InternationalSaudi Official Seizing Rainbow Toys In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Official Seizing Rainbow Toys In Saudi Arabia


Babalbulletin, June, 18: Today it has become a big public concern why is the Saudi official seizing rainbow toys and clothes of thundery rainbow color in Saudi Arabia?

Rainbow Toys Saudi bArabian Officier Seizing Toys

Two days ago BBC wrote that Saudi authorities seized rainbow toys to promote homosexuality. They contained hair clips, t-shirts, pop-its, hats, and pencil cases. One officer told the items “contradict the Islamic belief and general morals, and encourage homosexual colorings targeting the younger generation”.

The trade ministry tweeted singly that its units were seizing “products that include characters and posters screaming for divagation and refusing common sense”. Shops discovered to be trading them would meet legal penalties, it counted.

As part of the move against homosexuality, Saudi Arabian authorities are taking control of rainbow-colored toys and clothes from shops in the capital. The rainbow includes ribbons, skirts, caps, and pencil bags, according to a report by the state-run Aljazeera news station. Most are said to have been designed for young children.

‘We have removed items that are against Islamic faith and public morality and promote homosexuality – targeting the younger generation, ‘said a Commerce Ministry official involved in the campaign. ’

Pointing to the rainbow flag, a journalist says: ‘There is a homosexual flag in a market in Riyadh. The color sends a ‘toxic message’ to children, the report says. Homosexuality is considered a crime in Saudi Arabia – notorious for the interpretation of Islamic Saria law.

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In December, heads in bordering Qatar reported that they had seized rainbow-colored pop-its and further toys from stores for “bearing taglines that proceed against Islamic values”.

Although Sunni Muslim-ruled Saudi has no rules concerning sexual exposure or gender individuality, sexual relations beyond the wedding, including homosexual sex, are precisely forbidden.

Underneath the country’s understanding of Islamic law, consensual same-sex sexual manner is punishable by death or flogging, relying on the sensed sincerity of the issue.

It is even forbidden for males to “act like females” or to wear women’s garments, and vice versa, and for everyone to take out online activity touching on “public charge, sacred values, general morals, and solitude”.


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