TechnologyHow Is AI A Threat To Humanity?

How Is AI A Threat To Humanity?


Before blindly accepting AI technology, we need to understand how is AI a threat to humanity. Because current outstanding development in Artificial Intelligence has covered our eyes with the hope of a luxurious future and unprecedented technology.

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Have you ever wondered what if an Artificial Intelligence robot starts making an army and starts destroying humans?

What if some AI computer breaks the limit of the algorithm and tries to expand its legacy on the earth? Or what if a highly optimized artificial robot hacks nuclear weapon controls and starts using them against humans?

If this occurs, AI will not take a long time to obliterate human presence from the planet. Because it is a very easy task for highly optimized artificial intelligence robots.

The best example of this scenario is the matrix movie. In this movie, highly powerful computers use computational power to trap humanity inside a complex virtual reality. And humans have to fight with machines to ensure their survival. If this becomes real, it will be the worst part of human intelligence. And the sad thing is humans are trying to build such intelligent machines that can think and react.

Human trap into virtual reality – Matrix Movie

In this amazing technology update, we will try to understand the potential threat from AI to human existence. You may ask how is ai a threat to humanity because it helps to do things. But there are some serious side effects from artificial intelligence, which has already started seeing in humans. We will talk about those side effects of AI shortly, for now, let’s focus on how nasty it can be.

In 1822, a 31 years young mathematician was trying to solve a table of mathematical logarithms. At that time, he saw several mistakes and got an idea to make a machine that can recalculate numerical tables without any errors. During the mid-1830s, he developed a plan for the Analytical Engine. Later after over one century, a British mathematician Alan Turing developed the idea of Universal Turning Machine. It was the fundamental of the first computer. Later he developed a trial for artificial intelligence in 1950, and it is still used in today’s computers.

Nowadays computers are used in almost every sector of life. And scientists are still working on developing highly optimized computer systems that can work at quantum speed with supreme artificial intelligence.

Artificial Robots Playing Earth on Hand

Companies like Google, deep mind, and salesforce uses artificial intelligence-based algorithms to automate huge bundle of data. Currently ai is used in personalized shopping, fraud prevention, voice assistants, autonomous vehicles, creating smart content, and more fields.

In near future, the automobile industry is going to become a fully automated robotic system. You will be able to talk and argue with your car. 

Current robots don’t have consciousness. They don’t know that they are distinct from humans. But what will happen if an AI understands that its existence is different from human and they are just a slave of humanity?

Why is ai a threat to humanity?

Here we need to understand the basic difference between a robot and an AI robot. Generally, robots are designed to perform some tasks from human instructions. So they can’t analyze or manipulate information. They exactly do what they get commanded. But Artificial intelligence robots are not just a machine. Now they are intelligent machines that can learn from previous patterns and decide like humans.

AI Robot siting on couch

Artificial Intelligent robots are very powerful than humans. They can do any job infinitely until they are turned off by the computer’s command. In a way, they can be also used as a weapon. But what if they can think and do whatever they want to do?

Making a highly capable robot is like creating a monster. Because human neurons can process only one thousand operations per second while AI can process millions of operations in seconds easily.

Elon Musk says embracing Artificial Intelligence is like “Calling the Demon”. He accepts that artificial intelligence can produce the next world war and result in overwhelming the world and that robot leadership is a threat to the world. Musk created a neuro link to merge human consciousness with artificial intelligence.

Scientists are trying to develop more powerful quantum computers that will be thousands of times strong than the current computer. They want to combine quantum computing with artificial intelligence algorithms and create highly efficient robots. 

To understand how threatening is AI, we need to understand how powerful it is. In 2017, google’s deep-mind-alpha-go AI robot beat the world’s best chess player in just some moment. Because AI has super intuition and decision-making ability. AI like alpha-go can easily determine multiple permutations and combinations to defeat their opponent.

Artificial intelligence threat to humanity


Existential risk from artificial intelligence is a potential perspective that significant progress in AI could result in human extinction or some other exceptional global disaster. Currently, the human species are dominating other species because our brain has some outstanding capabilities that other animals don’t have. 

This is simple logic to understand. If we build more capable machines, they will harm humans at some point. For example, 40% of jobs and 60% of particular industries are at risk due to the evolution of robots. The human labor force will become a serious existential threat in the future.

Let us tell you a fact. a human being needs oxygen, heat, food, trees, and a habitable environment to survive. But AI doesn’t need those all. Robots can go in high-temperature places and war zone without hesitating. Not only that, it can learn skills from the internet and execute them in the real world. So making an AI having decision-making and thinking ability is always a risk.

Over the years, robotics companies like corrioder and Boston dynamics have created and tested several bipedal and quadrupedal robots. Some of these are simulated to animals and humans. Military robots are the simulation of human behavior. They can perform the excellent task in extreme battle conditions. If they feel insecure about their survival, they can also attack humans.

Why we are developing Artificial Intelligence?

Now the question comes to your mind is: why we are developing Artificial Intelligence if this is a big threat to human existence?

Most robots are created to do repetitive tasks that humans can’t do. These are very beneficial for economic growth because more jobs can be done with the help of computers and robots. The intention behind inventing AI technology seems economic but it is not actually.

AI-based technology lets us build better products in a short time. Humans shouldn’t do much effort. Machine learning and AI can automate tasks that need human intelligence.

AI can help humans as a dynamic friend. There is no doubt that our military projects will run better with super-capable AI robots. But trying to invent human intelligence into the machine seems very risky.

Our core definition of development is to build or expand something in this objective world. Because we are cut off from our subjective reality. We never ask who we are. That’s why we don’t know what we need actually. 

New ideas and innovations come from that ultimate restlessness and curious queries. Once we understand who we are, we will also understand what we need to do. And humanity will have a different perspective to develop artificial intelligence.

Summing Up!

Artificial Intelligence has much usefulness in our daily and corporate life. We are not against any technology nor do we demoralize anyone to expand the tech industry. Our main intention is to plant awareness inside humans so that our future directions will be more clear. If we can utilize technology in the right way, it can be the best gift for humanity.


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