TechnologyPerimeter 81 Review - Most Secure VPN OF 2022

Perimeter 81 Review – Most Secure VPN OF 2022


Perimeter 81 review covers full information regarding this leading corporate VPN of 2022. The main intention of using any VPN service is to be secure online and browse the internet anonymously. It is the need of this generation to keep our individual and companies’ data secure.


When it comes to securing your corporate data online, hiring a tech team, all the infrastructure, tools, and monitoring every moment to guard your online business seems to be very traditional, costly, and a little bit intimidating. Especially when you have better options for that. Here you feel a need for a reliable VPN service that can protect your business data, not only that, it will provide a better-managed way of working system in your company. So why not consider a VPN service?. Our Perimeter 81 review is based on it’s their past client’s reviews and experience, their current service system, and liability.

Why Does Your Company Need Perimeter 81 VPN?

Nowadays almost every smart and successful company uses VPN services to better your security vitals. But choosing the right VPN service is a challenging job because there are multiple options available on the market. So are you also thinking about which is the best VPN for small companies?

Well if this is your concern, let me point you to some engaging things about your business first. Whether you have a small company or large enterprise it communicates some data digitally, which demands a primary focus on your data security. You might have listened about some cyberpunks cracking some companies’ data and leaking or some trivial corporations robbing their data to top the competition. Right?. It is nowadays a common thing among these evil players. Nowadays you can’t neglect them because they have the technology and method so they can seize anything online. No one can give you surety that your data is going through a secure way online. So here comes a VPN service as a protector.

Almost every smart company who are successful nowadays has a proper online security strategy that keeps them always safe. Most of the uses best VPN services to protect their data. Some called it Virus Protection Network and some call it Virtual Private Network. Both are correct. Today we are reviewing one of the finest VPN services “Perimeter 81. It is highly considered by many giant corporate and loved its service. So it needs some review for what exactly they are providing and whether it is exactly worth it for you or not. So let’s move further.

Perimeter 81 Review

Perimeter 81 is a leading corporate VPN especially designed for the remote workforce. Perimeter 81 VPN’s plans are available for small business, medium business, and corporate clients at a suitable cost of $8 per user every month. Their prior goal is to protect a company. Let’s look in brief at what exactly it offers:

  • Full end-to-end encryption
  • Unlimited data and bandwidth
  • Single cloud management platform
  • Zero Trust agentless application access
  • Automatic IP whitelisting

Perimeter 81 Features

  • Dedicated servers/IPs
  • Connecting cloud applications (Azure, Google Cloud)
  • Always-On VPN (automatic connection)
  • Secure access to business web apps
  • Convenient user management
  • Posture Check (device security/integrity verification)
  • Secure Web Gateway
  • Network-based split tunneling
  • User and device monitoring
  • Integration with third-party providers
  • A cost-effective software framework for cloud and on-premise deployments
  • Two-factor authentication and SSO

Is Perimeter 81 safe?


Let us inform you that perimeter 81 is one of the safest VPN services as compared to other VPN services. Its cloud system uses AES-256 to encrypt internet users so that is almost impossible to crack any business data. This kind of technology is mainly used in military systems, banks, federal intelligence buro, etc.

For your kind information, no third party has access to your data including the cloud provider itself. If we talk about its tunneling protocols, Perimeter 81 offers the best of ever which you can choose as following:

  • WireGuard. Integrating security and efficiency, this open-source protocol supplies the best speeds in the enterprise.
  • OpenVPN. This tunneling protocol emphasizes protection and stability. It is employed by the extended majority of VPN providers in gratitude for its remarkable versatility and good speeds.
  • IKEv2. This protocol is most suitable for mobile devices due to its resilience which is extremely fast and secure.

How does Perimeter 81 help Your business security?

Perimeter 81 is a most trusted and reputed Network as a Service developed to facilitate the secure network, cloud, and application entrance for the trendy and circulated workforce. They are among the foremost companies to deliver solutions for a completely customized and automated closed network infrastructure in one holistic outlet. 

Unlike classic network protection technologies, Perimeter 81 comprises the Zero Trust and their Software-Defined Perimeter prototypes and delivers superb network visibility, automatic integration with major cloud providers, and seamless onboarding qualities. 

It managers can effortlessly manage, build and protect their networks in a single platform.

There is no doubt that Perimeter 81 is one of the best VPN services used by almost all successful businesses. The main feature of Perimeter 81 is its highly encrypted security, speed, price effectiveness, and support system.

How To Buy Perimeter 81 VPN?

Let us make this very simple for you. Here we have 4 plans of Perimeter 81. Once you decided which plant is suitable for your business, click on the price button and it will directly redirect you to the perimeter vpn service secion where you can request a demo or easily make a purchase.

Which Plan Is Suitable For Me?

Here is what you need to remember before picking any plan, you need to understand the exact size of your company and its need. For example, If you are a solopreneur, individual or small business that has a low user base and needs basic security features, the Essentials plan can be suitable for you.

If your business requires some advanced network security management features and you have a bigger team to manage it, the Premium plan can be very suitable for you.

Being a large organization, it is always better to pick the Premium or Enterprise plan because you will get all the premium features plus, extra layered security features in Premium Plus or Enterprise plan. An interesting point here is the bigger plan you pick, the cheaper it becomes in long term for you. So don’t be greedy, especially when it is the security concern of your business.

Here is our affiliate link. Click Here to purchase the Perimeter 81 VPN service for your business. It will be your best decision to go with perimeter 81 plus, once you make purchase from this affiliate link, we may get some commission. If you have any concern regarding our Perimeter 81 review, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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