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High Paying Jobs In Nepal Opening For Nepali Workers In Abroad


There are High Paying Jobs In Nepal opening for Nepali Workers in abroad countries like Japan, United States, Quatar and so on.


According to industry insiders, multiple nations are looking for skilled Nepali workers in different fields. There is a high chance to increase the doors for Nepali workers in different countries.

Many medical students are flying to Japan to work as a nurse. The students who have good nursing training and Academic education can easily work in foreign countries like Japan.

According to the information provided on the web, these Nepali employees get a salary of 172,125 Rupees (180,000 Japanese Yen). Not only that, they get 612,003 Rupees (640,000 Japanese Yen) bonus two times a year.

Japan is anticipated to hire an evaluated 345,150 foreign workers in 14 sectors over five years starting from 2019. Essential sectors contain nursing care, farming, food and drink manufacturing, and the foodservice industry.

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Japan extended its labor market to Nepalis as defined as skilled workers in March 2019 after both countries signed a memo of cooperation to ship Nepali workers with the class of residence. Kathmandu post wrote that Japan will recruit Nepali workers in 14 sectors respective to the memo of cooperation.

According to Insiders, several nations will open doors for skilled Nepali workers like Japan. Especially, caregivers because of manpower shortage to take care of senior residents. 


Secretary of the Foreign Employment Management Section, Thaneshwar Bhusal told Kathmandu post that countries like the UK, Australia, Canada, and other Gulf countries have requested Nepali caregivers. He also told that most of the requests are informal and it needs some time to be clear about the policy.

According to administrators, the forthcoming years may see greater demand for a skilled force from Nepal in the international market. As Nepal has been dispatching almost half a million employees, especially unprofessional, to foreign nations yearly. More skilled youths may go abroad in the future days for high-paying jobs in Nepal.

The economy of Nepal has very affected by the flow of remittances sent by migrant workers. Nepali immigrant workers shipped family Rs. 961.05 billion in the previous fiscal year 2020-21 finished mid-July, a record-high cash transfer to Nepal since Nepalis began heading off to work overseas more than twenty years ago.

According to the CEO of Human I, Ichiro Kiryu, caregiver demand is high internationally. Japan will solely need 700,000 caregivers by 2028.

With multiple nations peeking for caregivers, juvenile enrolment in nursing colleges and activity universities has been growing consequently.


Health care employees are increasingly in need in nations that have newly unlocked their doors, particularly to caregivers.

The Ministry of Employment, Labour, and Social Security told the British government had requested 10,000 nurses from Nepal. The British administration intends to bring 100,000 nannies from foreign countries, according to government bureaucrats.

Japan shows fair salaries and advantages to foreign workers. Foreign workers are paid an identical salary as Japanese workers. There is discrimination. The monthly earnings of Nepali workers in Japan vary from Rs 170,000 to Rs 230,000 relying on the company. And an interesting thing is that there are no academic credentials needed to join the training program. It is a great chance or Nepali workers to work in Japan.

Working In Japan

Specified professional workers can perform in Japan for as long as five years. According to Bhusal, Nepali people started moving to Israel to work as caretakers formally after the two nations signed a consensus in August 2015.

Israel decided to hire 300 caretakers from Nepal via a government-to-government contract as part of a pilot project. One of the conditions in the contract says that the caretakers will be compelled to work in houses. Nepali women had already been performing in Israel as household help before the 2015 contract. Bhusal informed the kathmandu post.

Israel prevented hiring Nepalis since 2009 mentioning general peculiarities in the hiring procedure achieved by private overseas job agencies in Nepal.


The labor contract signed between Israel and Nepal on September 20, 2020, included a new condition. As per the agreement, Nepali staffers will be utilized in Israel’s caregiving sector, especially in hospitals, nursing homes, and day-care centers.

The execution protocol contract was inscribed following which the selecting and recruitment procedure of Nepali citizens for jobs in Israel formally started in January last year.

An investigation was carried and 1,132 people were assigned to work in Israel, 297 of whom have already exited, and the rest will shortly observe them, according to Bhusal.

At a moment when there are no good job opportunities in the countryside, these highly paid jobs are options for Nepal. Bhusal informed. Dispatching caregivers abroad to work in nursing houses and day-care centers is a crucial milestone in Nepal’s foreign job sector.

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Nepal presently has labor contracts with 9 countries. Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Bahrain, Israel, South Korea, Jordan, Malaysia, and Mauritius are on the list.

Nepali emigrant staffers also believe South Korea is a safe goal. A migrant employee can remain for up to four years & 10 months there. Since 2008, over 60,000 Nepali workers have moved to South Korea where they are mainly employed in agriculture and manufacturing.

According to authorities, there is also a possibility of increasing the demand for caregivers in South Korea because of the rapidly growing aging population there.

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