 million unfulfilled seats, according to a report. Since the need for Cybersecurity Professionals is heightened, firms are also ready to furnish lucrative packages with extra benefits and flexibility to the appropriate candidate. Here we have listed the best high-paying cybersecurity jobs that candidates should apply for in 2022. Let’s check here:

Cybersecurity Experts Doing Their Jobs

7 Best Cybersecurity Jobs to Apply Today

#1. Deputy Chief Information Security Officer at PwC Middle East

Location(s): Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Roles and Duties: As a CISO, the nominee will perform as part of a unit of problem solvers, assisting to solve complicated enterprise issues from technique to performance. He/she should deal actually with imprecise and formless concerns and conditions. They should shift smoothly between large image reflection and organizing relevant detail. The candidate should guide the intricacies of cross-border and/or various teams and arrangements.


  • The candidate should have certifications in the field

You can Apply here for the job.


Location(s): Bratislava, Slovakia

Roles and Duties: The IBM CIO seat drives change, invention, and efficiency within the industry by securing a corporation’s IT functions are reliable, resilient, and secure sufficient to maintain rate with continuous transformations in technology and industry essentials.


  • The prospect should be articulate in English or any other language.
  • He/She should be capable to works as part of the crew.
  • They should have outstanding administrative skills.
  • The nominee should be trained for the creation and switching circumstances.

They can easily Apply here for the job.

#3. Cybersecurity Forensics Architect For Dell Technologies

Location(s): Paris, Île-de-France, France

Roles and Duties: Being a cybersecurity forensics architect, the prospect will guide and even furnish technological leadership in digital forensic incident reaction to the organization’s customer-facing IR-focused group while completing the job on high-profile matters. He/she shall be the host-based happening reply topic subject domain expert, delivering assumed oversight in incident reaction forensics. They should execute deep-dive, incident response-based forensic analysis on media recognized in possible safety incidents.


  • The nominee should have 10+ years of experience in a big organization conducting incident response work, and/or completing such a position for big clients if arriving from a consulting alliance.
  • He/she should include an awareness of Linux, UNIX, and Microsoft operating systems.
  • Knowledge of FTK, EnCase, CyFIR, or identical forensic analysis media is compulsory.

Candidates can apply here for the job.

#4. Cryptography Consultant at Deloitte

Location(s): Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Roles and Responsibilities: The cryptography advisor will understand to combine technical qualifications to customer industry requirements and train them to get prepared for the future. He/she will be considering the cryptography pose of an organization. They should be suggesting modifications for more useful cryptography management. The candidate should keep extensive and complicated modification programs. He/she should determine the company operations that need cryptography to operate securely. Executing cryptographic resolutions like critical control and PKI is even part of their job.

Qualified Candidates can Apply here for the job.

#5. Cybersecurity Architect/Consultant at Airbus

Location(s): Greater Madrid Metropolitan Area

Roles and Duties: The cybersecurity council will be in control of delivering cybersecurity consultancy and a cyber asset to the business tasks and IM domains. He/she will incorporate the inner Airbus team for ICSAC (IM Cyber Security Architecture & Consulting), and donate to the roll-out of the security-by-planning framework on the Airbus frame. They will convey the Airbus cybersecurity unit, employ in company tasks, create a confidential partnership with primary business environments, and efficiently contribute to the structure and the architecture of unique resolutions and spines.


  • The candidate should have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a technical/IT domain or identical experience.
  • He/she should hold a verifiable consultative strategy via internal or outer communities with an absolute customer-centric perspective.
  • They should include a verified track record in IT protection circumstances, IT/IS Architecture plan and prototype creation.

Apply here for the job.

#6. Information Security Critic at Accenture

Location(s): Delhi, India

Roles and Duties: As a data security critic, the nominee will help the lawful operations IS Security section to complete Accenture’s IS Security needs. He/she should stand by and sustain the monitoring of MS Team locations and lagging sites to be recorded in ERG. The nominee should develop IS Security-related reports.


  • Bachelor’s degree in IT or Business management background is selected.
  • The prospect should know functioning in a legal procedures division or procurement branch or a large international company.
  • He/she should hold experience in information analysis and reporting.

Apply here for the job.

#7. Ethical Hacker at KPMG

Location(s): Budapest, Hungary

Roles and Duties: The chosen candidate will perform as a component of the IT security unit, with the opportunity to perform on both IT security audit and advisory assignments. He/she should complete internet penetration trials, ethical hacking and system vulnerability tests as well as IT security risk checks. They should bear a part in multiple IT security and advisory tasks, visit multiple additional companies, and function with multiple IT systems.


  • The prospect should have 1-4 years of appropriate experienced knowledge in IT security, performing project-based tasks.
  • He/she should hold an institute or college degree specializing in IT.
  • They should have a more suitable performance for additional networks, web components, operating systems, databases, and connected technologies.

Apply here for the job.

Disclaimer: The data delivered in this report are solely the writer’s sentiment and not investment guidance – it is supplied for educational objectives only. By utilizing this, you consent that the report does not include any acquisition or economic education. Do conduct your investigation and get out to financial counselors before creating any investment conclusions.

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