SportsCricketWhat's Next For Trevor Bauer And Dogers?

What’s Next For Trevor Bauer And Dogers?


What’s Next For Trevor Bauer And Dogers?

When an umpire lifted the suspension of Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer three days before Christmas, it opened a 14-day window for the team to decide whether to reinstate or release him. On Monday, they still haven’t.Under MLB rules, they have until Friday to make a decision. As Dodgers fans await the announcement, here are some questions and answers about the team’s first major decision of 2023. Read More: India VS Sri Lanka T20

Where Dodgers Stand?

The Dodgers would like to receive a copy of the judge’s written decision, but that is unlikely. The judge has issued a decision but has not yet sent an explanation to follow. He said that in baseball’s policy on sexual assault and domestic violence, “the confidentiality of player information is essential to the implementation of this policy”, so the league cannot increase the leave points for the group.

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Bauer is guaranteed $22.5 million this year. As they consider their options, the Dodgers can also quietly assess whether another team is willing to trade for Bauer. Other teams can wait to see if the Dodgers release him, in which case they can sign Bauer for a minimum of $720,000, with the Dodgers paying the rest.

If the Dodgers release Bauer, it’s unclear whether another team will sign Bauer or trade for him, even though the Dodgers paid most of the deal. It’s unclear if a team will be accepted without the opportunity to meet Bauer first.

Bauer’s decision ultimately rested with Dodgers president and owner Mark Walter. In 2015, under Walter ownership, the Dodgers pulled the deal after family allegations against Aroldis Chapman came to light.

How did the Dodgers move with Julio Urías behind he was hanged?

In 2019, Urias was investigated for domestic violence. Although he was not charged with the crime, he was suspended by the league, and the Dodgers reinstated him after being disciplined. Bauer was not charged with a crime and was suspended.

Dodgers under consideratdion

Urías accepted his 20-game suspension and apologized for “inappropriate behavior”. Bauer became the first player to legally challenge the suspension and wrote, “In the strongest possible terms, I deny that I have violated the League’s Code of Conduct.” Home and the Crime of Crime.”

Commissioner Rob Manfred and independent judges selected by the league and association separately review the league’s evidence. Both concluded that Bauer violated the law and should receive the maximum penalty under that law. Bauer’s case is the only case with more than one suspect. Two Ohio women made similar statements to The Washington Post, and the league took them on board.

Manfred announced a 324-game suspension until the 2024 season. The judge reduced it to 194 games and allowed Bauer to return immediately.

Bauer said he would not apologize because he had done nothing wrong. The Dodgers are going to ask him to think a certain way. Maybe he can promise to improve on what he said in the video about the “bad choices” he made “about who I choose to date.”

Dodgers under consideratdion

On the day the Dodgers introduced Bauer in 2021, he and Dodgers president of baseball Andrew Friedman each made what they called a “mistake” when allegations surfaced that Bauer used social media to harass the mother, express feelings and use bad words. learned

Team officials have also shared rumors that the Dodgers have no plans to acquire Carlos Correa. Partly because he was afraid of splitting the fanbase over his role in the Astros cheating scandal. The same administration had to decide to back Bauer’s return, although there was a huge split among fans.

Will Dogers reinstate Bauer and resolve?

The investigation and disciplinary action against Bauer was conducted in accordance with League policy.

However, the trial continues. Five defamation lawsuits are ongoing. Bauer’s lawyers told the woman that “there is no settlement or offer of money or not.” Bauer’s attorney said her life had “been turned into a nightmare by a powerful man who had no mercy for her and believed there would be no consequences”. His behavior is not good. “

Bauer’s attorney said the woman “pursued false allegations and civil suits … to destroy Mr. Bauer’s reputation and professional baseball career, personal interests, and spent millions of dollars on Mr. Bauer”. 

Bauer may have made similar allegations in his response to his lawsuit. That answer is Friday, the Dodgers’ final decision.

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