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Kantipuronline Informs Strict Law Will Be Acted For Digital Banking In Nepal


Kantipuronline reported on July 23, 2022, regarding digital banking in nepal which brings new financial regulation under act 058 or Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB).

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Nepal Rastra Bank is going to regulate the financial regulation to launch the foremost fully digital banking in Nepal. NRB Act 058 and Financial Institutions Act 2073 will envisage digital banking services in Nepal. Concerning the matter, kantipuronline reported that Finance Minister Janardan Sharma has also given a budget speech for the digitalization banking blockchain in Nepal.

In the economic guideline for the current fiscal year 2079/80 BS, it has been mentioned that the Act will be amended and the institutional structure will be prepared for the establishment of fully digital banking in Nepal. Presenting the monetary policy on Friday, Governor Maha Prasad Adhikari said, “Necessary work will be done to amend the Nepal Rastra Bank Act 058, The Bank and Financial Institutions Act 2073 and prepare other special acts and institutional structures to establish a fully digital bank.”

Finance Minister Janardan Sharma had also said in the budget speech on May 15 that a complete system of online banking in Nepal would be established. All necessary arrangements will be made for this, he added. However, it has not been disclosed what kind of concept the government is going to set up a fully digital bank. A fully digital banking service is a new and emerging banking system in the world. Neighboring nations India and China have given special priority to digital-only banks. This year, 75 digital banks will be set up in India in one go. China has the world’s largest digital banking system.


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Guru Prasad Poudel, executive director of the Payment Systems Department of The Rastra Bank, said that the digital bank is being partially practiced in Nepal. He told that e-payments and mobile wallets are part of digital banking. After the installation of totally digital banking service in nepal, people do not need to go to the bank to get banking services. It will be a virtual bank and all banking services can be done online. 

After the announcement of the monetary policy on Friday, the Executive Director said, “The budget speech does not talk about studying the digital bank. A fully digital bank will be set up.” in a virtual digital conference.

He explained that the Rastra Bank is going to amend the regulations as per the requirement to take it forward.

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According to him, the Rastra Bank is trying to make laws regarding the establishment, operation, regulation, etc. of a fully digital banking system in Nepal. In India too, the NITI Aayog this week suggested to the government licensing and regulatory arrangements for setting up digital-only banks. According to the Commission, while operating a digital bank, a ‘restricted’ license (license with conditions to operate limited services) should be issued initially. 

The Commission has suggested that full-scale licenses can be issued only after operating the service for a certain period under the supervision of the regulator. Last month, Reserve Bank Governor Shaktikanta Das expressed doubts that the concept of fully digital banking in nepal could bring risks to the banking system.

Nepal Rastra Bank has announced to celebrate the fiscal year 2079/80 BS as the Year of Promotion of Electronic Payment Transactions by promoting electronic payment transactions through monetary policy. “We should now move from brick banking to click banking,” said Poudel of The Rastra Bank. This is needed in the coming days. After the global financial crisis of 2008, digital-only banks started opening around the world.

Kantipuronline said in the report that Digital banks are considered important to keep the money reserves and payment system intact at a time when the financial system is complex and uncertain.

Rastra Bank data shows that we have seen a good improvement in electronic payment transactions in recent times. According to the NRB’s monthly report, there were 17,953,837 mobile banking customers and 1,632,274 internet banking subscribers in May. In May last year, there were 13,591,375 mobile banking customers and 1,122,888 internet banking subscribers. In the last year, 4,362,462 customers have been added to mobile banking.

Digital Banking in Nepal

The Digital Banking evolution carried a long time in Nepal. Banking in Nepal began off with NBL (Nepal Bank Limited) founded in 1937, the foremost retail bank in Nepal. In 1990, trendy banking was initiated in Nepal with the opening of the credit card system by Nabil Bank. Correspondingly, Himalayan Bank raised ATM and credit card services in 1995. Then, Kumari bank started Internet Banking in 2001. In 2004, Laxmi bank presented SMS banking and established the mobile banking outlet “Mobile Khata” in 2012.

Digital Banking Ecosystem Imagecredit:

The entire deposition account in banks and monetary organizations is 3.46 crores barring deposits in Microfinance institutions, as of the end of 2077. There are 27 Commercial Banks – 18 Development Banks – 20 Finance Companies – 74 Microfinance, and 1 Infrastructure Development Bank working as of Mid-April 2021. The whole number of Mobile Banking and Internet Banking consumers as of Mid-Jan 2021 is 1.26 crores and 10.90 lakhs sequentially.

In the last 20 years, digital banking strategy promoted along with advancements in information technology. Penetration of the Internet boosted to 82.79% of the population in mid-Jan 2021. With the internet penetration evolution and the upgrade of smartphone users, digital banking in Nepal is slowly jumping over the classic banking approach. This indicates that Nepal is flourishing towards a digital economy envisioned according to Digital Nepal Framework.

Digital Banking In Nepal Current Situation

In Digital Banking in Nepal, a new generation of online transactions is slowly replacing traditional banking services. Customers are evolving inclined to get convenient services from their banks. The anticipations of banking consumers are modifying where the clients desire to get every banking system better conveniently. 

Financial Institutions, Banking, administrations, and consumers are vigorously strolling forward toward a seamless banking understanding and resolution. Digital banking in nepal brings transformation replacing the paper-banking model enabling banks to provide consumer-centric services.

Digital Banking is the mechanization of conventional banking that allows clients to access banking services utilizing electronic platforms. It is a digitized system to annihilate the ground visit inside the physical bank. With this rapidly growing innovation and information technology, classic banking is moving towards a contemporary banking system. Technology has evolved into an essential part that encourages the banking network, functionalities, user-centric services, digital payments, and more.

Fastbanking As an Exhaustive Channel For Digital Banking Solution


Banks are walking up with the latest swift technologies to make a top customer experience. With the execution of Omnichannel Digital Banking, consumers can conduct seamless and constant interchange with any BFIs. Fastbanking is one of the complete Internet Banking Solutions in Nepal. It is already in process in Global IME Bank. Produced together by SmartChoice Technologies (SCT) partnering with Swift Technology Pvt. Ltd., Fastbank allows clients to access banking benefits in real-time.

Benefits Of Digital Banking In Nepal

The international pandemic revved the digital banking possibilities in Nepal which guided us to near comprehend the significance of Digital Banking. We all have felt the necessity and essence of digitizing our financials with the help of digital platforms.

Benefit to BFIs

  • Cost optimization via inner process automation 
  • Reach to wider clients along with customer-centric resolutions with enhanced CRM
  • Destroy the paper procedure errors
  • Enhanced customer delight with the implementation of real-time services along with fastbanking features.
  • Improved protection from additional layers of security.
  • Allow 3rd Party services via API (Application).

Banking consumers are getting better inclined toward digital services. BFIs never compromise to enlighten and conscious customers of the significance of Digital Banking.

Benefit Of Digital Banking To Customers

  • Consumers can bank anytime from anywhere. 24/7 ticket to individual accounts.
  • Appreciate the rich parts delivered by mobile and I-Banking (internet banking). ( Such as Fund Transfer, Online Cheque Deposit, Bill Payment, QR Payments, Mobile Top Up, e-KYC, Constant UI/UX, etc.)
  • Transaction mistakes are minimized.
  • Command over your bank balance in real-time.
  • Stop the duty of visiting bank locations in high traffic.

What are the Challenges?

Digital literacy and urban-centric infrastructure development are the main setbacks to the growth of digital banking. The government and private sectors must collaborate to mitigate such setbacks.

Security risks and fear of loss seem to be other confronting challenges for digital banking expansion. External security threats from hackers and even internal expose and publication of customer data from fraudulent employees become a bottleneck.

Moreover, the unavailability of easy access to banking services in rural areas hampers the growth of digital banking.

Future of Digital Banking & Online Payment In Nepal

The upcoming future of digital banking and online payment in Nepal appears profitable. Government movements for ICT development according to the funding statement 2077/2078 are cheery. Budget allocation in the ICT domain to enhance the digital ecosystem has inspired all online payment platforms and built digital practices.

Execution of Nepal Payment Switch from the coming year, VAT uses on QR code integration into the passport, QR Payment, broadband internet connection via Rural Tele-communications Development Fund (RTDF), complimentary SIM card for pupils beyond 16, 4G across the nation to the regional level, the portal for e-learning, administration services integration in general applications, etc. makes a significant movement in digitalizing Nepal.

Future of Digital Banking

For instance, NIC Asia’s Digital Banking features aspires to be the foremost Digital Bank by delivering a full digital solution to its clients. To reach the vision of “Digital First Bank”, It has been rapidly building strong digital infrastructure and resolutions predicting all the online banking essentials.

Top other banks like Global IME, Everest Bank, Rastriya Banijya Bank, Machhapuchre bank, and Nepal Investment Bank Limited have already started integrating an online banking approach to digitalizing the ecosystem. Its digital banking services include Internet banking, mobile banking, online account opening, online credit card service, fixed deposit services, QR payments, and more features.

Some Banks Which have Online Banking Systems:

  • Everest Bank. e-banking.
  • Rastriya Banijya Bank Ltd. e-banking.
  • Nepal Investment Bank Limited. e-banking.
  • Global IME Bank. e-banking.
  • Standard Chartered. e-banking.
  • Nabil Bank. e-banking.
  • Siddhartha Bank. e-banking.
  • NIC Asia. e-banking.

As digital banking started in nepal, the number of online banking users is also started increasing. On Aug 12, 2022, kantipuronline reported that Government and Private Sector Contracts to Cooperate on Economic transformation will evolve as strong back support for the online transaction. By 2030, the objective is to construct a 1 trillion dollar economy with a double economic growth rate, increase domestic production and employ 2.2 million people.

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