Technology7 Best Vpn Software For Business In 2022 Unveiled

7 Best Vpn Software For Business In 2022 Unveiled


Today we are unveiling the 7 best VPN software for business in 2022 which can be very beneficial for your digital businesses. We have combined this checklist as the best VPN Software for small business and large business or individual VPN software.


Every digital business needs to learn the Best VPN software for business, to secure their company’s vitals and their business secrets. If you are a business owner, person, or enterprise, you must use one of these best VPN software for your business in 2022 to shield your company from potential hackers and misusage.

In most companies, a business VPN is one the most essential tool.

As many of us persist to work from home, being capable to access restricted business files and information is important for maintaining business terms and secret details from poking sight.

A business VPN provides this by encrypting your internet traffic and data. It means even if it is blocked, the cyberpunk would be incapable to read it. Plus, these best VPN software for business are trustworthy business VPNs usually deliver static IPs, which permit you to limit entry to your data to only one IP address that only you and your company team can operate.

Yet, a company VPN is an asset that you’re probably to attach with for some period, so picking the correct one can be a challenging decision.

Why Best VPN Software for Business?

Every business is different in its terms and features, that’s why they have different requirements whether it is from other business aspects or business VPN. There are some common needs for every business which will beneficial for every business. These are very advantageous from the consumer perspective or security view.

A business manager, owner, or any individual running an online business should understand that your business VPN has a feature of rock-solid encryption. Multiple VPN services are providing basic functions so you should always seek updated features.


Unless you’re a sole trader, you’ll probably like a dedicated static IP address on a private server, instead of using the shared IPs typically found in customer VPNs. As said before, these are reasonable as you can observe movement via a central software system and authorize entry to a personal intranet or prohibited company data.

Our best selection is Perimeter 81 VPN service. It is more than just a VPN. You will get tons of VPNs on the market but it is always challenging to find specially dedicated VPN services for their client. So we picked Perimeter 81 as our number one list. It is not only useful for the company but it delivers a variety of features for developers, employees, executives, and the marketing team as well.

Now we will see some best alternatives of Perimeter 81 which can be ideal for any business security.

7 Best VPN Software For Business In 2022

#1. Perimeter 81 – Recommended by Babal Bulletin


Are you looking to protect your business and staff from potential security threats? Then Perimeter 81 is the best suit for your business security option. Perimeter 81 VPN plans are designed for small business, medium business, and corporate customers at a reasonable cost of $8 per user every month.

Perimeter 81 is considered the best business VPN of 2022. One who is looking for the best alternative to conventional hardware-based VPNs, Perimeter offers an amazing solution for small to medium businesses.

Perimeter 81 includes a minimum of five crew partners, so it might not be the best fit for a solo trade. However, for bigger teams, the network protection benefit delivers a cloud-based system, indicating you can scale to fit your requirements without the demand for exponentially growing hardware costs.

All this is accomplished by utilizing an excellent client which lets you handle your network and team environments from one area, with multiple compatibilities for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Linux 64, and Chromebook as well.

Protection is tight, with their protocols involving OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard, and you will also gain automated Wi-Fi security and a zero-trust network. This improves your efficiency and privacy while mitigating against information loss as well as lowering the total expense of privilege for IT security by delivering a single connected outlet. 

Perimeter 81 delivers a software-defined perimeter (SDP) to restrict network credentials by presenting effortless system control. By employing its own SDP resolution, you obtain straightforward cloud migration as nicely as secure backgrounds like Paas, IaaS, and more. 

Let us share with you that it’s a particularly remarkable two-factor authentication that works awesome no matter where the individual is operating, including on a portable device operating a public Wi-Fi connection.

According to its cost, reliability, and rich features, it becomes our best VPN Software for business. After signing up with Perimeter 81, you can anticipate great client care and support throughout your plan – plus you’re protected by 30-day cash back guarantee so you can ensure you’ll be capable to incorporate the product easily without risking your money.

Get the most suitable business VPN Today

Perimter 81 VPN Pricing & Plans Image Source:

Despite the Perimeter 81 being an outstanding business VPN, it doesn’t damage your the bank. There are 4 plans available to fit the number of users you’ll keep, beginning from just $8 per unit member per month. Another best thing is you will get 24/7 in-app support and a 30-day cash back guarantee, whichever plan you pick. Just visit the sit from given link below and head over the the pricing section to get more details or simply check our Perimeter 81 review.

Number Of Servers700+
Server Locations35
Static IP?Yes
Maximum Devices Supported5
Price & Plans$8/month
With Money Back Guarantee for 30 Day Trial

#2. Encrypt. me – business VPN


Another great VPN solution for smaller companies is Encrypt. me business VPN service. We pick this VPN as our best VPN Software for the business list due to its DNS leak security, content siege, secret endpoints, and unlimited users feature on its single plan. You’ll also get a static IP, an endless quantity of connections, and costs start from just $16 all-in per month.

It is a dedicated business VPN service that offers the unique but welcome feature of authorizing infinite devices on any single plan. That implies you could have hundreds of devices and they’ll all be shielded under the exact VPN service – something the competition drops down on. 

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Encrypt. I function across tons of outlets including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Amazon. It’s neat and simple to set up for every device, and safety is robust with DNS leak defense, private endpoints to link to the headquarters web remotely, and an auto-secure quality. There’s even content filtering, letting you secure content on your network connection for the team.

With prices beginning at about $16 per month (there’s a 2-user minimum), Encrypt. It presents a good deal, particularly when you think you’ll get unlimited connections. Yet, the Windows app is dated and there is some logging of user movement.

A two-week VPN free trial is on a proposal, though, so if you’re not certain, it’s certainly worth offering it a go-to to see how you bring on with it.

Sign up now on the Encrypt. me website

Number Of Servers115+
Server Locations60
Static IP?Yes
Maximum Devices SupportedUnlimited
Price & Plans$9.99/month
Annual Plan: $99.99/month
Including 14 days free trial.

#3. NordLayer 


NordVPN delivers one of the most useful customer VPNs, but it even offers an amazing enterprise-focused strategy. With its static IPs, superior encryption, a killed control, and zero-logging, it’s an extremely secure, and reasonable price too.

Bringing some seriously useful features, NordVPN is offering full-on refresh plans for businesses. It is already established as one of the most secure VPN services. 

With NordLayer VPNs features, you will get all the necessities – an administration control panel, a kill switch, centralized billing, and outstanding encryption to preserve your staff’s security. Yet, there’s better to it than that.

Each partner of your unit or company will keep their login, and this can be utilized to limit what they access when it comes to business data. So, if you’d instead your promotion team didn’t have entrance to your accounting records, you can limit that.

If a member leaves your team, licenses are even transferrable, which means you won’t be out of your purse when selecting your replacement with NordLayer.

For more undersized businesses you’ll have the option between basic and more extensive cover, including the opportunity to purchase a static IP, but bigger companies will enjoy going with the enterprise plan, which is pricing on a selection basis.

Sing Up with NordLayer VPN Here

Number Of Servers3,000+
Server Locations32+
Static IP?Yes
Maximum Devices Supported6
Price & PlansBasic $7/month
Advanced $9/month

#4. ExpressVPN – Best For Solo Business & Small Traders


ExpressVPN comes as a hero when it comes to the best VPN for individuals and sole traders who want web security on a limited number of devices. Express VPN doesn’t present a specific business plan, but with fantastic server coverage, incredible speeds, and great security, it has to create the list.

Thanks to its long-lasting and instinctive apps, Express will operate across a bunch of devices like android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac, Kindle Fire, Chrome, Firefox, Chromebooks, and more with easy to use control interface.

With its dedicated DNS servers and split tunneling, it manages its encryption level at a very high position. It all works with a clear no-logging guideline. Further, you’ll also gain loyal 24/7 live-chat support in point anything doesn’t perform as it should.

ExpressVPN is slightly more costly than some further customer VPNs, but it performs out cheaper than a bunch of business VPNs – and for that price, it becomes our best VPN software for business security on the VPN market. Express VPN could be an inexpensive way to save you and your small business if you can run without centralized billing and a static IP.

Get A Discount on ExpressVPN

Sign up for a whole 12 months on ExpressVPN and you’ll save an extra 3 months FREE. And don’t bypass, it if you only like to give it a trial with no burden, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee on the spot that you can depend upon without any evasions.

Number Of Servers3,000
Server Locations160
Static IP?No
Maximum Devices Supported56
Price & PlansExpressVPN 12 month for $6.67/month
ExpressVPN 6 months for $9.99/month
ExpressVPn 1 month for $12.95/month

#5. IPVanish


Our number fourth best VPN software for business is IPVanish VPN. Yes, it offers tons of servers with intense speed and security.

IPVanish is a great option for people or smaller businesses since it’s mainly strived at the consumer level. Regardless, with its latest unlimited connections plan, you can easily protect every device in your business with one plan – but do be conscious that one account is solely implied to be transferred within a single-family.

The apps are strong, configurable, and operate on a cross-platform such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and more, and the vast preference of servers indicates that no issue where you are in the globe, you’ll be capable to get a lovely fast connection.

If talking about a support system, you can ask them any time. IPVanish support service is available 24/7 for their client. It is a great time-saving feature. However, gigantic organizations with the requirement for more business-specific qualities will ignore services like a static IP address and a centralized billing system for multiple accounts.

IPVanish is a suitable option if you are looking for a stable and secure private VPN. When you need the features better-dedicated business VPNs to offer, then it’s worth paying a slightly more to get precisely what you require.

Signup Up With IPVanish

Number Of Servers1,500+
Server Locations75+
Static IP?No
Maximum Devices SupportedUnlimited
Price & PlansIPVanish 1 Year for $3.75/month
IPVanish 1 Month for $10.99/month

#6. GoodAccess


Our fifth best vpn software for business is GoodAccess. It is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux as well as mobile device protection such as Android devices, iOS, and Chrome operating systems. GoodAccess offers an easy VPNM solution for multiple businesses that have access to 35 gateways for absolutely free.

Their higher plans offer more advanced business network protection services, like site-to-site connections and Zert Trust Access.

Number Of Servers33+
Static IP?Yes
Price & PlansFree & Paid Both



Our last but not least best VPN software for business is CyberGhost VPN. There’s no such dedicated business VPN alternative open at Romania-headquartered CyberGhost. But it creates the most suitable VPN for business checklist because of its affordability and multiple concurrent associations in paid accounts.

CyberGhost enterprise has been counting new servers at a frantic pace. Presently, there are more than 5,000 servers distributed across 60 nations but we hope this to keep growing in the future. The added benefit for businesses is that it has an inner policy of not holding any data records so the content of contacts should stay secret, even from system administrators at the enterprise. 

There are applications for both iOS and Android as well as desktop support for macOS, Windows, and Linux. A single account permits five coexisting connections.

Number Of Servers8,100+
Server Locations91+ countries
Static IP?Yes
Maximum Devices SupportedUnlimited
Price & Plans3 Year Plan for $2.23/month
2 Year For $3.25/month
1 Year for $4.29/month
1 month for $12.99/month

What features should a business VPN have?

According to your business size and security requirements, it depends on what features are especially suitable for your business.

For a sole trader having a small infrastructure set up, all you need is a quality private VPN. We’d suggest ExpressVPN as it functions all over the planet, and is extremely trustworthy and secure.

Nevertheless, if your company is slightly larger and has concentrated data, a more reliable business VPN will serve you best. You’ll like a static IP so all your team can access your limited data, plus you might enjoy being capable monitor and restricting your team’s movement online.

Here, we’d deeply recommend Perimeter 81 as it offers more than simply a VPN, and delivers outstanding protection for only almost every part of your business.

Do I really need a business VPN?

If you hold any sort of data and information and want to keep it secure then of course you need a secure internet server. Big business and cyberpunk are attacking every second small business and even big enterprise to compete on the top. That’s why almost every successful enterprise invests in VPN service as a primary part of their business.

VPN Service will preserve your data, company data, consumer data, and other security aspect private and safe, and in some cases, it’ll let you manage what your staff has entry to. Again, if your VPN delivers a trustworthy or static IP, that will authorize you to access your area-restricted data if you’re out of the land.

A VPN is a reasonable way to improve your business’ protection without the necessity to invest in tons of hardware and tech support. It’s a future-focused pattern of protecting any business and individual information online.

Summing Up!

After going through our best VPN software for business article, if you have any feedback regarding VPN services, you can leave it in the comment section. Don’t forget to follow babalbulletin on google news, Facebook and Twitter so that you won’t miss any daily tech updates from us.

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