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Consecutive defeats of Mumbai Indians


Mumbai Indians, who have won the title four times, have lost four matches in a row in the ongoing IPL this season. Mumbai Indians lost the match against Royal Challengers Bangalore by seven wickets on Saturday. Mumbai, who are also the defending champions, lost four games in a row. Chennai Super Kings are the other team to lose four games in a row in the IPL this season. Chennai lost to Hyderabad in the same match on Saturday.

Royal Challengers achieved the target of 152 runs set by Mumbai by losing 3 wickets in 19 overs. This is also the third consecutive victory of the Bangalore team. Anuj Rawat was the top scorer with 66 runs. Similarly, former captain of the team Virat Kohli contributed 48 runs.

Mumbai Indians Score

Mumbai took the first wicket for 50 runs by dismissing Faf du Plessis. However, after Anuj and Virat added 80 runs for the second wicket, the game was lost to Mumbai. The partnership was broken after Anuj was run out in the last ball of the 17th over. He completed the first half century of his IPL career in 38 balls. He was bought by the team for Rs 3.40 crore even though he was a new player.

Surya and Jaydev’s partnership

For Mumbai, Surya Kumar Yadav and Jaydev Unadkat shared 72 runs for the seventh wicket. However, no wickets were lost till 49 runs, but 6 consecutive wickets were lost till the score reached 79. The team could not even cross 100 runs. However, Surya (68 runs) and Jaydev (13 runs) scored respectable runs.

Rohit did not shine

Mumbai captain Rohit Sharma could not pass the batting as per the hitter’s nickname but the team’s score could not be strong. Rohit was returned to the pavilion for the third time by Bangalore bowler Hershal Patel. Rohit, who scored 26 runs, became the first player to hit 400 fours for the team. Similarly, the dismissal of Kieron Pollard by Hasranga at zero was also a big loss for Mumbai.

Chennai is also in disrepair

The condition of Chennai Super Kings in the ongoing IPL is also deteriorating. Chennai, which has played four games so far, has not been able to taste victory. In Saturday’s match against Sunrisers Hyderabad, Chennai’s batting and bowling were both flops. The new captain of the team Rabindra Jadeja managed to score only 23 runs. Similarly, former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni contributed only 3 runs.

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