TechnologyTesla Humanoid Robot Future By Elon Musk

Tesla Humanoid Robot Future By Elon Musk


Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed Tesla Humanoid Robot in AI day that the company is producing a advanced humanoid robot called Optimus.

This new invention of the Tesla robot has the potential to amazingly turn your car into a robot. In this update, we will see what else the tesla humanoid robot can do and when it will be available in the market.



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Elon Musk is a person who makes big promises and enjoys achieving them. Whenever Musk makes big promises, the audience mocks, and his true fans are silent.

He has been promising self-driving electric vehicles since 2016 and has expanded billions of dollars in capital for Tesla. Shareholders are in a hope that Tesla’s autonomous vehicle technology will be able to turn into a working robotaxis after some software updates.

However, musk had told us that a driverless demo of the vehicle would happen by the end of 2017, but till now, Tesla has only implemented a driver assistance system. It requires to be frequently managed by a human driver.


Tesla’s driver assistance mechanism, which was marketed as Autopilot, Advanced autopilot, and Full self-driving capability, has tempted national and state-level safety inquiries. It has got multiple allegations from California DMV and its clients for false advertising.

On the A I day 2022, Tesla employees and Musk joined on stage and showed off a bipedal humanoid robot. It was just a rough development robot that can wave its hand in the air. According to them, the robot was walking around first time without any robotic support on stage in Palo Alto.

According to CEO Elon Musk, A I day was a recruiting event in which the company presented earlier prototypes of a humanoid robot. Development of special batteries and actuators is pending now. As per musk, Optimus humanoid robot will be available for customers in 3 to 5 years.

To warm up the audience and social media influencers, Musk said that they are going to talk about the improvements in A I for Fully Self Driving technology. However, Tesla is a publicly traded company having one class of stock.

Tesla robots could one day be worth over its cars and most of them would be put to work in Tesla factories, where humans make cars and batteries. The company’s goal is to sell its Optimus robot for less than $20,000 and create millions of copies.

Humanoid Robot

In an interview, Ameca’s Director of Operations defined that they purposefully created the robot to look more like a robot than a human.

Humanoid robots can be used as professional service robots. They are built to mimic human motion and interaction. 

Humanoid robots are a new form of professional service robots. While They’re now beginning to become commercially practicable in a wide range of applications.

Currently robot market is ready to grow to the next level. It is predicted that the humanoid robot market will row at 52.1% CAGR, making it a $3.9 billion industry in 2023. In this period, all types of robots, bipedal robots are calculated to expand at the fastest CAGR in the season.

Now humanoid robots are being used in the maintenance, inspection, and disaster response at power plants to reduce human workers of severe and dangerous tasks. Similarly, they’re ready to take over routine tasks for astronauts in space travel.


According to some experts in the field, existing business models in multiple sectors will be extremely disrupted and millions of existing jobs will be lost. It is estimated that up to 20 million manufacturing jobs are set to be lost to robots by 2030. They are being improved to receive and make automatic phone calls, repetitive and predictable tasks.

Companies are improving robotics capabilities to capture a wide range of applications.

Tesla humanoid robot specs

Height5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Weight160 lb (73 kg)
Carrying capacity45 lb (20 kg)
Speed5 mph (8kph)
Deadlift150 lbs (68 kg)
Arm extend lift10 lbs (4.5 kg)
Hands11 degrees of freedom

Tesla Bot is also called Optimus. It is adoptable robotic practice for human society. It’s weight is 160 lbs (73kg) and 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) tall. The robot can lift 150 lbs that is around 68 kg.

Tesla humanoid robot jobs

Tesla is on a track to invent bi-pedal robots that can automate repetitive tasks. For the developemtn of Tesla Bot, it’s recruements motion planning stacks brings a special chance to to work on algorithms and navigation deployment for real world applications. Tesla is hiring more humans to develop it’s motion planning software algorithm for thier humanoid robots.

After fixing current issues, Tesla humanoid robots will gain capacity to make decision, and perform common shipment.

For tesla automative development, they are hiring experts having expert programming knowledge of modern C++, all mathematical basics, dynamic personalities.

Tesla humanoid robot price

As tesla robot hitting up the market, company has more challenges to bring it into a standard trading benchmark. To make it affordable and available to all, tesla is trying to lower their cost under $20,000.

As per musk report, Optimus robot will cost around $20k or less.

Tesla humanoid robot release date

Musk and his company is promising audience to bring humanoid robot since 2016 but they haven’t fully released their official robot. According to some reports, people can buy walking humanoid robot in 2027. Tesla humanoid robot prototype cloud wave their hands, walk and grip with it’s fingers. 

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